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My Family Doesn't Believe In Me - February 22nd 2012, 10:45 PM

Ever since I was little I have always love to perform. I've loved singing since I was 3. To this day I still cannot think of anything else I' rather do. Unfortunately, my parents don't support any of this. They're not happy with myself teaching me how to play guitar, they're not happy that I want to go to my grandmothers to take piano lessons. They don't like the fact that I like to sing. They don't think I can. They don't think I sound good at all. They tell me "Oh, you better not be singing for so and so or showing people your videos because they're going to say this and that. We don't want to have to deal with you getting upset for them telling you the truth."
It makes me really upset. I know I'm not amazing or anything special, but I've heard much much worse. They don't think that I could improve or get anywhere or handle the judgement. I can handle the criticism. I'm not sensitive. I'm not saying I'd make it far... but they should at least give me a chance and let me try to do something instead of telling me to give up on something I've loved for over 10 years. It makes me so upset... I haven't picked up my guitar in weeks because of them... How am I supposed to believe in myself if the people who are always supposed to love me and be there for me don't even believe in me....?

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