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Re: Very confused, unsure, i don't know - January 14th 2011, 06:23 PM

hey megan i think you are going through the stage of starting to figure out who you are and if you are sexually attracted to either males or females or both.
have u ever fantasised or thought about a girl the way you have a male?
have u ever spoke to any of your friends about how you feel or anyone else that you are close too?
sometimes the best way is to open up and speak to someone, is there anything like an LGBT group in your school or anywhere else, where you would manage to speak confidentially and speak to others who feel the same way as you do.
another thing is that maybe you need to experiment and then see what you like, that way you will maybe feel more comfortable with yourself and with your sexuality.
hope this helps, pm me if you ever need to talk.

when i was 7 they said i was strange
i noticed that my eyes and hair werent the same
i asked my parents if i was ok
they said your more beautiful
and thats the way

"id rather be hated for who i am than loved for who im not"

why is everything with you soo complicated,
why do you make it hard to love you oh i hate it,
cuz if you really wanna be alone,
i throw my hands up cuz baby i tried,
everything with you is soo complicated!
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