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  1. Triggering: Major Depression
  2. Lost...
  3. boredom, depressed and wishing for home
  4. Triggering: Gah!
  5. Do things really ever get better?
  6. Don't know where else to turn
  7. guidance counseling
  8. Triggering (Suicide): Dont know what to do
  9. Triggering (Suicide): not sure why to bother
  10. Is it possible...?
  11. I Tried Again
  12. I feel like hell.
  13. I don't know :(
  14. Back to Square One
  15. is constantly humiliated
  16. Triggering (Suicide): My friend
  17. Triggering (Suicide): Whats been going on
  18. Triggering (Suicide): I can't do this
  19. confused.
  20. Triggering (Suicide): I can't take it anymore...
  21. Tell them?
  22. so confused
  23. Non-PG13: Good to be back, I guess.
  24. Not sure if worth seeking help or not
  25. The Ghost [lying dead] on The [side of the] Highway
  26. Triggering (Suicide): What if it will be too late? Urgent.
  27. Triggering (Suicide): Here is where, 8 minutes after 11
  28. Best friend committed suicide, I don't really know where to go from here
  29. best friend lost.. sad
  30. Triggering: I WANNA QUIT!
  31. Triggering (Suicide): save me from myself
  32. I don't know what to do
  33. I'm worried..
  34. Hospitalization
  35. god... i just feel miserable, ALL THE TIME
  36. I cant continue like this. Please help me
  37. I don't know anymore.
  38. Triggering (Bullying): The boy, the open road, the end.
  39. Too embarassed to talk about depression
  40. I cry every night
  41. Triggering (Suicide): My Story
  42. here to help
  43. I guess I have been kind of depressed lately :(
  44. My best friend is my guardian angel.
  45. My wonderful future is ruined, thanks to depression...
  46. Triggering (Suicide): So alone and scared
  47. how to get out of a rough patch in life
  48. Triggering: Bye Bye Butterfly
  49. I just broke...
  50. Help asap
  51. My parents hate me
  52. Who cares?
  53. I want to give up
  54. Triggering (Suicide): I Tried to Kill Myself
  55. Triggering: Don't do something you will regret.
  56. Last Night I went Numb
  57. Triggering (SH): Pointless Selfish Psycho
  58. recovering
  59. School Suicide Prevention Program
  60. I wish....
  61. Night time depression
  62. A jounrey and search for the truth.
  63. Help with my daughter
  64. loneliness
  65. This is really never going to end, is it?
  66. Triggering (Suicide): My father.
  67. unhappiness and dying early
  68. High Expectations
  69. Triggering: I can't do this anymore
  70. Feelings coming back
  71. Triggering (SH): God damn it all!! (also PG-13: Strong Language)
  72. Triggering (SH): My father thinks its a joke, I guess.
  73. A little bit lost
  74. I just keep stumbling back.
  75. Help, I'm desperate
  76. Im new. :(
  77. I feel horrible.
  78. Failure
  79. just want to give up
  80. Never been this way
  81. It kills me to know I'm already dead inside
  82. Please, help. Please
  83. Triggering: Pissed off
  84. Triggering: I just need someone to talk to
  85. Worried about my mom.
  86. Triggering (Suicide): Giving Up
  87. Triggering: Gah!
  88. Sometimes I think I'm better off dead, sometimes I think you agree.
  89. overdose
  90. I'm so tired..
  91. Help?
  92. How did I get SO confused SO fast?
  93. Help..
  94. Triggering (SH): Can Someone Tell Me What to DO?
  95. help??
  96. am i depressed? i don't even know my own feelings.
  97. The end of the line.
  98. how do i stop depression?
  99. Triggering (Grieving): the broken heart of gold.
  100. Damn it :(
  101. Female Advice Preferred: Why Am I Thinking And Feeling this Way?
  102. burst to tears when alone
  103. totally changed because of depression?
  104. who knows pain
  105. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Not sure how to do it anymore.
  106. Triggering (Suicide): Feelin like my Life has Falled Way down to Far where i Broke Again :(
  107. Triggering (Suicide): I'm Such a Loser.
  108. realization
  109. The ghost on the highway.
  111. Grandad
  112. Triggering (Abuse): What can I do to stop?
  113. so close to the edge.
  114. Possible depression?
  115. how to deal with suicidal thoughts?
  116. Triggering: I have no clue what to do anymore.
  117. Meh...
  118. Down about Christmas
  119. Voices
  120. Triggering (Suicide): My Thoughts and their Confused, Twisted Cycle
  121. What do you do
  122. Triggering: I'm Scared I Might Take My Own Life
  123. I Dont Know What To Think :/
  124. Triggering (Suicide): I've lost it
  125. i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry
  126. Triggering: Gah!
  127. Am I The Only One?
  128. Triggering: Fed Up
  129. Triggering: I shamelessly lied to my teacher (really long)
  130. Triggering: Can't Take It
  131. i give up
  132. Triggering (Suicide): I think I've made up my mind.
  133. i can handle it
  134. Why can't I be happy for myself?
  135. I'm kind of depressed..so how do i tell someone?
  136. Am i way too mature?
  138. How do I know.
  139. Triggering (SH): Whats the point??
  140. why me??
  141. I'm so done
  142. My life, I feel I missed out on important things, I need a little help because I am letting it bring me down.
  143. antidepressants
  144. I need some help, please read..
  145. Triggering (Abuse): this may be upsetting. im sorry if it is. i just need to let it out. please dont judge me.. Was it my fault?
  146. Whats wrong with me?
  147. Triggering (Suicide): WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME...
  148. give me a reason to live
  150. Triggering (Suicide): I can't take this any longer
  151. Triggering: I've effectively ruined the good I had
  152. Trapped?
  153. The vicious cycle we all face
  154. Triggering: To much
  155. Triggering (Suicide): oh shit
  156. Numb
  157. Triggering: Gah!
  158. Just dont want to live like this
  159. Triggering (Suicide): another story in the books, and its a tragedy.
  161. suicidal/self-destructive thoughts?
  162. Useless?
  163. Triggering: looking for an easy way out
  164. sufffocating lately
  165. I can't live for another day like this.
  166. Triggering (Suicide): "Take Me to the Core so I Can Die..."
  167. i'm depress and I never told anyone in my family about it
  168. QPR Training
  169. Please. I need help.
  170. Triggering (Suicide): I think I'm actually gonna do it...
  171. I am who i am, stop changing me
  172. Lonely, and getting bored of it.
  173. started seeing a therapist
  174. Someone
  175. Something nice
  176. question fo anyone here curently/previously in therapy?
  177. How I am feeling.
  178. I'm not sure if you would call this depression.
  179. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide........
  180. This is it!
  181. Just to release some steam...
  182. I am still alive.
  183. why am i such a worthless piece of shit
  184. It's over :'(
  185. I give up with everything.
  186. Fail again
  187. killing myself
  188. I'm just scared
  189. Triggering (Suicide): I'm scared
  190. ?
  191. me
  192. Triggering: Everything is falling apart...
  193. Triggering (Suicide): not happy with life anymore
  194. :'(
  195. Triggering (Suicide): I think my time is coming.
  196. I want to tell my mom but..
  197. Not sure how i feel about anything anymore
  198. time to leave :(
  199. Help? I want to die...
  200. short, but whatevs
  201. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm Fucking Done
  202. Triggering (Suicide): I am ready to die
  203. I think if i just pulled the trigger the world would be a better place
  204. Triggering (Bullying): Why am I the target?
  205. going on 8 years
  206. I think the time has come
  207. So Confused
  208. before i lose my nerve
  209. Triggering: What should I do?
  210. I don't even know....
  211. Triggering (Suicide): I'm thinking about ending it.
  212. Suicide help please
  213. Slleepping??
  214. Should I? I'm Scared to?
  215. Severe loneliness means I'm wasting my teenage years
  216. Suicide Hotline?
  217. You are my 47 stiches
  218. Fighting
  219. lost
  220. Triggering: Don't Understand It.
  221. Triggering: Still waiting...
  222. The story of how I ruined my social life for a few years.
  223. Just a story trying to be heard
  224. I cant do it.
  225. "Emotional Shock"
  226. i just want the pain to stop
  227. Triggering (Suicide): A Useless Person
  228. Triggering: The Art of Suicide
  229. Triggering (Suicide): My Child-hood Life
  230. help me please?
  231. Just need to vent again
  232. Triggering (Suicide): They don't listen!!!
  233. Triggering (Suicide): So. Fucking. Done.
  234. Triggering (Suicide): Just can't shake the thoughts.
  235. Severely Suicidal, please help!
  236. Triggering (Suicide): Can't take it anymore....
  237. I quit
  238. idk what todo?
  239. Empty Life?
  240. I want out of this
  241. Can't take this any longer.
  242. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The child prodigy
  243. Going to class sucks
  244. Triggering: Gah!
  245. Triggering (Suicide): uncertainty
  246. Triggering (Suicide): I cant do this anymore
  247. Triggering (Suicide): Is there anyone out there I can talk to who's been through something like this?
  248. Honest, no-bullshit advice needed
  249. Triggering: Depressed
  250. Triggering (Suicide): Depression is a bully