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It's Too Hard :( - February 3rd 2011, 03:13 AM

i barely ate for like 6 months of my life a few years ago and the weight just melted off of me. and even when i started to eat normal i kept my weight under control, only gaining back a tiny portion of what i had lost. but then last year i had a very controlling friend who basically forced fed me fast food almost every day. like shed get pissed at me if i didnt eat it with her. needless to say i gained everything back that i had lost. ive been more than depressed about this for a few months now and i tried other ways to loose weight and it didnt work. nothing else worked. i forced myself to go back to not eating. i feel in control of something in my life again. i like making my body suffer. i want to loose all the weight again just as easily as i did before. im so sick of seeing me in the mirror.