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  1. Fighting
  2. lost
  3. Triggering: Don't Understand It.
  4. Triggering: Still waiting...
  5. The story of how I ruined my social life for a few years.
  6. Just a story trying to be heard
  7. I cant do it.
  8. "Emotional Shock"
  9. i just want the pain to stop
  10. Triggering (Suicide): A Useless Person
  11. Triggering: The Art of Suicide
  12. Triggering (Suicide): My Child-hood Life
  13. help me please?
  14. Just need to vent again
  15. Triggering (Suicide): They don't listen!!!
  16. Triggering (Suicide): So. Fucking. Done.
  17. Triggering (Suicide): Just can't shake the thoughts.
  18. Severely Suicidal, please help!
  19. Triggering (Suicide): Can't take it anymore....
  20. I quit
  21. idk what todo?
  22. Empty Life?
  23. I want out of this
  24. Can't take this any longer.
  25. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The child prodigy
  26. Going to class sucks
  27. Triggering: Gah!
  28. Triggering (Suicide): uncertainty
  29. Triggering (Suicide): I cant do this anymore
  30. Triggering (Suicide): Is there anyone out there I can talk to who's been through something like this?
  31. Honest, no-bullshit advice needed
  32. Triggering: Depressed
  33. Triggering (Suicide): Depression is a bully
  34. I'm very confused in how i feel, please help!
  35. Triggering (Suicide): Meaningless
  36. Antidepressants
  37. Down A Lot Lately
  38. What do I do?...
  39. Triggering: Not worth it
  40. I give up.
  41. How do I tell her?
  42. Triggering: Gah!
  43. anyone?
  44. Sneaking back in...
  45. I dont know whats wrong with me...
  46. Ready to go through
  47. Triggering (Suicide): He might do it... and I'm so scared
  48. Depression, Suicide, Love(May be Triggering)
  49. Triggering (SH): Why am I still here?
  50. plz help
  51. Triggering: Depression and Apathy IE-My life
  52. Back into that dark place
  53. I could really use some help
  54. Changing in a bad way
  55. I'm not sure.
  56. Too much
  57. Triggering: I don't think I can make it...
  58. umm help
  59. Triggering (Suicide): My View on Life
  60. Feeling horrible :(
  61. Triggering (Suicide): Coping with how I feel
  62. Suicidal once again
  63. I feel... Alone.
  64. I just want to let go...
  65. Suicidal, please help.
  66. I don't know what I'm doing.
  67. Triggering (SH): Tumblr Feeds
  68. Triggering (Suicide): Still Suicidal
  69. finally can admit it
  70. laziness, depression, or both? i need to get my life back.
  71. Triggering: All alone
  72. Triggering (SH): I can't fix anything
  73. Triggering (Suicide): Too Much
  74. Triggering (SH): This feels like the only thing that I can control
  75. Triggering (Suicide): Up and downs.
  76. soo depressed
  77. Psychiatric terms you hate.
  78. Triggering (Suicide): Please, help me, I'm scared.
  79. Are you feeling suicidal?
  80. Triggering (Suicide): I'm Scared He's Gonna Do It
  81. Triggering (Grieving): adivse needed really soon
  82. I am losing.
  83. Triggering (Suicide): I need someone to talk to.
  84. Triggering (Suicide): ...
  86. Pills
  87. Triggering (Suicide): I want to just give up
  88. Triggering (Suicide): I Can't Believe I'm Posting Here, but Thinking about OD'ing.
  89. Effects of sertraline??
  90. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I don't know what to do anymore..
  91. No One Cares !
  92. I need help ! : (
  93. Triggering (Suicide): Should I get help or not ?I have no clue what to do right now
  94. Triggering: Shinetagari!!!
  95. Numb >_<
  96. DIE!!
  97. can hang any longer
  98. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know.
  99. Triggering (Suicide): Let me out..
  100. Loneliness is Eatin' Me Alive
  101. Im so scared
  102. Way to much for me to handle
  103. Triggering (Suicide): I'M FINALY LOSSING IT
  104. Today my mom would of been 40
  105. How do i take back what i told my friends? guilt...
  106. Coward or Brave?
  107. Triggering: Suicidal, please help
  108. Triggering (Suicide): please help me to help him
  109. Does anyone else ever feel guilty for telling someone else they're depressed??
  110. Triggering (Suicide): When I get where I'm going...
  111. could use a hug...
  112. Exit
  114. falling apart
  115. 10 year old boy threatening suicide
  116. Triggering (Suicide): Just want it to all end
  117. Year one help
  118. suicide?
  119. Triggering (Suicide): this is the end
  120. Relapse
  121. My Mom's depression 2
  122. Triggering (Suicide): 51/50
  123. Going to the Doctor
  124. just dont know
  125. Its been a while...
  126. no longer hanging on
  127. Triggering: Don't feel real..
  128. it's not that i'm depressed i'm just....
  129. Triggering (Suicide): he did it
  130. It Doesn't End, Does It?
  131. It's always back
  132. Digging a hole
  133. How do i stop getting reminded that nobody cares about me
  134. Depressed, but only sort of???
  136. Triggering: I always do this.
  137. I hate for this to be my first post...
  138. How it all started
  139. Getting used to it
  140. I didnt even know him...
  141. :l
  142. I really need help this time!
  143. Slumpp
  144. At my Limits
  145. My Funeral
  146. Confusion...
  147. Triggering: Me. And what ever the hell that means.
  148. I can't deal anymore
  149. Crying all the time
  150. To say life is challaging is an understatement.
  151. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I want to die
  152. My boyfriends story
  153. I hate this
  154. Giving Up
  155. Triggering (Suicide): Please help
  156. Need someone to talk to:(
  157. I Really Am Struggling to Cope
  158. Triggering (Suicide): TIRED OF MY LIFE!!!! ITS BOUT TO BE OVER!!!
  159. Triggering: I'm done! Screw it!
  160. Seems all too familiar..
  161. HELP :(
  162. Triggering (Suicide): my Life in Shortening....
  163. Tired of living, but don't want to die
  164. I've had enough.
  165. Triggering: Here I go again...
  166. Triggering (Suicide): Would he really kill himself?! HELP!
  167. Triggering (Suicide): Why live anymore ???????????????
  168. (Triggering) Wanting to commit suicide.
  169. So lonely.
  170. Want to od
  171. Parents not loving?
  172. Beauty
  173. In One Word: Quicksand
  174. Triggering (Suicide): Why?
  175. How to not be afraid?
  176. Triggering: Don't know what to do.
  177. Flip flopping depression between me and my bff
  178. Triggering: Just need someone to talk to.
  179. I don't know what to do anymore
  180. Experience the life of Dervisher:
  181. Please give me support
  182. PLEASE dont become my sister !
  183. having suicidual thoughts
  184. so worthless
  185. Triggering: Things didn't really work out...
  186. National Suicide Awareness Week 2011
  187. i'm feeling really bad
  188. Breaking Again
  189. Triggering (Suicide): Help! Is it actually my fault? Will this harm my friendship?
  190. Triggering (Suicide): I'm not strong enough. I'm done.
  191. Male Advice Preferred: Help
  192. why does this always fucking happen?
  193. Triggering (Suicide): I decided how, I just need a plan.
  194. I feel so helpless. :(
  195. Reasons to live?
  196. Triggering (Suicide): No happy place anymore
  197. Triggering: Don't know what to do.
  198. Triggering (Suicide): I just want to end it
  199. How to explain I'm one of them
  200. is this how its supposed to be?
  201. i was doing so well
  202. Complete Depression.
  203. help me, please...
  204. Positive Message.
  205. Triggering (Suicide): who would even give a damn ?
  206. Triggering: Lost.
  207. I Think I'm Depressed
  208. running away
  209. i hate writing titles
  210. My friend is very depressed
  211. Triggering (Suicide): I can't do this alone
  212. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know if I want to wake up
  213. Suicidal days?
  214. Triggering (Suicide): Regarding Semantics
  215. i dont know what to do
  216. if you're suicidal, PLEASE read this <3
  217. Triggering: How would I get help?
  218. Triggering (Suicide): I want to die
  219. Triggering: I don't know whats wrong with me...
  220. Another thing... that did not help me! UGH FML
  221. Is there hope?
  222. my personally story.
  223. Triggering (Suicide): why wake up ? (not depressed)
  224. Behind It All
  225. Triggering: Pointless.
  226. Triggering (Suicide): The day i chose to talk instead
  227. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal, please help.
  228. Triggering (Suicide): I want to, but yet I don't want to, HELP D:
  229. Its Kind of a funny story...
  230. Triggering (Suicide): Will it ever be ok?
  231. Triggering (Suicide): Please save me
  232. PLEASE READ !!!
  233. What do you think?
  234. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal...I mite End it all together
  235. Triggering (Suicide): tonight is it all gonna end
  236. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide pact
  237. Triggering (Suicide): Im Such a Waste
  238. Triggering (Suicide): Tomorrow... It will all be over...
  239. Triggering (Suicide): Am I really selfish?
  240. Maybe it's because I'm Tired
  241. Attention whore??
  242. Denial
  243. Triggering (Suicide): I hate life.
  244. What a weird night...
  245. Can't feel, can't breathe.
  246. Triggering (Suicide): Its the End of my Life!!!
  247. Triggering (Suicide): So why am I still alive?
  248. Triggering (Suicide): This guy told me he was going to kill himself.
  249. Triggering: Your Funeral?
  250. Now what?