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Re: A Facebook Account - March 21st 2011, 05:53 AM

Facebook has been a good/bad experience for me. The good parts are that I have been able to connect with friends and stay in touch with people that move away/leave the area, almost everyone is on Facebook now, and it helps with organizing/inviting people to things. They also have some great games, but be warned that these will take up your time if you start to jump into games.
Bads-there are so many bugs with Facebook, they keep updating for a "new look"/profile, they amp up features (a little too much in my opinion), and well, you can get the creepers on Facebook (beauty of that is you can just hit IGNORE/Block/remove them as a friend).

In terms of what is being said about corporations, SOMETIMES companies will look at Facebook profiles (they sometimes will friend you or they find ways to see your profile). Just make sure you don't post pictures that you wouldn't want your boss/company to see. If you happen to get tagged in a picture you don't like, TAKE THE TAG OFF. REMEMBER who you friend on Facebook-back talking co-workers is never a good idea on Facebook.

ALSO something I have an issue with a lot is that people will post the stupidest things then realize they shouldn't have. THINK before you post something! Be smart about what you decide to do on Facebook, but in general have fun with it. It has gotten to be a popularity contest lately in terms of how many friends you have, but honestly, don't be on Facebook for popularity. A lot of people go through their friends and remove those that they don't talk to. Profiles are the same for everyone. You can add in as many quotes, like as many things as you want, and add what ever, but in the end, not many will actually look through these things.

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