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Re: favorite metal songs thread - October 9th 2011, 02:16 PM

Some random ones

Artillery -- "Khomaniac," "Bombfood"
Alice in Chains -- "Man in the Box," 'Rain When I Die"
Big Black -- "Kerosene"
Candlemass -- "Solitude" "Dark Are the Veils of Death"
Clutch -- "10001110101" "Electric Worry" "Mercury" "Burning Beard" "Gullah"
Colour Haze -- "I Won't Stop"
Coroner -- "Masked Jackal" "Metamorphosis" "Reborn Through Hate"
Corrosion of Conformity -- "Vote With a Bullet"
Death -- "Without Judgement" "Misanthrope"
Down -- "Ghosts Along the Mississippi" "Stone the Crow" "Eyes of the South" "Lifer"
Entombed -- "Left Hand Path"
Megadeth -- "Peace Sells" "Tornado of Souls"

The list goes on

Oh and of course the epic "Profits of Doom" by Clutch

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