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Asking to be made redundant due to depression? - June 7th 2012, 12:13 PM

I'm planning on asking my boss to make me redundant as I have been unhappy there for a long time now, constantly taking time off (sometimes the odd day, sometimes a whole week) and am currently signed off by my doctor die to low mood/depression.

I don't see it getting any better and I can't go on as I am. I think my only option now is to get out of there (and to give me the best possible chance in future, it'd be best if I were made redundant) It would also benefit him if I were to leave due to me being unreliable. I feel like he gave up on me a long time ago but he is not the most organised person so rarely gets around to talking to me about issues.

What do I say when I ask him if he can make me redundant? To be honest I can't think of a good enough plausible reason. I've just been unhappy for a long time and don't see it getting better while I'm there. I'm the only female there, I work alone all day, not even allowed the radio on. Everyone else who works there is 2 or 3 times my age and male. I think the lack of socialising there and the lack of organisation from my boss makes me feel alone and I suppose frustrated and irritable. I have spent many days having to compose myself so I haven't cried.

How do I explain that to my boss? He's almost 60 and definitely stuck in his ways. Very stubborn man. In the past I've even tried to get him to delegate me some more responsibility and he wasn't having it. I feel like I've come to the end of my tether.

I have tried this year to get another job in the same work area (admin) but haven't been successful even after a few interviews. I stopped applying a while back as didn't feel I had the self confidence any more to convince anyone to pick me at an interview.

I've come to the conclusion now I'd be happier with bar work than where I currently am... also would be on better money as daft as that sounds it's true!

Apologies for this being so long... hopefully you can understand why I don't feel able to work there. Do you have any advice on how to ask him to make me redundant and a good enough reason why which doesn't put the blame on him? I've worked there since the start of 2011 and has been my only admin job so can't afford to lose the reference he would hopefully still be happy to give me.

Also he does know about the low mood/depression but not that I think that is mostly due to being unhappy at work. In fact I told him a few months back work isn't the problem and that it's actually helping as it keeps my mind off other stuff (this was a true statement but work is also a problem and I didn't think I could tell him that).

Thanks ahead for any advice!