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Exclamation OMG! - March 13th 2011, 05:34 AM

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omg i think im crazy. something is wrong with me. last nite was bad for me. last nite i was fixing to go to bed. it was 1 in the morning. i turned off the tv n then turned down my light by my bed. i somehow always seem to look between my 2 dressers n then i saw RED eyes coming toward me. i turned on the light real quick n nothing was there. so i started praying to God n after tat i felt like something was standing over me. OMG! am i going crazy. for 3 weeks now ive been feel like something standing over me n there was something in my room. ive was seening white shadows in my room n my friend told me tat it was angels. but last nite there was no white shadows but insted there was RED eyes. my dad didnt believe when i told him today. he said it was something shining in my room. BUT IM SERIOUS! it was coming toward me. omg should i be scared of sleeping? can it follow me? can it hurt me one day? omg idk wat to do? IM SCARED! maybe the devil is trying to get me to kill myself. the way ive been talking n being something ive never been before i think he getting me. omg!

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