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  1. Non-PG13: Troubles of a Psychopaths Ex...
  2. Triggering (SH): Does this count as an attempt, SH or nothing?
  3. Triggering (Suicide): Not doing well
  4. Feeling like I'm at the end of my rope here.
  5. Hopeless, helpless and ones who judge
  6. Crisis team
  7. no one cared i knew it
  8. Triggering (Suicide): Absolutly no one cares
  9. Triggering (Suicide): Have i taken too many tablets?
  10. Negative Suicidal Ideation??
  11. Im done.
  12. No one cares
  13. so done
  14. Wanted to clear this up. What is depression to you?
  15. Triggering: Never Happy
  16. Hate it
  17. Triggering (Suicide): pointless
  18. Depression
  19. Triggering (Suicide): dont worry about me
  20. someone help.
  21. Advice, please
  22. You're Not A Sad Story
  23. Why is this?
  24. Anybody who is seriously considering suicide...
  25. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Depressed and suicidal...
  26. Triggering (Suicide): So close...
  27. i feel so dumb......
  28. I've been too strong too long.
  29. Need help. Don't know where to turn.
  30. I don't know what to live for...
  31. Triggering (Suicide): im ready to die
  32. My friend is threatening suicide..
  33. Triggering (Suicide): Giving Up
  34. Triggering: One step forward, two steps back.
  35. When is it supposed to get better?
  36. Dont know what to do.
  37. My happy box AKA first aid box (photo's.)
  38. overdose?
  39. Triggering (Suicide): I want to cut myself because i'm so stupid
  40. Feeling worse than before
  41. Always Sad:(
  42. How can I be happier
  43. it's like a brick wall...I can't see a future for myself...?
  44. Um me?
  45. Triggering: Down in the dumps...
  48. suicide?
  49. Should I stop?
  50. Sad
  51. I told my mum
  52. i am so over this
  53. Triggering: Relapse
  54. Awareness
  55. I'm lost
  56. Triggering (Suicide): UGH! I cant take it anymore!!!
  57. Triggering (Bullying): This just doesnt make scent anymore!
  58. The never ending story.
  59. Do you have this habit and how do you get rid of it?
  60. Maybe one day
  61. Triggering (Suicide): Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts and i cut myself.
  62. I'm not sure I even care anymore :'(
  63. Please help
  64. Triggering (Suicide): Attempted
  65. Triggering (Suicide): I'm done
  66. Letting it go
  67. Triggering (Suicide): suicide attempt yesterday
  68. I Give Up
  69. Pushing others away
  70. Triggering (Suicide): I shouldn't be here
  71. Triggering (Suicide): can't take it.
  72. Triggering (SH): How do you keep going
  73. Triggering (Suicide): I don't think i can go on
  74. My friend...
  75. Stuck
  76. I do need help, I'm not ok.
  77. how do you
  78. cant do this anymore
  79. I can't deal with this anymore
  80. How does an overweight person gain confidence?
  81. I think I'm losing it
  82. I want to keep moving forward, just don't know how
  83. Why am I not good enough for myself?
  84. So Lonely
  85. I dont know how long i can keep going
  86. I feel so old, too old :(
  87. Triggering (Suicide): I can't do this.
  88. Living/Coping With Major Depressive Disorder
  89. Depression Causing Headache?
  90. Triggering (Suicide): I should just go ahead and do it
  91. I'm sorry
  92. Triggering: Desperation (possibly triggering)
  93. I want to die
  94. What runs through my head
  95. Feeling low.
  96. Triggering (Suicide): I failed........
  97. Triggering (Suicide): so much stress....
  98. I hate myself.
  99. Suicidal at 10, Still Recovering...?
  100. Need some advice
  101. Help?
  102. Giving up, .....
  103. Triggering (Suicide): Emotional Surges.
  104. Triggering (Suicide): i love you
  105. Scared
  106. Triggering: Lost it
  107. Triggering (Suicide): i feel like dying
  108. i give up.
  109. I just want to end it faste
  110. I Have a Possibly Redundant Idea...
  111. Triggering (Suicide): #whenimgone
  112. I don't know how much longer I can carry on. I'm scared I won't make it through tonight.
  113. Hopelessness and medications
  114. not sure what to do.
  115. Triggering (Suicide): Im Fallin & Cant pick myself up
  116. I want to die
  117. I told my parents I'm suicidal
  118. Inferior
  119. I don't know how to help my friend
  120. Help me...
  121. Triggering (Suicide): I made a plan ...?
  122. i cant do this...im sorry
  123. No one cares
  124. Hopeless
  125. Triggering: I guess I was Wrong...
  126. Why am I so sad all the time?
  127. School is definitely the hardest.
  128. I want it to stop
  129. Computer technology!
  130. Bipolar?
  131. lost and confused
  132. I can't cope
  133. Getting more from my life?
  134. Triggering (SH): I just don't know anymore
  135. It's all I think about...
  136. It's ok, I'm fine. Honest.
  137. i give up
  138. my situation
  139. Triggering (Suicide): I'm done.
  140. Done
  141. Suicidal
  142. Please help
  143. on the edge.
  144. I'm not sure
  145. Triggering (SH): I Need a Few Answers
  146. RE: bringing back happiness ?
  147. I wish I could just do it!
  148. It's been 5 years and life keeps getting worse
  149. my life is shit
  150. Never felt so low in my life.
  151. i will kill myself because of my parents...
  152. Triggering (Suicide): Why am i still thinking this
  153. Triggering (Suicide): Why am I still alive??
  154. Cant Do It Anymore…
  155. Triggering (Suicide): Fallin
  156. im tired
  157. You Put The Label
  158. Why am I so jealous of him?
  159. Can't Take It!
  160. WOAH, Sometimes, I get a feeling...
  161. respond ASAP please
  162. So so close!
  163. Triggering: :'( i don't know anymore. attempted
  164. Triggering (Suicide): I've become obsessed and paranoid
  165. Suicide Awareness Poem!!!
  166. This is not a joke i am very close to killing myself
  167. Triggering: Help
  168. Triggering (Suicide): Why can i do it?
  169. I overdosed to die, but then i woke up :/
  170. Getting help
  171. i have to do it
  172. Am I depressed?
  173. feel like giving it all up
  174. How do you fight it alone?
  175. My "friend" keeps singing
  176. Triggering (Suicide): Jaw Pain making me suicidal.
  177. reaching the end
  178. Triggering (Suicide): I'm a failure
  179. Triggering (SH): Until all I see is blood
  180. Better be in the mood to read some.
  181. Triggering: Alone, rejected, not loved....
  182. To This Day
  183. Triggering (Suicide): I'm alone
  184. and maybe this is the end.
  185. Triggering: is this really bad?
  186. Triggering: Found my old suicide notes
  187. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide for my country
  188. Triggering: Thinking about murdering someone.
  189. ???
  190. Triggering (SH): I don't know if i can do this anymore
  191. Triggering (Suicide): Contemplating Suicide
  192. To The Back Of Your Head
  193. I feel like i'm at the end.
  194. Triggering: Been a while.
  195. Triggering (Suicide): everything is a trigger
  196. Triggering (Suicide): .....
  197. HelpForAFriend
  198. Triggering: Reaching the breaking point....
  199. I'm going insane -_-
  200. Getting knocked back.
  201. Triggering (Suicide): Please HELP?! Triggered soooo bad right now!!
  202. Want to leave my house cause of depression?
  203. What is my life?
  204. Should I have done more?
  205. im literally going insane in this house...
  206. Triggering (Suicide): I deserve better.
  207. Motivation?
  208. this is what living like this does.... </3
  209. please help...
  210. Triggering (Suicide): On the brink
  211. Triggering (Suicide): I want to be done.
  212. Talking to My Parents
  213. RE: How can i say something ?
  214. Mindy McCready, country star, committed suicide.
  215. Female Advice Preferred: Struggling
  216. I don't think I can do it anymore
  217. Triggering (Suicide): Done.
  218. My boyfriend told his parents
  219. Suicidal
  220. So Anti - depressants
  221. Triggering (Suicide): Filling up the tub... going to die
  222. My team backstabbed me
  223. Triggering (Suicide): Who cares?
  224. Triggering (Suicide): Hopeless
  225. No one gives a fuck
  226. Triggering (Suicide): Imagine
  227. Helpless and Hopeless
  228. truck please do me the favor
  229. i don't belong here.
  230. I was just about to jump off something
  231. This disease called "depression"
  232. Triggering (Grieving): Definition of insanity. my breakingpoint. (please everyone read)
  233. Triggering (Suicide): Just... Done.
  234. i can't do this.
  235. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): my life is shit!!!!! sorry if its abit long but please help me i beg you
  236. Triggering: Last chance
  237. Triggering (Suicide): Can't cope
  238. I feel like shit
  239. Triggering: Not myself
  240. Triggering (Suicide): Help me please
  241. i am just fucked up :/
  242. I feel worthless
  243. I feel worthless
  244. this isn't me....
  245. Triggering (Abuse): i do'nt want to live....i wish i was dead
  246. stuck between a rock and a hard place
  247. freaking out
  248. Triggering (SH): Don't know what to do anymore(rant)
  249. I'm over the edge
  250. I'm lacking motivation to go to school and no one is there to force me to go.