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Re: Boyfriend found my Livejournal. - March 15th 2011, 09:58 PM

Originally Posted by ~Constance~ View Post
but you were coming across like I was in the wrong by saying nothing about it online.
That's not what I mean; but if it sounded like that, then I'm sorry that it sounded so.

What you write--or don't write--online has nothing to do with me. Freedom of speech!

What I mean is that you were in the wrong for becoming angered because someone Google searched you, and found your publicly viewable Livejournal.

If it was set to private and he cracked through something to forcibly view it, then yes, you would be right. I would gladly help you crush his next cracking attempt. But this is something that millions of people can potentially see--it is publicly viewable. He is just one of the millions.

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