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Diagnosed with ADHD - December 28th 2012, 06:58 PM

So I went for a physical for college today and I decided to talk to my doctor about my concentration issues. I have always had issues with concentration since I was little. When in elementary school my parents blamed it on my being hyper, then in middle school and high school they blamed it on my depression. Well I still managed good grades all though school, because it didn't really matter if I could pay attention during class because the work was easy so I had no problem. When i started college I did horrible, I couldn't concentrate through lecture because I get bored so and couldn't sit still. Well the college work isn't like high school it is a lot harder so my grades dropped a lot. Since I am starting back to college I needed to be able to do well so I talked to my doctor. The doctor started me on Vyvanse, they are going to increase the dose over the next three weeks until I get to the right dosage. Does anybody know anything about this medicine is there anything I should know?

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