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  1. Triggering (Suicide): Done
  2. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!
  3. Help
  4. Triggering (Suicide): When Your Friends Don't Understand.
  5. Triggering: I dont know what to do
  6. feeling worthless
  7. things keep getting worse
  8. I Hate The Way I Look So Much
  9. Its time
  10. Triggering (SH): I'm starting to think it will never get better
  11. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know anymore...
  12. Triggering (Suicide): Getting Help (pt 2?)
  13. Hopeless
  14. Triggering: No More!
  15. still alone
  16. Back and forth
  17. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Anxiety is My Middle Name
  18. Holding Back the Tears
  19. Seeing no positives to the future :/
  20. Triggering: Been struggling a lot
  21. Can't do anything right
  22. Triggering: Still struggling to live without her
  23. Triggering (Suicide): Getting Help
  24. Triggering (Suicide): I Just Don't See Why Not
  25. "It gets better"
  26. Triggering (SH): is this depression?
  27. My mind can't cope
  28. Triggering: It's too hard to go on
  29. Struggling
  30. I will help as much as i can
  31. I'm kind of lost right now. So much has happened.
  32. Triggering: She cut me deep
  33. what's wrong with me
  34. Triggering: Roommate is in hospital
  35. So confused
  36. Some help please.
  37. Triggering (SH): I know it sounds ridiculous but please hear me out before this happens.
  38. I feel like I'm at the end of a line..
  39. What will happen if i tell the school counselor I'm suicidal?
  40. Normal?
  41. My friend is talking about suicide.. please help me :(
  42. Triggering: Hey everyone.
  43. some things that are bringing me down again
  44. Triggering: What's Inside My Mind:
  45. I hate my life
  46. Female Advice Preferred: feeling sad and angry
  47. Feeling nothing
  48. Friend needs help
  49. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): fuck this all
  50. Am I Human Anymore?
  51. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know i am I BPD, bi polar or just dramatic
  52. Triggering: i don't want to go back...
  53. Triggering (Suicide): I can't take having depression anymore
  54. Not sure how to act with people.
  55. I need help and so do we all..
  56. Extrapolation vs. Assumption and Romanticisation: Detection of Emotion Within People.
  57. Triggering (Suicide): Why am I hated?
  58. I can't handle it anymore
  59. Female Advice Preferred: Want to die
  60. Slipping
  61. suicidal.
  62. hiw can i tell my teacher im suicidal
  63. How to help my friend who SHs and is depressed?
  64. Triggering (Suicide): what's wrong with me?
  65. Triggering (Suicide): Subconsciously preparing for my suicide?
  66. Scared
  67. Someone talk to me
  68. I 'don't present as depressed'
  69. I can't anymore
  70. Triggering: Maybe its ME
  71. Stupid Social Media
  72. I hate everything about me
  73. Dear depression
  74. i need help
  75. I hate me
  76. is anyone there
  77. Going to end it
  78. Triggering (Abuse): No one understands
  79. Triggering (Suicide): Is there such thing as logical suicide?
  80. Triggering (SH): Sigh..
  81. Triggering (Suicide): :(
  82. Triggering (SH): i just want to hurt my self
  83. Feeling really depressed through lack of freedom from parents, suicidal thoughts.. :(
  84. :)
  85. back to therapy?
  86. Triggering: I can't do this.
  87. Triggering (Suicide): Sigh
  88. Positivity Topic!
  89. I Just Feel So Alone
  90. Feeling defeated.
  91. Help me.....
  92. Trying not to get down.
  93. Self-hatred
  94. Triggering: Feeling down? Read meeee :)
  95. had an other fight with my mom
  96. Confidence, LDR, Depression, help?
  97. Help
  98. help please help
  99. Triggering (Suicide): Final choice
  100. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Fuck my life
  101. New member, chronic depression, lonely
  102. Triggering: Hi I'm new and really need someone to talk to
  103. new level of loneliness
  104. Trying to turn things around, but depression gets in the way
  105. I've been feeling very confused, tired and helpless lately.
  106. I'm a failure
  107. Triggering: Tired of this.
  108. Triggering: The girl who cried wolf
  109. Triggering (Suicide): Life isnt for me
  110. To be honest about myself
  111. Triggering (Suicide): I'm ready to let go
  112. Triggering: Feeling quite down right now
  113. Confrontation
  114. Triggering (Suicide): Just keeps getting worse
  115. Triggering: Stupid thoughts.
  116. If you need help! Look here!
  117. Triggering (Suicide): When there is no one..? Where to go?
  118. Triggering (Suicide): There is no hope.
  119. Triggering (Suicide): Tired. Of. Life.
  120. Had enough
  121. (Read if you're having a tough day ) one little drink
  122. There goes that
  123. Triggering (Suicide): I don't even know anymore
  124. What can i do?
  125. Please help me..please
  126. Triggering: A message about life
  127. Triggering (SH): DEPRESSED
  128. Lonely and Depressed
  129. Sigh.
  130. Triggering (Suicide): Death sounds good but I don't want to die
  131. Triggering (Suicide): Well. This is good bye.
  132. Triggering: The more i live, the more i dont want to
  133. Feeling lost and guilty
  134. Triggering: I want to die :(
  135. Constant depression and often suicidal rant.
  136. Triggering (Suicide): I'm very worried about my friend
  137. loneliness/pain.
  138. Triggering: Having a crying spell
  139. Triggering (Suicide): I can't.
  140. dating and depression
  141. Triggering: I don't know anymore
  142. holiday season and depression :(
  143. im a evil person
  144. Life sucks
  145. Triggering (Suicide): Is life worth living
  146. Triggering: I dont know.
  147. I don't know why I'm sad at school
  148. Hi there again.
  149. Triggering (Suicide): i can't take this anymore.
  150. Triggering: I find people annoying
  151. Triggering: depressing realization
  152. Triggering (Suicide): oh well...
  153. How can I get help when I'm not being taken seriously?
  154. Triggering (Suicide): so tired
  155. Triggering (Suicide): Nightmares
  156. Am I depressed? Please help.
  157. Ignore my Rant.
  158. Triggering (Suicide): Life isn't for everyone, especially for me...
  159. Triggering (Suicide): I will die all alone.
  160. Triggering: My Story
  162. Down Hill quick
  163. Triggering (Suicide): Please help
  164. Long presentation of my problems
  165. Time to go home!
  166. Triggering (Suicide): Not sure whether to put this under relationship or here...
  167. Triggering (Suicide): Why?
  168. Triggering: Messed up moods
  169. Triggering (Suicide): Debating if I should tell or not
  170. Zoloft For Insomnia?
  171. Triggering (Suicide): At the hospital.
  172. Why do I feel this way?
  173. Triggering: I dont know anymore
  174. Depression is starting to squash me
  175. I push everyone away :(
  176. Triggering: I want it to ALL end.
  177. Antidepressants
  178. Triggering: Depression has officially come back
  179. Triggering (Suicide): I could use some help
  180. In a dark place
  181. Triggering: What is the point?
  182. Triggering (Abuse): Can't take it anymore
  183. Might officially be doing this by myself...
  184. Triggering (Suicide): Struggling
  185. I am screwed
  186. Triggering (Suicide): I'm tired of this.
  187. For You Who Feel Like Suicide or Self-Harm is the answer right now....
  188. Triggering (Suicide): Whatever. I give up.
  189. To all of you who are struggling.
  190. Not Moving....!!
  191. You can do it
  192. Triggering (Suicide): I give up.
  193. Can you ever truly get over depression... for good?
  194. Triggering (Suicide): I can no longer function
  195. Please help me here.
  196. Triggering: Need help!
  197. A verbally and physically abusive mother, staring eyes, and bullies.
  198. I can't
  199. Help!!!!!
  201. Triggering (Suicide): Officially done
  202. Triggering: how many
  203. Triggering (Suicide): Help me please!
  204. Helping a friend
  205. Title
  206. Triggering (Suicide): ~Stay Strong~
  207. Really screwed up
  208. Triggering: I need a friend right now...:(
  209. Being A Mess With No One To Care For You
  210. Triggering: ot doesnt have one
  211. Don't know anymore
  212. The Outfit
  213. I'm going to die anyway
  214. Road Block For More Time
  215. Triggering: I really wish I can help my friend with her depression...
  216. Sad and i dont know why
  217. Going down
  218. alone
  219. How do you know?
  220. ...
  221. help!!
  222. Once again i don't know what to do
  223. How do I get help?
  224. Triggering: I just can't take it anymore
  225. Triggering (Bullying): I was bullied and can't get over it
  226. Crashing
  227. Triggering (Suicide): Depression leading to suicidal thoughts
  228. Depression
  229. Just cant cope anymore with what people say...
  230. Downward Spiral
  231. Triggering: Had enough
  232. I didnt do it....
  233. I don't know
  234. One fuck up too many..
  235. Triggering: It takes all my strength....
  236. i dont understand
  237. Triggering: I'm so fucking done.
  238. Triggering: Actually want to die.
  239. Really depressed
  240. I really don't know what to do
  241. Triggering (Suicide): I can't take it anymore.
  242. I feel like I'm faking - please, please help.
  243. Triggering: Quite Possibly Depressed
  244. Triggering: Very sad :(
  245. I've taken a detour
  247. Don't give a fuck anymore
  248. im in a endless hell hole
  249. HELLO??
  250. Update I guess