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Re: What Languages Do you Speak/Kind of Speak - May 30th 2011, 06:58 PM

Parlo inglese e un po d'italiano ma non molto bene a lo. (I speak English and a little bit of Italian but I am not very good at it.)
English is my first language, and this is my second year taking Italian in school, I am going to continue it on my own since my school and county doesn't offer any more classes after this. I also know quite a few Italian curse words, one of which is only one letter off from the Italian word for sock... xD

I can also say a few words in:
Japanese (Well, I can count to 10)
Spanish (hello, goodbye, friend, count to 20)

I also want to learn Spanish since I am technically Hispanic (and a fail xD but thats currently not my point) and cause I am in Florida -_-'

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