Thread: Triggering (Suicide): Im Sick of My Life
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Re: Im Sick of My Life - January 23rd 2012, 01:30 AM

Im so sorry hun=( I promise you though, there IS someone for you out there. There is going to be a boy who comes walking into your life when you least expect it, that will love you for who you are and nothing less. He'll be your everything and he will treat you right. Who knows, that guy may be in your life right now without you knowing it. Don't give up dude. And you know what, its okay to not have a bf right now. It really is. Im 17, just a little bit younger than you, and I have never had a bf and I don't think i'll get one till i'm in collage. There's plenty of time to have bfs dude. Don't let that bring you down. And if ANY guy won't be with you because you won't have sex with them, that isn't love. That isn't meant to be. You are supposed to do that type of thing WHEN you are in a serious relationship and when both people really want to do it. It isnt a mark of being someone's gf. If you don't want to do it, you shouldn't have to. And your bf should respect that.