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Re: Help Please? - July 27th 2012, 06:14 AM

I think that you have more relationship problems than just sex, and I don't think sex is that most important problem that you need to deal with. Granted, sex is very important in a successful relationship, but I think that there's other things you may need to address. The fact that your boyfriend doesn't want to have sex could mean thousands of things -- potentially, it's a serious issue. Now that you got a kid along the way, things are getting more intense because you both are going to have to make a lot of adjustments. Sex is probably going to be an even bigger issue now consider he's got more to deal with. There's something that you and him haven't communicated thoroughly. Either he's not telling you something, or you're not asking. I think that relationship issues should be dealt from the inside first, and all the outside things will fix themselves. Psychologically, there's an issue, a lack of connection, understanding, etc from the relationship...and fixing that could very well fix the sex. Knowing my girlfriend is willing to settle any issues that we have and saying what's on her mind makes our sex so much better because I know I'm having sex with a woman who is willing to not only live with an imperfect relationship, but make the best of it.