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  1. What to do when they don't understand...
  2. I screwed up...
  3. Triggering (SH): Just broke my 15/16 day streak...
  4. Triggering (SH): Need help majorly ...
  5. Triggering (SH): Close to relapsing...and maybe worse.
  6. Triggering: I'm. Very triggred an scared as in a person in a car tried to talk to me when I was out walking
  7. Triggering: How do you stops cuts from stinging an hurting?
  8. Am I getting addicted?
  9. I can't self-harm at school.
  10. Triggering (SH): I burnt my hand a little by touching a hot curling iron
  11. Questions
  12. Have you got scars and are in education?
  13. I relapsed. I think.
  14. Triggering (SH): Really...
  15. Changed?
  16. Triggering (SH): Salt and ice?
  17. "One more time" feeling...
  18. DANG IT.
  19. Im so screwed up
  20. Replaced cutting
  21. Triggering (SH): Whats happening?
  22. Triggering (SH): Intense urges to cut an burn myself
  23. Triggering (SH): Careless Friends
  24. Triggering (SH): Hormones make me worse
  25. Triggering (SH): Warm, fuzzy sensation after SHing?
  26. Addicted to hurting myself!
  27. I've done everything right!!!
  28. Triggering (SH): Call me crazy but I think...
  29. Triggering (SH): Feel like I'm not in control
  30. Triggering (SH): please help me
  31. Did your music tastes change?
  32. Triggering: Here again :(
  33. Triggering (SH): Close to starting SH again :(
  34. brother found out
  35. feel close to the edge
  36. been almost a year
  37. Triggering (SH): help please...
  38. Would you go?
  39. Almost 2 months.
  40. Question.
  41. Triggering (SH): Why is cutting so bad...
  42. Triggering (SH): Hurting myself worse than ever. I can't handle this pain.
  43. sweet and sour
  44. What's wrong with me?
  45. Triggering (Suicide): Help :(
  46. It's been months, but I really wanna do it again...
  47. Triggering: A Few Weeks Ago...
  48. Triggering (SH): 7 months free and triggered like crazy. Help?
  49. Confused..
  50. Thought I was done...
  51. Triggering (SH): how do i help him?
  52. Triggering (SH): Slitting over a girl I've only met once?
  53. Triggered with No Direct Trigger
  54. My history with self harming.
  55. Triggering (SH): 5 Weeks and counting. Getting harder though :S
  56. Triggering (SH): What to Do?
  57. Triggering (SH): Sh free didnt last
  58. Triggering (SH): i don't know what to do
  59. never gonna end
  60. I hate myself;
  61. Triggering (SH): Hey
  62. Triggering (SH): Cutting deeper and deeper...help
  63. Triggering (SH): How may I not give into cutting urges?????
  64. Stupid rant;
  65. My friend started cutting herself.
  66. Triggering (SH): Cut up arms.
  67. is it just me.......?
  68. I feel.. Empty
  69. stopping the bleeding?
  70. Triggering (SH): Cutting
  71. 10 SH free and counting
  72. Triggering (SH): What tools?
  73. Triggering (Suicide): stupidity
  74. i need to do it again..
  75. Triggering (SH): It Doesn't Feel The Same
  76. The Voices won't stop!
  77. Triggering (SH): gone backwards
  78. Missing it
  79. I just can't!
  80. i measure them out..?
  81. talking to someone
  82. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): So I'm pretty much screwed.
  83. mayb this should be under relationships.....idk......NEED ADVICE GIRLS AND GUYS!!!!
  84. Triggering (SH): Confused about why
  85. Start of something new -_-
  86. Triggering (SH): please help....
  87. Cutting, Burning
  88. Triggering (SH): plees i cant stop
  89. Triggering: I dont care.
  90. Triggering: Jealousy
  91. Triggering: at a loss of what to do...
  92. self injury eating disorder
  93. I'm cheating, and it's only been about a month.
  94. he is mad
  95. Make it worse?
  96. Triggering: why?
  97. i cut for disgusting reasons
  98. My family doctor makes me want to cut myself instead of restraing from self harm
  99. It has been too long.
  100. Triggering (SH): Just wondering...
  101. Triggering (SH): waiting
  102. What About Snapping?
  103. Triggering (SH): ?
  104. Triggering (SH): I'm an ugly monster!
  105. Forums are triggering
  106. cuts/scars- an ugly beautiful reminder
  107. I hate myself;
  108. Alone and tempted....
  109. When Did You?
  110. Dreams
  111. .....No more cutting at least??
  112. Triggering (Suicide): Friend talking about suicide
  113. My New Distraction Technique!
  114. Triggering (Abuse): i cant be there
  115. Triggering: Um. should i be worried...
  116. Please help, it's never done it before.
  117. Triggering (SH): Ugh...
  118. Triggering (SH): Is this relapse?
  119. Male Advice Preferred: Help
  120. How did you stop?
  121. Triggering: Trichotillomania
  122. So, I've had enough.
  123. make it stop,make the voices stop
  124. Triggering: Where Do You Cut, Etc.?
  125. i really am trying
  126. :(
  127. Please read the whole thing to understand it all!
  128. first time in over a year
  129. I'm so ready, and done holding back
  130. when i started cutting
  131. Triggering (SH): The Temptation Is Always There...
  132. Worried about a friend.
  133. Feeling guilty
  134. Self Injury
  135. My Mind Knows I'm Guilty
  136. Thinking about it...
  137. Triggering: Finally in a good situation but worried...
  138. Female Advice Preferred: Triggering Suicide
  139. Triggering (SH): cant stop
  140. Triggering (SH): Out of the hospital
  141. My last pillar of light ~ Vanished.
  142. Triggering: deeper
  143. Dont have to read, just felt like putting this out, just thought it was sweet <3
  144. Triggering (SH): alone
  145. Ah..
  146. Triggering (SH): Please Help Me...I'm Thinking Of Cutting
  147. Triggering (SH): Please, help :(
  148. Triggering (SH): Why do I keep replacing my cutting...?
  149. Burns...
  150. Triggering (SH): females
  151. Triggering: what am I suppost to do?
  152. I just like it....
  153. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I feel pathetic
  154. Triggering (SH): stopped cutting but still self harming
  155. Opened Old Scars....
  156. Cat Scratches
  157. Not really cutting...
  158. I really want to tell someone
  159. I'm just waiting for winter
  160. Triggering (SH): Disgusting!
  161. Triggering (SH): Ugh.... I hate this!
  162. Triggering (SH): Amazed that people don't notice
  163. Old scars = not being hired?
  164. 2 Quick Questions
  165. Scars?
  166. Volunteers needed for a research study on self-injury.
  167. Triggering (SH): switching
  168. Please help...
  169. best friend
  170. Triggering (SH): For the first time in a long time...
  171. Triggering (SH): Bleh
  172. if you had to pick one?
  173. Healthy?
  174. I just don't know what to do anymore
  175. First time thinking of SH
  176. she thinks she helping me...
  177. its not really a problem if i SH
  178. Triggering (SH): our long needed converstion
  179. A year...
  180. Did it once...
  181. Triggering (SH): why
  182. Triggering: I want to do it...
  183. i messed up..
  184. I think this makes it worse. Help!
  185. After they heal?
  186. Triggering (ED): Purging
  187. All because of opinions...
  188. Triggering (SH): Thinking Scars Are Beautiful?
  189. Triggering (SH): like alot
  190. Triggering: Replacing SH with ED?
  191. Triggering (SH): random craving
  192. Triggering: gurrrrr
  193. I feel like...
  194. What times do you SH?
  195. It's almost been one month.
  196. Triggering (SH): Last night.
  197. reasons to stop
  198. Would it be considered SH?
  199. Could this be considered SH
  200. Saying goodbye to self-harm
  201. they won't go anway
  202. I'm done!
  203. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): help
  204. Triggering: Reducing Redness
  205. Triggering (SH): >.>
  206. I hate to say it but I really miss it
  207. Over a year..
  208. how many years?
  209. Triggering (SH): Help
  210. natural remedies for scars
  211. Triggering (SH): XD
  212. Triggering (Suicide): im a cutter again
  213. Mom found out...
  214. Triggering (SH): What are the risks?
  215. It always makes me feel so much better....
  216. Not knowing..
  217. yes i haven't done it for .........
  218. Triggering (SH): It's really scary :((((
  219. Triggering (SH): Does anyone else feel this way?
  220. Triggering (SH): Getting Worse
  221. Break Up + Self Harm = Some Help Needed
  222. Stress over college
  223. Distractions
  224. Triggering (SH): All over again
  225. Triggering (SH): I'm going to exsplode soon.
  226. Triggering: starting to get worse
  227. He knows...
  228. Triggering (SH): Back To It Again
  229. its my fault he does it... didnt even help him...
  230. I stop cutting and everything else falls apart
  231. ;(
  232. Anybody there...? Please help me
  233. relapsed..
  234. I came to a realization... one that sucks.
  235. i cut myself
  236. how did you start?
  237. Triggering (SH): help im scared
  238. Tempted
  239. Talking to my Therapist
  240. I Need To Cut!!
  241. Temptation
  242. i keep going back to this habit and won't quit...plz help
  243. Triggering (SH): its been so long so why now?
  244. Triggering: Came close to the first time....
  245. Triggering (SH): Emotional Self Harm
  247. Split with my boyfriend.. can't cope.
  248. What term do you prefer??
  249. Triggering (SH): Scars & friends.
  250. Triggering (SH): Worried