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Re: Having a random low moment. - November 26th 2012, 04:05 PM

Hey there,

I'm sorry you feel so bad right now. Has anything happened, even if it's small and seemingly trivial, which could have led you to feel depressed right now?

It sounds like things are pretty busy right now. Perhaps you're a bit overwhelmed by it all and need a break. When I feel down, I find it sometimes helps to take a step back for a while and do something I enjoy, such as speak to a friend or meet up with some people, even if it's just for a couple of hours one day. I know there's a lot to do right now, but maybe it would help you if you took some time to do something you enjoy. What you have going on right now doesn't seem very fun to me, so you never know!

Try doing some exercise too! I know motivation might be on a low if you're not feeling all that, but exercise is supposed to help keep your mood up. Maybe you could go for a walk or a jog, or even just a kick about in the park or a bike ride. Get some fresh air into your lungs and focus on that for a while, it may help to lift your spirits a bit. If this doesn't sound too good, maybe you could watch a film you find funny or a TV show you enjoy. This way you'll be doing something you find fun which may take your mind off of the appointment you have coming up.

In terms of that, don't worry too much! The doctor will only do that he/she thinks will help you. If it doesn't, go back and don't be afraid to pester them until they help more. This is about you, after all, and if their current processes aren't helping, let them know! IF they refuse to consider it, maybe talk to them about it at some point. Arrange a meeting to tell them how bad things are so that they can make the appropriate decision. IF they feel, for now, you don't need it, maybe try some other ways to cope, but if they don't work, like I said, tell them and keep trying.

Keep your chin up, okay? It will pass and things will get better.

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