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Re: Having Troubles With Webs - February 20th 2011, 08:24 PM

Originally Posted by Unwritten Words View Post
I reset the computer and all of that because I didn't know if there was a problem with the website, with my internet connection, or just with the computer. I didn't ask anyone else if they were having problems until after I had no luck with all of that.

I'm not asking if you have the same problem with this website, I'm just asking if anyone else is having this problem with any website created from webs.
The reason he teased you was because "reset" a computer would mean something like these:
  • Reset your computer back to factory settings using a recovery CD/DVDs or recovery management program, or
  • Reset the computer by a high-level format of the hard disk, or
  • Reset with a low-level format of the hard disk.

    Then, after the wipe, reinstall all softwares from scratch.

No one is going to "reset" his or her computer simply because he or she cannot login to a single site.

He or she would probably reset the browser's cache, possibly clear the cookies and flush the DNS cache, too, but not resetting the entire system.

Hope this explained it,

And no, sorry, I don't use I host my website and blog on a share-hosting service because it gives me more control over what I do. Besides, doesn't support important stuffs like MySQL, PHP, etc.

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