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Re: Arms by Christna Perri and my love for my friend Daniel - August 27th 2011, 09:17 AM

In my opinion, unless it's killing you to keep it all a secret, I honestly would avoid telling him for now. Why? Put simply, because he has a girlfriend. Put yourself in her shoes, or even his! What if someone sung a song to you expressing their feelings for you knowing you had a partner? What if someone sung a song to your partner while you were with them, knowing you were together? If you have to tell him at all, I would start out by saying you don't want to interfere with his relationship and you want him to know that you respect it, but you'd feel better if you cleared the air. Don't go to any length of a romantic gesture while he's taken. Either don't tell him, or tell him straight and flat out. All I can say is you don't want to interfere with a relationship, simply because it will cause a hell of a lot of unnecessary drama, and you could end up losing him even as a friend. Not to mention it would be inappropriate and quite disrespectful of you as his friend.

EDIT -- You can, however, let him know that he's important to you. That's always nice to hear. But think about it, if you were dating him, would you want some girl singing to him and trying to woo him over, or would you want her to respect your relationship?

If you feel you'd like additional support or to speak further with me, you can contact me through my personal Tumblr, Love Like An Hourglass (click), or PM me through TH.

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