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  1. Triggering (Suicide): Scared
  2. Triggering (Bullying): Worthless and Stupid
  3. Having a purpose...
  4. Going nowhere
  5. Triggering (Suicide): Text Conversation with my boyfriend.
  6. Im Upset And i Need Help
  7. Triggering: I messed Up
  8. Depression
  9. Not a thread but could i posibly have a chat with some one about my depression
  10. Emptiness And Other Feelings
  11. Dealing with Loneliness
  12. A lot on my plate
  13. My Depressed Brain
  14. Still Not Coping
  15. Please help me
  16. Triggering (SH): Confused and Scared.
  17. Triggering: :(
  18. I'm Nothing.
  19. Triggering (Suicide): Updates
  20. Doing it for attention? Recovery?
  21. Triggering (Suicide): BoyFriend vs Bestfriend & ME!
  22. Depressed, confused, and alone
  23. If u feel depressed or suicidal or cut please message me
  24. Triggering (Suicide): I want to tell someone...but I can't
  25. I don't know!
  26. Nobody Understands.
  27. I am feeling really bad right now...
  28. Sad about the world
  29. why does it feel so bleak still?
  30. loneliness
  31. Triggering (SH): Is it fine to cut myself?
  32. This is so random I'm sorry,,
  33. Im done...i think
  34. Whats the purpose.
  35. This saved my life..
  36. shitness.
  37. I think I need help
  38. Sucks to be me
  39. Triggering (Suicide): The Girl I'm in Love With Attempted Suicide, Please Help
  40. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): where do i go from here?
  41. Im a worthless scum...
  42. I think I might be depressed...
  43. Don't know what to do
  44. When the Bitterness in Your Life Takes Over
  45. why cant i cry. its really hurting me :'(
  46. Just my fucked up life - Im going to die
  47. Depressed, need help
  48. What are the chances of $50,000 of plastic surgery making a 1.5 in the face to a 5-6 out of 10 at the very least?
  49. Does it ever get better?
  50. Depression..
  51. I want to give up...
  52. Triggering: I am ugly please can you help me improve my appearance.
  53. anyone on?? im new here
  54. Just hold on!!
  55. Dear Suicidal Person- It's ok to not be ok
  56. Name says it all.
  57. I'm too lonely...
  58. Depression/bipolar?
  59. Someone Please Hear Me Out
  60. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I'm not dead on the inside (yet.)
  61. Triggering: Is there any point to living if you're truly ugly
  62. I'm lonely.
  63. Triggering (Suicide): I dont know what to do
  64. Dear you: an easy way to start talking about your depression
  65. Triggering (Suicide): idk i guess thats it for me
  66. Triggering (Suicide): Feeling hopeless and suicide.
  67. Triggering (Suicide): My mom always makes me feel worthless.
  68. Triggering: My Friend
  69. I'm always everyone's last choice.
  70. i need a break.
  71. Never Done This Before
  72. Want to go back to hospital..?
  73. One cut by one cut
  74. Triggering: Give up or Keep trying?
  75. Simple Life Reminders
  76. Triggering: Nothings getting better. (a rant mostly i guess)
  77. I'm giving up
  78. I tried to commint suicide last night
  79. Triggering: I try to ignore it but... it comes and goes stronger.
  80. Depressed...still...and suicidal...perfect combination!
  81. Triggering: Things Should be Okay
  82. Triggering: The feeling when you're just stuck.
  83. Triggering: .
  84. need to fix my life but i need some one to hold my hand?
  85. Triggering: Suicidal Thoughts
  86. Anyone Else?
  87. Not sure how much longer I can hold on
  88. No clue on what to do anymore
  89. just help like any kind pls?
  90. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal as fuck
  91. Triggering: What is wrong with me???
  92. depression kills
  93. Scared at night...
  94. where to turn?
  95. Triggering (Suicide): Things Just Aren't Getting Better
  96. Falling apart
  97. Triggering (Suicide): I don't know what to do anymore.
  98. Triggering (Suicide): Suicidal, Please Help
  99. Triggering: Shitness. This post fits in a few forums but i just put it in here. Triggering so im sorry for those affected by it.
  100. How do I stop it from happening again?
  101. Triggering: I thought about suicide for the first time. Am I just overreacting?
  102. Triggering (Suicide): thinking youre getting better when in actual facct youre just getting closer to the end
  103. Alcohol and Depression
  104. Triggering: flashbacks
  105. lack of options
  106. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i can't handle this anymore
  107. Triggering (Suicide): just a rant
  108. Triggering (Suicide): Someone Please Help!
  109. 4 mg of Prozac? Barely anything?
  110. Triggering: Death calms me
  111. Ugh
  112. Still depressed
  113. dont want to
  114. Triggering (Suicide): feeeling rather depressed any advice would be appreciated
  115. What do I do?
  116. Triggering (Suicide): I don't want to die, I just can't live anymore
  117. Triggering: I really dislike life ...
  118. Randomly Suicidal
  119. I just want this to be over.
  120. Triggering: I can't control my anger anymore!!!
  121. Triggering (Suicide): Another minute
  122. Triggering: [non pg 13 as well]
  123. Let's just say it isn't easy.
  124. Triggering (Suicide): Scared
  125. Sertraline 100mg - Feeling hyper
  126. Triggering (Suicide): I just don't want to be here anymore
  127. Triggering (Suicide): Have You Ever Really Danced On The Edge
  128. Someone
  129. Triggering: I can't keep lying anymore
  130. Triggering: I feel like running away
  131. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): So... I guess it's my time to confess.
  132. Female Advice Preferred: im lonely, depressed, and self harming again
  133. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): It's back T_T
  134. Just feeling depressed..
  135. So much going on
  136. Triggering: always feeling depressed, cant tell anybody
  137. I had to runaway...
  138. Depression from loneliness?
  139. i cant do it anymore
  140. Triggering (Suicide): I'm need someone.
  141. Triggering: Really triggering, so watch out.
  142. Triggering (Suicide): Feeling down
  143. Getting sad at night
  144. Sooo thats my new start fucked guys suicide now???
  145. really not feeling so great right now!!!
  146. homesick isnt helping my depressed mental state
  147. Triggering (Suicide): World Suicide Prevention Day
  148. I wish I had someone to talk to...
  149. i'm both happy and sad and still attempting to figure out how this is possible....
  150. Im just so tired of everything
  151. Triggering (Suicide): How to participate in suicide prevention week?
  152. Triggering (Suicide): i'm not really sure what i do next
  153. Triggering (Suicide): I want to die
  154. The Medication Decision
  155. Triggering: cartoon comic thingy. You won't regret reading it
  156. I want to run away
  157. I'm so scared
  158. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I suffer too much and now I must end it once and for all!
  159. World Suicide Prevention Day/Suicide Awareness Month 2013
  160. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I remember this dreaded feeling...
  161. life is over for me and heres why.....
  162. Does school make your depression worse?
  163. Can't talk about it?
  164. Triggering (Suicide): why is this sooooo hard
  165. I need someone...
  166. sick of feeling shit
  167. Feeling trapped
  168. Triggering: A Look at Death
  169. Triggering: The only thing giving me hope is the thought that I might get the courage to end it.
  170. What Am I?
  171. A message of hope to you all...
  172. Feeling low and stressed
  173. Depressed...
  174. Always look up....
  175. Triggering: If it's not too much to ask, I'd like some help
  176. Triggering: my struggle with my depression
  177. Triggering (Suicide): Like anyone can ever really help you...
  178. Triggering: Mental to Physical
  179. How do I tell my mom I need help
  180. Triggering (Suicide): The reason why im tired
  181. Depression help?
  182. Don't know what to do now...
  183. Triggering (Suicide): why cant i let go
  184. Triggering (Suicide): please help me!
  185. Triggering: I thought I was done.
  186. why am i having these depression mood changes
  187. Struggling
  188. Please, help
  189. Triggering (Suicide): Strong language Involved: My life story. well some of it ..
  190. Triggering (Suicide): On Attempting an Early Checkout
  191. Breaking
  192. Triggering (Suicide): my inner demons
  193. Just Confused and Suicidal...
  194. Telling A Teacher
  195. Triggering: They will take away everything.
  196. I can't take it anymore!
  197. Suicide
  198. i don't know what to do at this point
  199. first holiday with my boyfriend.... and friends..
  200. here to help
  201. No one?
  202. on the verge of ending it all
  203. Triggering (Suicide): I tried
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Childhood Trauma
  205. Confused about my mental state
  206. No real title.
  207. Triggering (Suicide): i hate living
  208. Triggering (Suicide): Breaking point.
  209. Is it depression?
  210. Triggering (Suicide): I can't.
  211. Panic Attack
  212. Should i take anti-depressants?
  213. Help??
  214. every damn time.
  215. depression is hell
  216. Triggering (Suicide): I'm scaring myself
  217. i want it all to go away.
  218. I wish i wasn't afraid of suicide
  219. Triggering: im not fixed mentally not realy to start collage yet:(
  220. Triggering: I try..
  221. Can't Breathe
  222. Songs that can help
  223. Broke up with girlfriend of 2 years - not doing well at all
  224. Minds and stuff.
  225. Triggering: I want to leave. In lots of ways.
  226. talking about suicude- in need of advice
  227. i need to die.There's no use of me being here.
  228. Uncomfortable
  229. Nowhere to run
  230. Should I have lied?
  231. I just don't know how to cope anymore...
  232. Triggering (Suicide): I just don't understand why
  233. 3+ years, now becomeing annoying
  234. *Urgent* I feel like killing myself
  235. welcome back home depression!!!
  236. Didnt want it to come to this... I need help???
  237. Triggering: please can i have someone to talk to
  238. Triggering: It's coming back
  239. Suicidal
  240. Please help! I just want everything to end!!!
  241. Triggering (Suicide): Extremely suicidal, please help
  242. Someone is driving me to die
  243. Why would I do this?
  244. I See No Other Way
  245. I feel like theres no reason to live
  246. Triggering: No reason to live.
  247. I feel worthless
  248. Triggering (Abuse): My sister makes me want to kill myself.
  249. Triggering (Suicide): my friend makes me want to kill myself?
  250. depression and cutting...the outcome