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Exclamation Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool* - February 25th 2009, 02:53 PM

There is already a video game based off the movie in production...
My opinion: This is destroying the series.
The timeline makes no sense, and does not hold true to DB or DBZ
The guy playing goku looks like he belongs on "The Hills" and in all honesty...
Piccolo looks like the green goblin
chow yun fat should NOT be master roshi.
Master Roshi: a perv never seen without porn nearby
3.will do anything to **** bulma
4.will **** pretty much any somewhat attractive woman.

No where in the trailer were ANY of these things referenced, it was like he somehow became mister miyagi(sp?) from karate kid.

The Ki attacks are weak and the martial arts looks kinda lame...
in the game there seems to be only a VERY limited use of Ki in general, and it plays out like a Virtua Fighter match. -_-'

Utter crap.
the only thing that makes this dragonball is the use of the dragonballs.
Thats it.
Plus, they made capsules into friggin Transformers.
A poof of smoke would have kept the fans happy and saves ALOT of money.

Worth seeing if you go in not as a DB or DBZ fan, but rather as just someone looking to see a action movie with no prior expectations. then MAYBE it will be a good film.

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