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Re: Stuck On what To Do... - May 14th 2012, 07:59 AM

Hey Billie,

Something that I always like to say and think is to imagine me 10 years from now. If we had to pick a career (and only one) which one could I see myself in? You said that you would enjoy a career in both Forensic Scientist and Zooologist and both of them have their own pro's and con's. Try to also think about all the pro's and con's and see which one has more pro's/less or bearable con's .

Good start would be that although the pay would be really good as a Forensic Scietist think of the extra work that would need to be done. For example taking biology courses which you find struggle on. Do you think the pay would be worth it?

Try to think things through like the above and see if it helps! Good Luck

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