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  1. Triggering (Suicide): Might be pregnant and wanting to commit suicide..
  2. I need help :(
  3. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I hate who I am
  4. Triggering (Suicide): Help
  5. Fed Up of Myself
  6. No control..
  7. Triggering (Suicide): I hate myself
  8. Complicated Situation
  9. Advice please?
  10. No, I am not fine.
  11. Sadness Prevails
  12. Cannot deal with the pressure of having to look perfect
  13. Triggering (Suicide): On the path to recovery?
  14. Triggering (Suicide): Hate burns where my heart once beat
  15. Fuck them all. Fake friends
  16. I don't know what to do anymore..
  17. if only they knew...
  18. been feeling wierd
  19. Triggering: I don't know anymore..
  20. idk anymore
  21. Life is a battle that can't be won
  22. y me
  23. rant
  24. Triggering (Suicide): I don't see a point...
  25. My life is a mess
  26. Triggering (Suicide): Emotional Abuse is pushing me over the edge.
  27. im clearly a burden
  28. Really bad day...
  29. Triggering: No Alternatives
  30. Triggering (SH): FEELING LIKE A BURDEN
  31. Everyone suffering depression and suicidal thoughts - please read this
  32. Please help
  33. Triggering (Suicide): Veterans. 22 Suicides a Day. Jarring Photo Series.
  34. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): It's over :(
  35. Nothing to live for
  36. Triggering: why cant i be happy
  37. I've never been this badly depressed before
  38. Triggering (Suicide): May as well just do it :(
  39. please help me
  40. Triggering (Suicide): I'm Not Who I Want to Be
  41. Triggering (Suicide): I want to get better but can't
  42. Feeling alone in the world
  43. Nobody cares
  44. Triggering (Suicide): I want help
  45. I want an advice plz read,
  47. feeling like the shittiest person
  48. it's time for one of these :) if you're having a tough day, read this.
  49. Triggering: Please help me.
  50. Was that it?
  51. Finally time to get help.
  52. Please read my story...and tell me if I am playing victim
  53. Asking Parents
  54. Triggering (Suicide): Help
  55. Triggering: Suicide watch
  56. Triggering (Suicide): I'm giving up
  57. Had enough!!!!
  58. tired
  59. Please help
  60. Perfect
  61. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just want to go home
  62. Depressed :(
  63. im all over the place
  64. questions
  65. slipping back into depression
  66. help asap please :(
  67. Triggering (SH): Feeling Lost
  68. Triggering (Suicide): At the end of the line
  69. Tonight's the night
  70. I HATE my body
  71. hurting, crying
  72. Feeling like I can't change much in my life when I want to
  73. Regarding atypical depression, and how to convince my parents I need help?
  74. getting help?
  75. I Just Want To Be Pain Free
  76. revovering then my family
  77. depression because of how i am treated by my family
  78. Will it ever stop?
  79. Triggering (Suicide): What my nightmare really is
  80. HELP ME!
  81. All the reasons why
  82. how to motivate the right way?
  83. Triggering (Suicide): URGENT
  84. Triggering (SH): I want the scars
  85. Getting worse
  86. I don't know how to handle this.
  87. Bad Dreams
  88. I give up
  89. What is my next step when i cant get help?
  90. School is making me suicidal
  91. So depressed :(
  92. How to fight these feelings as a teenager?
  93. Friends Who Do It
  94. I don't know who I am anymore
  95. Triggering: I don't know.
  96. Fat
  97. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide date
  98. Life is a waste
  99. What happens if i tell someone at school that i have a suicide plan?
  100. Happy News
  101. Triggering (Suicide): Please help, don't know what to do...
  102. What happens when you tell your doctor you're suicidal?
  103. Triggering: I feel like giving up sometimes...
  104. I thought I was better
  105. Triggering: Im done
  106. don't know what to do
  107. Triggering: Not sure what to do anymore
  108. Triggering (Suicide): Goodbye
  109. No friends
  110. Triggering: How did you get better?
  111. Triggering (Suicide): I think I'm done...
  113. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Approaching the end of the rope
  114. Triggering (Suicide): suicide.
  115. Triggering (Suicide): I have it all planned...
  116. Triggering: I knew it would be bad, but...
  117. Triggering (Suicide): Please help
  118. sometimes it just takes over me.
  119. i need major advice
  120. Suicide isn't selfish
  121. so much pressure
  122. Triggering (Suicide): All down hill
  123. Triggering (SH): I'm Tired
  124. Triggering: A spot of bother.
  125. Triggering (Suicide): Someone please help me
  126. Triggering (Suicide): i'm gone.
  127. Depression
  128. Depression love
  129. Triggering: It's just so dark in here.
  130. Triggering (SH): i want someone to notice.
  131. Bipolar much?
  132. Is it depression, Is this how it feels?
  133. ouch.
  134. Triggering: I need someone
  135. What's the point?
  136. Depressed for months
  137. Depression and family problems affecting schoolwork and exams
  138. i'm so sorry and I don't think i can stop apologizing
  139. Triggering (Suicide): very triggering- feel have no one to turn to.
  140. ending it
  141. All I want is to relax.
  142. everything hurts
  143. Triggering: Depressed again
  144. Triggering (Suicide): Not sure how to put this
  145. dealing with guilt on top of depression
  146. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal: have attempted; almost did again
  147. Triggering (Suicide): Almost did it.
  148. Cyber School Depression
  149. Triggering (Suicide): If this is being read...
  150. All alone
  151. How to carry on when your depression is getting the best of you.
  152. Need to Learn
  153. Anxiety
  154. Triggering: I'm trying.
  155. to those thinking about suicide...
  156. survive the holidays
  157. Triggering (Suicide): I don't even know anymore.
  158. My life is very boring, as a result of a serious error last year, and I am scared at home while on Christmas break
  159. Triggering (Suicide): Let me go
  160. lonely depressed christmas
  161. next year
  162. I don't wanna lose him...
  163. Triggering: Is it strange to....
  164. my grandma has depression :(
  165. please, somebody, help.
  166. This Inner Restlessness...
  167. Your calling?
  168. Triggering: i have the right to die
  169. How do I make new friends? Especially with depression & anxiety?
  170. Triggering (Suicide): Nothing left.
  171. Triggering (Suicide): want to die not cause injury
  172. Triggering (Suicide): Just Fucking Over This
  173. I'm just so tiered
  174. Really down :(
  175. Triggering (Suicide): nothing works
  176. Dying
  177. trouble with optimism/motivation
  178. Triggering (Suicide): just another :censored: week
  179. Open the cap and just chug um down.
  180. Triggering (Suicide): Feeling Like It Is The End For Me
  181. I messed up real bad
  182. Triggering (Suicide): Why do I live in australia
  183. Triggering (Suicide): Just pull the trigger...
  184. Triggering (Suicide): Done.
  185. Triggering: Don't want to be in my own skin or body.
  186. Triggering (Suicide): Why am I even trying?
  187. right now life is boring
  188. Triggering (SH): Feeling pretty low at the moment
  189. mirtazapine
  190. Triggering (SH): Why am I living?
  191. :) to everyone who's currently having a tough day, read this thread..
  192. Triggering: I have nowhere else to go
  193. Excuses, excuses
  194. I need to help a Friend
  195. Scared of myself
  196. Coping with depression
  197. Potentially failing out of college
  198. Over 24 hours without facebook
  199. Triggering (Suicide): Nothing is getting any better
  200. Mom found out
  201. Exams
  202. I over-analyze EVERYTHING.
  203. Triggering (Suicide): Suicide my be an answer
  204. Triggering: How could I still be so affected?
  205. why should i live?
  206. sad
  207. Everything is just tiring.
  208. I could use some hope...
  209. It's Been Awhile
  210. Random Questions.
  211. Going to the hospital??
  212. My birth Dad
  213. Just another label
  214. Triggering (Suicide): I know you believe no one should commit suicide, but...
  215. stressed/telling my parents
  216. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): im so pissed
  217. Cold Weather :(
  218. I'm a failure, everyone was right...
  219. Help me.. Should I do it? What's the right thing?
  220. I'm done
  221. My, my, my...
  222. Should I move?
  223. venting
  224. Threatening parents
  225. thought I was done with this.
  226. Triggering (Suicide): IM a fuck up..
  227. Triggering (Suicide): I think I'm done...
  228. Friend with Depression
  229. as if anyone care
  230. I want a reason to look out for the future
  231. Overdose
  232. My story... I could really use some advice, please.
  233. How do I tell my parents that I think I'm depressed?
  234. things are getting worse
  235. Help for a friends teen
  236. The First Step
  237. I don't want to go back there...
  238. No reasons to live
  239. Triggering (Suicide): Help! warning- self harm
  240. Triggering (Suicide): I'm pathetic...
  241. Triggering (Suicide): Is Death Good?
  242. that dark place again...
  243. Me done? Me lost? Me dead :]
  244. No motivation
  245. i cant
  246. I'm drowning
  247. Triggering: i should die already..
  248. Triggering (Suicide): No hope
  249. Not a cure all
  250. suicidal friend do's and don't's