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  1. Triggering (Suicide): Im Going to DIE!
  2. i don't know what to do
  3. Triggering: Fuck life! I can't take this shit anymore!
  4. Triggering (Suicide): Just can't let it out
  5. I feel more depressed than ever
  6. Triggering: One thing after the fucking other.
  7. I cant do this anymore.
  8. Triggering (Suicide): I Can't Do It Anymore
  9. where to now? poss trig??
  10. Triggering (Suicide): the end of the road
  11. School Counsellors
  12. They won't care
  13. random. breakdowns. suck.
  14. Triggering (Suicide): hanging on by a thread...
  15. Triggering (Suicide): Seeming better and better....
  16. Triggering (Suicide): I really want to die.
  17. i'm so lost
  18. Triggering (Suicide): I want everything to stop...I want him to help...
  19. Triggering (Suicide): Still here.......
  20. Triggering (Suicide): So.....welcome back depression
  21. Triggering (Suicide): Is this it?
  22. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): There goes my existence.
  23. Triggering: Getting harder and harder.
  24. Feels like it never ends
  25. It just...hurts.
  26. Triggering: Don't know.
  27. Triggering (Suicide): What now?
  28. why arnt I happy???
  29. Triggering (Suicide): I really need some help--extremely suicidal
  30. Sick of it all
  31. Hard times.
  32. Triggering (Suicide): Waste of space
  33. I Tried..
  34. Triggering (Suicide): I need Help
  35. Triggering (Suicide): so frustratred
  36. A turning point in my life
  37. Drowning
  38. Goodbye... a word that doesn't come easy.
  39. I really need help!
  40. Suicidal?
  41. Triggering (Abuse): a vat of horridness.
  42. Triggering (Suicide): im gonna fade away
  43. Triggering (Suicide): i really wish i could....really!
  44. Triggering (Suicide): =(
  45. Triggering: Losing it
  46. I think I've realised whats wrong with me
  47. i neeed . . .
  48. Triggering: New medicine leading to a downfall
  49. Triggering (Suicide): Not sure i'll make it through the night!!
  50. Triggering: I can't do this anymore.
  51. I'm done!
  52. Triggering: jkl;hyyg
  53. Triggering (Suicide): Lost
  54. Triggering (Suicide): Is it even worth it?
  55. Triggering (Suicide): What helps/helped you?
  56. Triggering (Suicide): help
  57. Triggering (Suicide): It never ends.
  58. ugh
  59. Triggering: How Do I Tell Him?
  60. i need help....NOW.
  61. I dont want to kill myself but
  62. I know I know. Please just help
  63. I need to fix this..
  64. Done with trying or caring what happens to me
  65. i cant do it
  66. Losing it all
  67. Omg I think its over for me.
  68. what am I feeling?
  69. About to explode
  70. I dont care anymore
  71. Triggering (Suicide): Just do it already, damn!
  72. I'm Not Sure If I'm Depressed
  73. Decisions Decisions Decisions >.<
  74. HELP. PLEAS :'(
  75. reasons
  76. Triggering: cops called home told mum about suicidalness
  77. Triggering (Suicide): well now what
  78. one month
  79. letter too daddy
  80. I don't know whats wrong with me :(
  81. I'm fed up.
  82. is about to break.
  83. Triggering: Don't want to live anymore.
  84. What a jest this is...
  85. Female Advice Preferred: I can't find the broken path
  86. ....It hurts
  87. nothing can save me.
  88. I want to die now. I feel horrible.
  89. please please please i need some help
  90. Triggering (Suicide): I can't take this anymore.
  91. Triggering: Not so suicidal, right!?
  92. HELP
  93. Triggering (Suicide): i want to say goodbye
  94. lying to everyone
  95. WTF is going on?
  96. Triggering: So. Over. Life. (PG13 - language)
  97. Triggering: Can't take it anymore.
  98. Triggering: I'm so scared...
  99. I think I found a way
  100. Extremely Suicidal: Please Help
  101. dreams become reality
  102. Triggering (Suicide): On the edge...
  103. i don't want to be done, but it feels like i am..
  104. Triggering (SH): It's not normal.
  105. just on the verge of killing myself
  106. Triggering: i guess i wanna die
  107. Self Harm and Suicide
  108. Triggering (Suicide): i want to die.
  109. my joy is fading fast
  110. Need Help.
  111. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal and need help
  112. Triggering (Substances): Non-PG13: Just another post to get lost amongst the others...
  113. Triggering (Suicide): help me plz
  114. I wish I was never born
  115. dreaming of suicide (triggering)
  116. Triggering: Cry for help.
  117. Triggering: No time
  118. Wish didnt wake up
  119. Triggering (Suicide): HELP!! barely hold on
  120. Triggering (Grieving): Fuck it
  121. Triggering (SH): loosing myself
  122. Was doubting it, but now I'm sure.
  123. How do you cope?
  124. He Almost Did It....
  125. Hospitalized
  126. should i die because she's a bitch?
  127. Antidepressant Questions
  128. Oh for the lords sake, just unblock me
  129. Going, going, gone.
  130. Triggering (Suicide): Assuming
  131. Triggering (SH): Perfect Idea.
  132. I'm Pathetic. If it wasn't for him, i would have done it.
  133. Triggering: Can't change my life?
  134. It's kinda sweet
  135. i should be happy....
  136. Help, Please?
  137. Triggering (Suicide): I'm going to die
  138. I hate myself.
  139. Bucket List
  140. Feeling kinda unloved?
  141. Can I have a hug?
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Empty
  143. Triggering: I can't take my own advice.
  144. on the brink
  145. Triggering: I'm past help
  146. Triggering: No Motivation, No Reasons To Live, And No Happiness
  147. Triggering (Suicide): I'm ready to go.
  148. Triggering (Suicide): why?
  149. What is this? Sad. Don't know why.
  150. Triggering (Suicide): They won't unblock me...
  151. Triggering: FML.
  152. Triggering: It's like i'm a fucking robot.
  153. Triggering: I don't want to be myself anymore.
  154. Nothing but nothing?
  155. long road ahead..
  156. sweet misery....
  157. I'm Afraid
  158. Triggering (Suicide): No one cares
  159. Triggering (SH): So Weak...
  160. Triggering (Suicide): feeling so alone
  161. Can't get rid of the feeling
  162. Triggering (SH): Can't believe I'm back here..
  163. Triggering (Suicide): i dont know what to do anymore.
  164. depression..
  165. Triggering: Lack of support from friends.
  166. I Feel Dumb For Being Depressed
  167. Just need help
  168. Triggering: Honestly?
  169. Lost all motivation.
  170. Is a hug the cure to a broken heart?
  171. Triggering (Suicide): I have no reason to feel like this.
  172. Triggering: Reasons? None at all.
  173. Triggering (SH): hm...
  174. Triggering (Bullying): Don't really know why I'm posting...
  175. Triggering (Suicide): I told her
  176. Triggering (Abuse): i don't know who to turn to.. (really long.. sry)
  177. Can it just be over now?
  178. Triggering (Suicide): I can't believe it's not over yet....
  179. Guess they found out.
  180. I feel like I'm missing out on my Teenage Years, I'm bad making friends and Depressed
  181. In Your Words...(Art Project)
  182. Triggering: Fuck my life!
  183. Down the rabbit hole again :(
  184. idk
  185. Reasons to live.
  186. I feel like I'm two different people...
  187. Suicidal and don't know what to do
  188. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal - Need Help
  189. Triggering (Suicide): HELP!
  190. Depressed afterwards?
  191. On the edge.
  192. My life sucks
  193. I just..can't! *trig*
  194. </3
  195. Triggering (Suicide): I need help...
  196. seeking support
  198. Triggering: It's back again..
  199. This is gonna be a little bit of a rant
  200. Alone.
  201. Triggering (Suicide): One day I'll cut too deep.
  202. My life is making me miserable
  203. I don't know who to turn to
  204. Does he hate me ?
  205. What does this mean ?
  206. Really helpful website
  207. I just don't know what to do
  208. Going Backwards
  209. Triggering (Suicide): Whats the fucking point anymore ?
  210. Triggering: A Goodbye?
  211. I am so freaking tired of this.
  212. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal - ness... sucks.
  213. Triggering (SH): Fuck
  214. A unique issue. Help!
  215. Triggering: Feeling hopeless.
  216. Triggering (Suicide): Please reply! i need help b4 4 pm wed...
  217. Triggering (Suicide): There's no point
  218. I feel so sad.
  219. List of things to do when depressed
  220. Triggering (Suicide): Please. Anyone. Help me.
  221. Triggering (Suicide): there is nothing left for me here
  222. End it all now, PLEASE HELP ME!
  223. so tired
  224. Triggering (Suicide): Don't Know Where To Turn
  225. Triggering (Suicide): Too much
  226. Triggering (Suicide): This may be the end for me.
  227. Triggering: Some Please Just...Make It Stop. Please.
  228. I'm just not worth it...
  229. She doesn't care, I'm his little girl. What to do?
  230. Triggering (Suicide): Goodbye
  231. Triggering: Help Me Please
  232. Are you also bothered by this? (could also fall under self harm idk)
  234. I just started college
  235. And the point would be???
  236. Female Advice Preferred: Triggering Suicide
  237. Hurt..
  238. Triggering: Yes it's me again
  239. I almost made her cry again
  240. Really not sure what to do
  241. anybody
  242. Strange feelings
  243. I'm scared.
  244. Triggering (Suicide): i cant take it eny more
  245. Triggering: I don't even know anymore.
  246. Triggering: Bleh.
  247. Stupid party...
  248. Triggering (Suicide): I dont know what to do anymore....
  249. Triggering: Saw a therapist
  250. i dont know .. :(