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  1. I'm very confused in how i feel, please help!
  2. Triggering (Suicide): Meaningless
  3. Antidepressants
  4. Down A Lot Lately
  5. What do I do?...
  6. Triggering: Not worth it
  7. I give up.
  8. How do I tell her?
  9. Triggering: Gah!
  10. anyone?
  11. Sneaking back in...
  12. I dont know whats wrong with me...
  13. Ready to go through
  14. Triggering (Suicide): He might do it... and I'm so scared
  15. Depression, Suicide, Love(May be Triggering)
  16. Triggering (SH): Why am I still here?
  17. plz help
  18. Triggering: Depression and Apathy IE-My life
  19. Back into that dark place
  20. I could really use some help
  21. Changing in a bad way
  22. I'm not sure.
  23. Too much
  24. Triggering: I don't think I can make it...
  25. umm help
  26. Triggering (Suicide): My View on Life
  27. Feeling horrible :(
  28. Triggering (Suicide): Coping with how I feel
  29. Suicidal once again
  30. I feel... Alone.
  31. I just want to let go...
  32. Suicidal, please help.
  33. I don't know what I'm doing.
  34. Triggering (SH): Tumblr Feeds
  35. Triggering (Suicide): Still Suicidal
  36. finally can admit it
  37. laziness, depression, or both? i need to get my life back.
  38. Triggering: All alone
  39. Triggering (SH): I can't fix anything
  40. Triggering (Suicide): Too Much
  41. Triggering (SH): This feels like the only thing that I can control
  42. Triggering (Suicide): Up and downs.
  43. soo depressed
  44. Psychiatric terms you hate.
  45. Triggering (Suicide): Please, help me, I'm scared.
  46. Are you feeling suicidal?
  47. Triggering (Suicide): I'm Scared He's Gonna Do It
  48. Triggering (Grieving): adivse needed really soon
  49. I am losing.
  50. Triggering (Suicide): I need someone to talk to.
  51. Triggering (Suicide): ...
  53. Pills
  54. Triggering (Suicide): I want to just give up
  55. Triggering (Suicide): I Can't Believe I'm Posting Here, but Thinking about OD'ing.
  56. Effects of sertraline??
  57. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I don't know what to do anymore..
  58. No One Cares !
  59. I need help ! : (
  60. Triggering (Suicide): Should I get help or not ?I have no clue what to do right now
  61. Triggering: Shinetagari!!!
  62. Numb >_<
  63. DIE!!
  64. can hang any longer
  65. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know.
  66. Triggering (Suicide): Let me out..
  67. Loneliness is Eatin' Me Alive
  68. Im so scared
  69. Way to much for me to handle
  70. Triggering (Suicide): I'M FINALY LOSSING IT
  71. Today my mom would of been 40
  72. How do i take back what i told my friends? guilt...
  73. Coward or Brave?
  74. Triggering: Suicidal, please help
  75. Triggering (Suicide): please help me to help him
  76. Does anyone else ever feel guilty for telling someone else they're depressed??
  77. Triggering (Suicide): When I get where I'm going...
  78. could use a hug...
  79. Exit
  81. falling apart
  82. 10 year old boy threatening suicide
  83. Triggering (Suicide): Just want it to all end
  84. Year one help
  85. suicide?
  86. Triggering (Suicide): this is the end
  87. Relapse
  88. My Mom's depression 2
  89. Triggering (Suicide): 51/50
  90. Going to the Doctor
  91. just dont know
  92. Its been a while...
  93. no longer hanging on
  94. Triggering: Don't feel real..
  95. it's not that i'm depressed i'm just....
  96. Triggering (Suicide): he did it
  97. It Doesn't End, Does It?
  98. It's always back
  99. Digging a hole
  100. How do i stop getting reminded that nobody cares about me
  101. Depressed, but only sort of???
  103. Triggering: I always do this.
  104. I hate for this to be my first post...
  105. How it all started
  106. Getting used to it
  107. I didnt even know him...
  108. :l
  109. I really need help this time!
  110. Slumpp
  111. At my Limits
  112. My Funeral
  113. Confusion...
  114. Triggering: Me. And what ever the hell that means.
  115. I can't deal anymore
  116. Crying all the time
  117. To say life is challaging is an understatement.
  118. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I want to die
  119. My boyfriends story
  120. I hate this
  121. Giving Up
  122. Triggering (Suicide): Please help
  123. Need someone to talk to:(
  124. I Really Am Struggling to Cope
  125. Triggering (Suicide): TIRED OF MY LIFE!!!! ITS BOUT TO BE OVER!!!
  126. Triggering: I'm done! Screw it!
  127. Seems all too familiar..
  128. HELP :(
  129. Triggering (Suicide): my Life in Shortening....
  130. Tired of living, but don't want to die
  131. I've had enough.
  132. Triggering: Here I go again...
  133. Triggering (Suicide): Would he really kill himself?! HELP!
  134. Triggering (Suicide): Why live anymore ???????????????
  135. (Triggering) Wanting to commit suicide.
  136. So lonely.
  137. Want to od
  138. Parents not loving?
  139. Beauty
  140. In One Word: Quicksand
  141. Triggering (Suicide): Why?
  142. How to not be afraid?
  143. Triggering: Don't know what to do.
  144. Flip flopping depression between me and my bff
  145. Triggering: Just need someone to talk to.
  146. I don't know what to do anymore
  147. Experience the life of Dervisher:
  148. Please give me support
  149. PLEASE dont become my sister !
  150. having suicidual thoughts
  151. so worthless
  152. Triggering: Things didn't really work out...
  153. National Suicide Awareness Week 2011
  154. i'm feeling really bad
  155. Breaking Again
  156. Triggering (Suicide): Help! Is it actually my fault? Will this harm my friendship?
  157. Triggering (Suicide): I'm not strong enough. I'm done.
  158. Male Advice Preferred: Help
  159. why does this always fucking happen?
  160. Triggering (Suicide): I decided how, I just need a plan.
  161. I feel so helpless. :(
  162. Reasons to live?
  163. Triggering (Suicide): No happy place anymore
  164. Triggering: Don't know what to do.
  165. Triggering (Suicide): I just want to end it
  166. How to explain I'm one of them
  167. is this how its supposed to be?
  168. i was doing so well
  169. Complete Depression.
  170. help me, please...
  171. Positive Message.
  172. Triggering (Suicide): who would even give a damn ?
  173. Triggering: Lost.
  174. I Think I'm Depressed
  175. running away
  176. i hate writing titles
  177. My friend is very depressed
  178. Triggering (Suicide): I can't do this alone
  179. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know if I want to wake up
  180. Suicidal days?
  181. Triggering (Suicide): Regarding Semantics
  182. i dont know what to do
  183. if you're suicidal, PLEASE read this <3
  184. Triggering: How would I get help?
  185. Triggering (Suicide): I want to die
  186. Triggering: I don't know whats wrong with me...
  187. Another thing... that did not help me! UGH FML
  188. Is there hope?
  189. my personally story.
  190. Triggering (Suicide): why wake up ? (not depressed)
  191. Behind It All
  192. Triggering: Pointless.
  193. Triggering (Suicide): The day i chose to talk instead
  194. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal, please help.
  195. Triggering (Suicide): I want to, but yet I don't want to, HELP D:
  196. Its Kind of a funny story...
  197. Triggering (Suicide): Will it ever be ok?
  198. Triggering (Suicide): Please save me
  199. PLEASE READ !!!
  200. What do you think?
  201. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal...I mite End it all together
  202. Triggering (Suicide): tonight is it all gonna end
  203. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide pact
  204. Triggering (Suicide): Im Such a Waste
  205. Triggering (Suicide): Tomorrow... It will all be over...
  206. Triggering (Suicide): Am I really selfish?
  207. Maybe it's because I'm Tired
  208. Attention whore??
  209. Denial
  210. Triggering (Suicide): I hate life.
  211. What a weird night...
  212. Can't feel, can't breathe.
  213. Triggering (Suicide): Its the End of my Life!!!
  214. Triggering (Suicide): So why am I still alive?
  215. Triggering (Suicide): This guy told me he was going to kill himself.
  216. Triggering: Your Funeral?
  217. Now what?
  218. I found the perfect place
  219. Help
  220. again
  221. This whole living thing is highly overrated
  223. too much for me
  224. I should be happy....
  225. Help...?
  226. Triggering: i havent posted in here for awhile
  227. Triggering (Suicide): desperate for any help at all
  228. Triggering (Suicide): Potato Head in Wonderland
  229. I Have to Hide it
  230. I am regressing and it frightens me so.
  231. Triggering (Suicide): Feeling suicidal, I'm sick of being treated like I'm stupid
  232. We love you drew <3
  233. I'm scared
  234. Moving on
  235. Triggering (Suicide): i want to Die!!!
  236. September/ Fall depression?
  237. Triggering (SH): I think it's really time...
  238. Too Much At Once.
  239. Triggering (Suicide): Nobody just doesnt understand!!!
  240. Is this normal?
  241. Dreams and Wishes
  242. So tired...
  243. just me?
  244. Nothing can be the same ever again.
  245. Triggering (Suicide): I hope that this is in the right section, gotta complain to someone and it can't be my parents
  246. trying to tell it all on Facebook statuses
  247. Everything is pointless...
  248. All by myself
  250. No one