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Feeling like you're at boiling point.. - July 26th 2012, 04:39 AM

It's the most horrible feeling ever, when you are literally searching for the pills in the kitchen to do yourself over, and why? Well because you can't find another way to keep going! You don't see a reason to keep fighting, why should I? I can only say; "I know the feeling." A couple of months ago that was me. I was being bullied os bad I wanted to end my life and not be here anymore. But if I'm totally honest with you guys, the truth is, if you want to kill yourself, and end your life, all you're actually doing is letting them win. I KNOW YOU'VE HEARD THAT BEFORE BUT PLEASE KEEP READING AND I'LL EXPLAIN WHY THAT IS TOTALLY 100% TRUE!!!!

If you kill yourself, you end your life. You ruin every chance you have of being the perfect, awesome and happiest prson in the world. All your dreams and hopes and aspirations, you are giving all of that up. Okay, so let's make a scenario, you choose to kill yourself and say all of that isn't important.

Days later, you've been found dead and it's all over the news. Your family and friends are destroyed, they are heartbroken!

The bullies, or abusers, or whoever it is that has made you feel this way turns on the tv and sees the news channel. They see you have killed yourself. You no longer have your dreams, you no longer have your family and friends. You have no life. And the bully/abuser has everything you have given up. You have basically handed it to them. They are still living, they still have their friends and family, they still have their dreams and aspirations. They have everything that you don't. They have won.

What's my message? Don't kill yourself, it's not worth the pain and suffering it will cause. You may be going through a bad patch right now but it's our job to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and pull you through. And we will. Me and everyone here on TeenHelp will help to brighten your day. I promise, you'll be fine.

Stay strong and keep fighting. You ARE worth the fight.<3

~Much Love,
Ellie. X
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