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  1. Struggling.
  2. Life seems pretty pointless.
  3. Increasingly depressed, bad sleep, loneliness
  4. Is it normal?
  5. Triggering (SH): Depression relapse
  6. Feeling worthless
  7. school depression.
  8. stupid question.
  9. ive been so sad
  10. Triggering: I don't know if I can handle much more
  11. Triggering: My Solution to My Depression (Maybe Yours)
  12. I hate my body and it's making me depressed
  13. Triggering (Suicide): How do I deal with people talking about suicide?
  14. I need somebody to talk to
  15. I hate everything and I want to die
  16. How to get away from it?
  17. Depressed
  18. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Been awhile...
  19. Triggering (SH): Depression & Anxiety = Hell
  20. Triggering (Suicide): please help
  21. Triggering (Suicide): I need to talk
  22. Triggering (Suicide): if theres a god out there
  23. Triggering: Anxiety and Ideations
  24. Triggering (Suicide): my last cry for help
  25. Triggering: Its only gotten worse..
  26. Don't know what to do
  27. That feeling when you just don't want to try anymore.
  28. Triggering (Suicide): I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! LIFE ISN'T WORTH IT!
  29. Need some advice
  30. Triggering: I Want to Die. It's Too Much
  31. I dont wanna be here anymore
  32. My Struggle
  33. SO Frustrated
  34. Triggering (Suicide): Deleted as I don't think its time to kill myself yet, after some consideration.
  35. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal
  36. Having Issues.
  37. Not Sure Help?
  38. sigh
  39. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Officially the worst week of 2016 i just feel like dying what a fail
  40. Help
  41. Triggering (Suicide): Depression?
  42. Triggering (Suicide): POMPICOD, MAY BE URGENT
  43. Told My Best Friend
  44. First Appointment
  45. Triggering (Suicide): Dreams of sucide
  46. Triggering (Suicide): I can't live anymore
  47. I'm scared and tired
  48. && it all comes tumbling down.
  49. Triggering (Suicide): I am scared for my boyfriend's life...
  50. Triggering (Suicide): I am sorry.
  51. Triggering (Suicide): Depressed and Suffering
  52. Untitled
  53. Triggering (Suicide): I want to die
  54. my roommate doesn't respect me
  55. Triggering: END(TW: SH< ED, SUICIDE)
  56. Triggering (Bullying): Bullied for having Aspergers
  57. Triggering (Suicide): Help.
  58. Concerned For Myself.
  59. lost
  60. Triggering (Suicide): !URGENT!
  61. Being alone constantly
  62. I tried to kill myself (tw).
  63. Help, please.
  64. I need help (for a close friend)
  65. Triggering (Suicide): ..... I have no words to say..
  66. School
  67. Triggering: i feel taken for granted, used, unloved, worthless
  68. Triggering: Friend's Life is Falling Apart
  69. Triggering (Suicide): So close
  70. Just got out of the hospital
  71. Triggering (Suicide): I'm seeing the therapist and it's not helping.
  72. Triggering: Ummmmm
  73. Coming To Terms With My Attempt
  74. Triggering (Suicide): cant
  75. Triggering (Suicide): So fed up!
  76. Do you think it's normal to not tell others you're going to kill yourself?
  77. No friends, Parents give pointless advice, no patience.
  78. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide-Homeless-Sexual Assault-Hopeless
  79. Rant.
  80. No one ever said being brave was easy.
  81. Triggering (Suicide): Struggling
  82. Triggering (Suicide): I want to be killed off permanently.
  83. I don't know myself or what my purpose is
  84. Diagnosed and put on meds?!
  85. Triggering (SH): why does it have to be her...
  86. i dont feel like a real person
  87. We are warriors
  88. Triggering: It's not ok...
  89. How to tell them... or anyone really.
  90. Triggering (Bullying): Can't forget about being bullied.
  91. Trying to find my energy again?
  92. New, feeling horrible
  93. Triggering (Grieving): I have lost my emotions.
  94. Triggering (Suicide): struggling
  95. I'm at my lowest point...dont know at this point
  96. Triggering (Grieving): The tears are falling...
  97. Triggering: I can't do it, it's too unbearable
  98. Triggering (Grieving): Losing interest in things that will normally make me happy..
  99. I need some one to talk to
  100. Triggering (Suicide): From Counselor To Patient: My Hospital Experience
  101. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Long rant about my horrible week/ life recently.
  102. Triggering (Suicide): Ready to Give up?
  103. Triggering (Suicide): reasons to live
  104. Triggering: doing myself in
  105. I want to die
  106. Triggering (Suicide): Im scared for my sister
  107. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): miserable
  108. Triggering (Suicide): Depressed and anxious since birth
  109. tears fall as I hit the wall. I wanna die but I can't give up the fight.
  110. I'm crying... I'm dying... I'm lying alone, I need to be strong...
  111. Triggering (Suicide): I cannot do this anymore
  112. Triggering (Suicide): Nothing left..
  113. Triggering (Suicide): Kinda need a reason to look forward to tomorrow.
  114. Depressed suicidal Existential lonely crying need a friend
  115. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): A New User's Rant
  116. Triggering (Suicide): almost.........
  117. That moment
  119. Always like this...I dont know what to do.
  120. Triggering (Suicide): dead dead dead by tonight.
  121. I dont know anymore
  122. Triggering (Suicide): Goodbye isn't always easy
  123. Triggering (Suicide): Real life is harsh...
  124. Despite Everything...
  125. Triggering: A lot of things in one thread, making me consider suicide.
  126. Triggering (Suicide): This is too hard
  127. Triggering (Suicide): i almost walked in front of a car
  128. What is life.
  129. Triggering (Suicide): How can I live when I want to die?
  130. World Suicide Prevention Day.
  131. Triggering (SH): Depressed.
  132. Triggering: Self-harm, substance abuse, family
  133. Triggering (Suicide): its tough.
  134. Triggering (Suicide): Not sure what to do
  135. depressed and lonely
  136. Questions About Antidepressants?
  137. my friend might emotionaly abuse me??
  138. Triggering (Grieving): It's tougher to beat it than i thought.
  139. yoga for depression?
  140. I am so scared he is going to die!
  141. Triggering (Suicide): Accusing me.
  142. Causes of depression.
  143. Triggering: Im in a void and cant evict myself
  144. Does Anyone Feel the Same?
  145. cant deal with this (mostly venting)
  146. Triggering: Thought I was Out
  147. I'm finally out of it . :)
  148. OD...
  149. Triggering (Suicide): Again... i died inside and now im ready to die on the outside too. please hear my rant!!!:(
  150. Life's a huge pile of mess right now. I really need help..
  151. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal- Need Help
  152. Triggering (Suicide): Death seems to be the only option.
  153. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I wanna die. I relly do.
  154. Triggering (Suicide): I think of dying every morning.
  155. How do you stay positive?
  156. No holding back
  157. Triggering (SH): I'm a terrible person.
  158. Triggering (Grieving): I really miss her.
  159. Triggering (Suicide): Done.
  160. Triggering (Suicide): well... this is tough.
  161. Triggering (Suicide): Been Putting myself Down
  162. Triggering: :'(
  163. Triggering (Bullying): please help soon
  164. Triggering (Suicide): Body: alive.
  165. Triggering (Suicide): I CANT TAKE LONELINESS ANYMORE
  166. Triggering (Suicide): Should I take advice from my Suicidal Depressed friend?
  167. Triggering (Suicide): I'm in Alot of pain Of over Losing a Friend
  168. Triggering (Suicide): I told my parents, but...
  169. Triggering (Suicide): Can't live.
  170. Triggering (Grieving): In extreme danger from myself.
  171. What is wrong with me?
  172. Want to die
  173. Triggering (Suicide): Kill myself
  174. Triggering (Grieving): In a bad situation.
  175. Uhhh.
  176. This is really hard :(
  177. Triggering: I feel really depressed
  178. I want to die
  179. This is to help people
  180. Triggering (Suicide): A solution that wont make anyone feel guilty.
  181. too numb
  182. Sadness.
  183. Triggering (Suicide): Sacrifice. :)
  184. Triggering (Suicide): Talk to me
  185. i feel like crying but i physically cant
  186. Triggering (Grieving): Tougher than I thought.
  187. Triggering (Suicide): I'm a mistake
  188. Triggering: Hard time living.
  189. Triggering (Suicide): Please help asap. Medicine making me want to end it all.
  190. i cant get this out of my head.
  191. Triggering: (SUICIDE ) Given up on life.
  192. Triggering (Suicide): Feeling hopeless and helpless
  193. Triggering (Suicide): Please look over my complaint to the ER regarding my last visit
  194. Triggering (Suicide): "My legs are dangling off the edge"
  195. I ruined my dads life
  196. Triggering (Suicide): I cant take it anymore.
  197. I hate everything
  198. Depressed..
  199. Depressed and Losing Motivation
  200. Triggering (Suicide): Friend wants to kill himself
  201. I can't take it anymore!!!!
  202. I'm done with this world
  203. I'm Sorry
  204. I'm done
  205. Past issue, I need help!!!!!
  206. Triggering (Suicide): not even you guys care. I'm done.
  207. new here. need help
  208. Triggering (Suicide): my story
  209. Triggering: I can't Even...
  210. I need someone to talk to
  211. the sun will set for the last time
  212. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): someone please help me.
  213. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): nothing has been going right
  214. Triggering (Suicide): I feel numb
  216. I need someone
  217. People trying to make people think Im ugly
  218. Triggering (Suicide): Crappy Schooling, Should I Give Up?
  219. Triggering (Suicide): My suicidial tendencies.
  220. I HATE being ugly
  221. Life isn't worth it
  222. General Magic of Life lost?
  223. can't stop thinking about loved ones dying
  224. Triggering: Going absolutely insane.
  225. Triggering (Suicide): Another rant.
  226. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): depressed
  227. my life
  228. Triggering (Suicide): Giving up.
  229. Help her sooner better☆☆
  230. Rambling on about the futile grind of life
  231. Triggering: Unhelpable
  232. I just want to die
  233. Depression
  234. Can I risk trusating someone with my mental health issues?
  235. Triggering (Suicide): Completely lost.
  236. Triggering (Suicide): i wanna die
  237. Triggering (Suicide): Feelings following a suicide attempt
  238. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): feel like shit.
  239. Addiction to Depression
  240. How to work despite having depression?
  241. Triggering (Suicide): WHAT TO DO
  242. Triggering (Suicide): Help me please
  243. I feel so sad now. Someone please help?
  244. Alone and Ready to let go
  245. Triggering (Grieving): dont know
  246. Triggering: For the billionth time, I need to die
  247. Sister Dealing with Depression
  248. Unmotivated for a dull life
  249. Telling your parents
  250. Bad days; what to do?