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  1. Triggering (Suicide): PLEASE HELP
  2. Triggering (Suicide): It's all I can think about.
  3. Triggering (Suicide): Give me alien abduction, or give me death.
  4. It Hurts.
  5. It's all so pointless.
  6. Triggering (Suicide): done. :/
  7. smile apon my face
  8. Triggering (Suicide): what can I do for my depression
  9. Triggering: Life Sucks :(
  10. Triggering (SH): ?
  11. That Empty Feeling
  12. Triggering (Suicide): done
  13. Triggering (Suicide): help
  14. why is no one answering my posts
  15. Triggering (Suicide): DIE!!!!!!
  16. I'm so lost...
  17. It does up and down.
  18. Triggering (Suicide): life is too hard! i cant take it anymore!
  19. girlfriend help?
  20. Triggering (Suicide): Wish it will be over with and done real soon
  21. Triggering: Wtf.
  22. I just don't know anymore
  23. I feel so lonley....
  24. I'm not happy.
  25. Life is too damn confusing...
  26. Lonely
  27. What's wrong with me?
  28. Give me one reason not too do it.
  29. I don't want to live anymore
  30. Not Worth It
  31. Triggering (Suicide): Please Help, I'm Lost! :(
  32. My bf... I don't know what to do anymore
  33. i don't know how to get help
  34. Triggering: depressed throught my life
  35. not sure if i'm depressed
  36. Depression, schizophrenia bulimia, 6th form drop out, advice please.
  37. Breathing Slowly
  38. Triggering (SH): so i just broke my new years resolution
  39. I was ok...
  40. Digging my grave and laying in it
  41. Triggering (Suicide): I Tired Of IT!
  42. Triggering (Suicide): depression
  43. She's in a million tiny pieces
  44. its a random question but it rly needs answered...
  45. What is an identity?
  46. Confused.
  47. why try?
  48. Hate this life thing...
  49. idk how to fix things anymore
  50. Triggering (Suicide): Unsure About Making it Through the Night
  51. bleh.. =/
  52. Triggering (Suicide): Praying I'll End It.
  53. Why shouldn't i kill myself?
  54. rant of sorts
  55. Why live?
  56. It feels like fact.
  57. I Cant belive im thinking this
  58. Death Is the Only Option.
  59. Where to start
  60. Triggering (Suicide): It gets worse every day.
  61. Feel like giving up :(
  62. so I have...
  63. Sick & Tired of Being Sick &Tired.
  64. i'm a screw up, I aint nothing
  65. Blank
  66. slipping..
  67. Better off.
  68. worst nightmare came true
  69. If...
  70. time to go?
  71. All of my strenght is gone
  72. I always hear: If you want others to love you... you need to learn to love yourself.
  73. i should just go
  74. Triggering (Suicide): I am so suicidal...
  75. I think im done...
  76. so much to do, so little time
  77. I feel so alone
  78. Why?
  79. Triggering: I've changed for the worse.
  80. I hate my "gift"
  81. I Just don't know
  82. Triggering (Suicide): I deserve to die
  83. my life is a pile of balls.
  84. Triggering (Suicide): I'm starting to feel depressed again..
  85. Triggering (Suicide): Got the pills.
  86. Anti-depressants?
  87. Doctor - What to Expect?
  88. Triggering: Alot.. feel down, want to die..
  89. Triggering (Suicide): I feel like I'm Drowning
  90. Triggering: suicdal after sexual harrassment/assualt
  91. Triggering (Suicide): Everything seems hopeless plzz some1 help : /
  92. Triggering (Suicide): just giving up
  93. Triggering (Suicide): The Death Dream?
  94. How to explain depression?
  95. wanna get out of this negative attitude.
  96. Triggering: this feeling wont go away
  97. finally admiting it
  98. I cant do this anymore
  99. Triggering (Abuse): PTSD relapse
  100. Lonely and Hopeless
  101. Triggering: Birthday Blues
  102. Tired of Getting My Hopes Up
  103. What To Do To Help??
  104. Depressed.
  105. It's consuming every part of me...
  106. Triggering (Suicide): So close to the edge
  107. lonely
  108. cant cope
  109. I don't know what to do
  110. So.. is this it?
  111. Triggering (Suicide): So lost that there's no answers.
  112. Triggering (Suicide): really dont care anymore
  113. My thoughts
  114. What to do?
  115. How do you know?
  116. Spiraling.
  117. No insurance- how can I get therapy?
  118. Triggering (Suicide): -i feel alone-
  119. without depression whats left of me?
  120. Triggering (Abuse): What do I do?
  121. Triggering (Suicide): No Motivation to Live
  122. Triggering (Suicide): Slipping..lonliness.
  123. All Twisted Up?????????
  124. Triggering: need stories from everyone
  125. "The Bottom Of My Depression"
  126. Triggering (Suicide): I need help....please...
  127. how do i tell someone
  128. Depression/Scared?
  129. Do i have depression?
  130. what can u do?
  131. So close to the edge
  132. End it all
  133. Getting help?
  134. Triggering: i hate this already
  135. Triggering: cant
  136. Triggering: I am so tired.
  137. we need time, only time
  138. I want it back.
  139. Triggering: There is no word for this.
  140. Triggering: What can I do?
  141. Would it really be that bad?
  142. Dieing inside and no-one even gives a damn
  143. Triggering: Why keep fighting?
  144. Triggering (Suicide): fighting for nothing
  145. Triggering: How do I help her?
  146. How do you know when you need to see a doctor?
  147. Handling Depression
  148. Nothing left
  149. I'm struggling majorly!
  150. Triggering (Suicide): Ok, I admit...I feel bad...
  151. How can I talk to someone...?
  152. Triggering (Suicide): HELP PLZZ!!!!!!!!!
  153. Triggering (Suicide): wanna thrash my head on the wall till i die
  154. Triggering: need help
  155. Triggering: Just feeling... hopeless...
  156. i think im a lesbian
  157. it's strange but I hate weekends
  158. Triggering (SH): all hope is gone.
  159. I want to die i really need some help
  160. frustration
  161. Pessimist or Realist?
  162. I don't know whats going on...
  163. things getting on top of me.
  164. i want a friend, someone to talk to, please
  165. Triggering (Suicide): Someone help...I'm really going to do it...
  166. Triggering (SH): I want for myself what I give to others.
  167. Triggering (Suicide): My life so far..
  168. Triggering (Suicide): Out Of Subject, Out Of Mind, Out Of Life.
  169. Someone Please Kill Me
  170. Triggering: Do you...
  171. why bother?
  172. I dont care anymore
  173. Im out
  174. What do I do?
  175. So
  176. Lack of focus
  177. can someone tell me if high school is really teh best times in my life?
  178. Reasons to live...
  179. Triggering: trig: sh & suicide.
  180. i h8 my liife
  181. The worst part about having a problem...
  182. Triggering: I can't deal...
  183. Depression, friend, teachers.
  184. Triggering (Suicide): Ive already had one failed attempt..
  185. Triggering (SH): Depressed...hating life...
  186. Bad Stuff
  187. Don't understand
  188. Confused, tired...
  189. So, my parents know.
  190. Triggering (Suicide): Don't see the point
  191. Triggering (Suicide): Can someone help with out sending me back to the hospital
  192. Triggering: Falling Apart
  193. I feel so depressed
  194. if anyone needs help or some1 to talk to
  195. Triggering (Suicide): Help
  196. help.. PLEASE
  197. Triggering (Suicide): i need this all to just stop
  198. I dont know what to do
  199. why cant i just over this
  200. Triggering (Grieving): HELP
  201. I'm having enough !
  202. its eating me up- covered up suicide attempt
  203. Triggering (Suicide): Falling apart
  204. Just barely making it through the day...
  205. Now Enrolling
  206. 14 years of hiding
  207. What keeps you going?
  208. 13 days later
  209. Triggering (Suicide): Can't Focus on Anything Else
  210. Triggering (Suicide): This is it.
  211. I just don't know what to do. helpppp
  212. My friend
  213. Just Sad.....
  214. I think I'm suicidal agen
  215. Depressed.
  216. Triggering (Suicide): tonight is the last night
  217. love sucks...? help anyone.
  218. Triggering (Bullying): I'm done.
  219. Triggering (Grieving): Death..
  220. Triggering (Bullying): if this is how its going to be, please kill me!
  221. Best ways to keep yourself free from depression ..
  222. What to say in the note?
  223. depressed.
  224. electro shock
  225. I feel as if I'm just waiting on the firing squad.
  226. I don't know if I'm gonna make it through anymore
  227. Triggering: what am i good for anymore?
  228. Don't let it control you!
  229. I'm tired
  230. Triggering: How do I tell my parents I think I need help?
  231. Depressed? or ** in the head?
  232. What if the wieght it too much?
  233. i just need help....
  234. I fear I may kill someone.
  235. I'm scared about my future.....
  236. Suffer then Die? I don't get why.
  237. Triggering (Suicide): I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF TODAY......
  238. Triggering (Suicide): Help?
  239. scared
  240. why bother anymore
  241. starting to worry me
  242. Triggering (Suicide): Today, at school: LONG! sorry!
  243. Triggering: im so tired of everything!!!
  244. (LONG) "dont call me emo"
  245. Triggering (Suicide): Help.
  246. Life at 18
  247. I dont get it!!!
  248. I'm extremely depressed at the moment.
  249. Triggering (Suicide): having thoughts agian
  250. Extremely vulnerable...