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Re: Public or Private Schools? - April 2nd 2012, 10:31 PM

I go to a public school, but sometimes I dream of going to a private school. They just sound so much nicer, but I find it easier to blend in here, through. And, even through I don't have the biggest group of friends, I know the people I go to school with pretty well, but thats what happens when you live in a small community, you begin to know the people you go to school with.

I use to think I needed to go to a private school to "get a better education", but what I actually need here is to have classes that I want to be in, and classes that people aren't acting stupid in because here that's what's cool. I'm actually excited to be going into grade ten here next year, with my double fine arts, and no second language (Which I will be doing on my own time... I don't want to fall behind in something I struggle in when I go on the school trip.)

Honestly, private schools may have a smaller population, but in my current public school, I'm already recognized and known by name as a good student (Such as being the first one looked into about an against smoking segment for the CBC here, Encounters with Canada, and the school trip to China). I have a better chance of excelling as long as I make sure I graduate without having my math a little short for the university I want to go to.

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