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Re: Further studying OR getting a job? - April 1st 2012, 03:00 AM

Originally Posted by OMFG!You'reActuallySmart! View Post
You mentioned losing your parents so living in the lap of luxury in your mother's house could stir up some deep memories you had. Additionally, do you feel you would go back to old times by doing whatever stuff that earned you a "bad" reputation? I don't know what you did and frankly I don't care, but do you think certain people would actually do something harmful and hold such a grudge, as I assume you have been living in the UK for quite some time?
Just to clarify, my parents are perfectly alive and fine.

About the bad reputation. Honestly, all I did was cruise around on my bicycle with some friends. These guys started picking on us, and I didn't take their shit. I might have overstepped the mark in my response, but there were 15 or so of them and 3 of us. A week before that happened I had a similar run-in with another group of 'thugs', but didn't do anything. So that next time it happened I was pissed off as hell.

I've had issues in the UK, but those have almost always been under control. These guys in Poland... I'd say there's a real risk they might even try breaking into the house when I'm around. Yes they hold a grudge. It's especially one guy. He claims it's because I said something about his mum bringing up a piece of shit... yea I did say that. But I know well that the problem really stems from his older brother ending up in prison because of messing my family around before, and he's being released soon I hear. He also claims that his mum choking to death on a piece of bread is because we sent his brother to prison.

Originally Posted by OMFG!You'reActuallySmart! View Post
Money matters, so would you get paid more by staying in the UK to be a chartered surveyor or from taking courses in civil engineering? Since your goal is to become a civil engineer, would you be able to do so as a chartered surveyor, or are the two quite different?
I don't think it'l make a big difference to my pay in the short term at least, although it might improve my chances of employment. And yeah, I can become a charter surveyor with an engineering degree, because I already have the Quantity surveying degree.

"I don't care about politics"
Then politics doesn't care about you either. Truth. You've got to make your voice heard, if you want to be listened to. But that's too logical for some people, so let me go a step further. Not making your voice heard, leaves other people free to hijack it by speaking on your behalf, even if they don't actually give a shit about you. That's politics. So, make your voice heard. That's not a quote from anywhere. That's just me.

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