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Re: am i pathetic? - February 20th 2011, 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by Safe-inside-my-head View Post
i've aalways thought i'm pathetic. when i do things infront of people i muck up an embaress myself. i make jokes that arent funny. i trip over a lot and people laugh. i suck at sports. i cant draw. if i get asked a question in school and i get it wrong, i get laughed at. and i got called pathetic by someone who i thought was my friend today.

so i really think i am. feels like i'll never be good enough for anything, and even the things i'm ok at i wont do well in - like acting or writing poetry.
Oh Hollie. You are not pathetic... but it really is super easy for people to convince themselves that they are; usually no one judges you half so harshly as you judge yourself<3. I'm sorry that you so often feel like you muck things up in public... sometimes it's just that you think you have, and sometimes it's just that you're so nervous you can't quite get it together... With public speaking and other things that make me self-concious, I can look silly quite often, myself but it seems like you (and many of us) are still in the process of... figuring yourself out, if you will. I think that one day you'll be a lot more comfortable and accepting of who you are and of what you do. As for your balance, drawing and sports.... those things will come. Skills take practice (: If it's something you want to do... keep at it! Whoever told you that you weren't good enough was sorely mistaken. Sometimes it's a friend or family member or acquaintance... and sometimes it's ourselves, you know? But if you can get to the point where you believe that you've got it... who is anyone, to tell you any different? I'm really sorry that your friend said that to you, and that people laugh when you mess up. But seriously everyone messes up. And all the time -- <3It might help to take note of when the kids and your class laugh... I think you'll realize that it's not just you. I hope that you can learn soon that when it comes to who and what you are... you're the one who gets to decide <3. And, I hope you have an incredible time when you do=]
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