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Re: Whats the difference between Catholicism and Chritianity? - August 25th 2010, 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by mewithoutYou View Post
These are all works, which if God forgave you, it would be according to what is debt, not grace (Romans 4:4). And salvation is by grace (Ephesians 2:8), there's no set formula that you must do to be saved. To "do" something to be saved is to blaspheme the blood of Christ and to say He's insufficient and to rob the efficacy of His blood which was poured out for the sheep (John 10:10).

The question isn't what do you do to be saved. It's what has Christ done to save you and if one finds sufficiency in Him.

In fact, even to say that faith is a necessity to become saved is a work as well. It's by grace through faith (notice it's not by faith but through faith). Faith just receives the grace. We are saved by grace. And Jesus is our justification (declared sinless), sanctification (made holy), and redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30).

As John Calvin (I believe) described it: Grace is given to the hands of sinner. In other words, grace it what saves the sinner, but faith is what holds on to that grace.

One either sees Christ as sufficient, or they don't. That's salvation. But man is self-righteous and thinks they must do something to be saved. They want to accomplish their salvation. But that's not how it works. Salvation is a gift of grace.

Consider: A parent brings income for the family so they can eat, have clothes, etc. His/her child does not do anything to deserve the food, to deserve the clothes, the child simply relies on their parents.

So it is with Christ, we rely on Him. The Kingdom of God belongs to children (Mark 10:13-16).

Most of Christianity (even protestant and reformed churches) points to what sinners must do, not to what Christ has done.

He loved us first, so we love Him back. Salvation indeed has fruits of repentance, and of faith. But the old man is never better. You do not reform your flesh. You trust the Holy Spirit to put it to death. Any salvation message that points you anywhere but Christ should be questioned. Anything that adds to what Christ has already done, should be questioned. When we "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ..." and are "...saved," we are not saved because we have believed. We are saved because of Whom we've believed in (we are saved by Him through believing, not by believing -- but through).

If you're relying on faith, repentance, faithfulness, love, a prayer, good works, or anything else other than Christ to save you, you're not built on the Rock and when the storm comes you will fall. The only thing you must rely on is Christ.
You are right- You don't get to Heaven by what you do, you get there by accepting what Jesus did. The list that I posted is how to accept Him and start your relationship with Him. If you just come to Him and accept Him, the holy spirit will work in you and do the rest.