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Re: felling i did something bad but didnt - December 11th 2010, 11:57 PM


I am sorry that you are having this feeling but I don't believe you will feel like this forever. I think you should consider reaching out to someone about the way you are feeling. It can be really hard to have a lead weight on your chest but that weight can be lifted. If you can find support for this feeling it can help with that feeling.

Do you know what is triggering these feelings? If you can get to the bottom of what is triggering this you can slowly work on overcoming and coping with your triggers and get to a better place.

A great place to look for support would be through counseling. It will give you someone to talk to about everything that is going on and you will be able to find coping skills for the problems in you life.

Have you ever thought of making a reasons to live list? That might help you when you are feeling very low. Sometimes when people are feeling low they can't find reasons to keep fighting but a reasons to live list can help you see that there are reasons to keep holding on.

Here is the link:

I really hope this helped and if you need anything feel free to use teenhelps many resources.


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