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i dont know what to do :/ - March 8th 2012, 07:13 PM

well, i didnt really know what forum to put this under but i decided to go with this. in the beginning of this month i decided that i was going to run away, i had it fully planned out. i was bringing stuff to school, i had a ride, i knew what i was going to do. i was going to go to another state and try to get put into a foster home there, at the last minute though, the person that was going to give me a ride dropped out and decided it wasnt worth it. i feel ridiculous because i trusted someone to help me with something like that and i feel so conflicted cause i keep telling myself that truthfully it isnt that bad cause i guess its gotten better. i dont know. it seems like thats my phrase these days, 'i dont know'. i just cant make up my mind or make a decision. and my mom just got married to some guy that likes to pretend he wants to be a father figure then take it back like, 'oh just playin' im sorry but i dont like when people mess with my emotions like that. and the circumstances of their marriage are ridiculous. she went to pick him up from jail cause he was serving time for a DUI and an hour later they decided to get 'hitched' the next day. my mom makes fun of people for shit like that all the time so that act is hypocritical i could barely even look at her. i just dont even understand m mother anymore. i know those arent exactly appropriate pretenses to leave my family but they just dont give two shits about me or anything i do. i mean i told my mom i had a panic attack, she said 'ohh, really? what happened? are you ok?" in a half-assed attempt to show that she 'cared'. so yeah, at this point i just dont care. maybe at 16 i can get emancipated. doubt that'll work for me either

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