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  1. Triggering: Relapsed again...
  2. Triggering (SH): Going doctors with 'clean arms'
  3. Triggering (SH): Someone to talk too please
  4. opps
  5. Triggering (SH): Carved a word
  6. Self Harm
  7. Triggering: I am called a pedophile and it is so depressing.
  8. Completely out of control
  9. University
  10. Hey guys.
  11. Yet Again, Another Relapse...
  12. Triggering (SH): Dreams
  14. Triggering (SH): Scars and Gym?
  15. Girlfriend SH
  16. just told someone about self harm
  17. Triggering (SH): Scars and relapse...
  18. Triggering (SH): Sleep harm?
  19. Help Me? Self Harm...
  20. TW cement wall
  21. HELP
  22. Triggering (Suicide): I need to
  23. Triggering: relapse
  24. Triggering: I just can't do this
  25. I can`t do this
  26. Please help me Stop
  27. should i tell her?
  28. Triggering (ED): I NEED TO FEEL SOMETHING.
  29. Triggering (SH): [Edited] Trick?
  30. help please...
  31. I can't stop holding the razor
  32. cutting
  33. So confused.
  34. Triggering (SH): Relapse?
  35. Got a psychologist
  36. Triggering (SH): I give up
  37. Triggering (SH): Selfharming Relationship
  38. Triggering (SH): My head of year phoned my parents!
  39. Help
  40. Triggering (SH): you know youre spiraling out of control when...
  41. Triggering (SH): Scars?
  42. Triggering (SH): 2 year old scar ?
  43. trying to hang on
  44. Triggering (SH): How do I explain what i am feeling when I do it?
  45. Triggering: Wahoo
  46. to freaking bad
  47. Hiding scars in locker room?
  48. LISTEN
  49. Triggering (SH): Done it again :(
  50. Hitting myself.
  51. Struggling...
  52. Cutting
  53. Ok I'm going insane over this
  54. What should I do?
  55. My mum found out
  56. parents found out....
  57. Scars -_-
  58. Triggering (SH): scab picking...
  59. Nearly a week clean!
  60. Dreaming About Self Harm
  61. Alright let's try this again shall we!
  62. Do I Say Something? How?
  63. Coworker saw my scars...
  64. Urge to cut
  65. all alone
  66. Triggering: Relapsed....
  67. can I have some new ideas
  68. One month free!!
  69. Triggering (SH): I'm in hell with pills and razors by my side.
  70. Triggering (SH): Told a friend about being close to relapsing, and she flew off the handle
  71. Yay relapsing -_-
  72. How to get help?
  73. Going back to aunt's house.
  74. Triggering (SH): Guilty, But I Don't Want To Stop
  75. not ok anymore
  76. ready to relapse
  77. Triggering (SH): gaping wound
  78. No way out
  79. How do I hide these?
  80. Research Study about Self Harm
  81. cutting where you can't see what your doing?
  82. Today marks one week...
  83. Triggering: Girlfriend cuts
  84. Triggering: Fading Scars
  85. Triggering (SH): How to tell my aunt about my self harm.
  86. Triggering: Take Me Home
  87. how i stop from self harming!
  88. How do I Yelm my mom i relapsed. ..
  89. Triggering (SH): i don't know what to do any more
  90. Triggering (SH): I can't stop
  91. Back at it....
  92. just listen..
  93. Honestly... I'm a cutter...
  94. Triggering (SH): Help, and how to stop?
  95. Triggering (SH): Scars treatments
  96. Relapse
  97. anyone know anyways to get them to heal?
  98. just holding on for tonight...
  99. Triggering (SH): Getting much worse
  100. Triggering (SH): what's it all worth..
  101. Could be a bit triggering 😁
  102. Clean
  103. Another day
  104. How to get through?
  105. Need help
  106. URGENT
  107. Emergency calming methods?
  108. Triggering (SH): how do you know when to throw the blade away
  109. Summer
  110. Triggering (Suicide): My mom found my cuts
  111. ???
  112. I broke my streak.
  113. What happens if a teacher catches you self harming? I know this was ages ago but I think they handled it wrong.
  114. Mental Harm
  115. im out of my body(Help asap)
  116. Self-harm free!!!
  117. relapsing sucks. but it's part of recovery, right?
  118. SH'ing stupid?
  119. I found a way to stop self harming
  120. Triggering (SH): My little brother told me he self harms...
  121. 2 weeks clean !
  122. !!!! So close to telling her..... Help me!!
  123. Triggering (SH): Please help!
  124. my parents found out
  125. Well, I relapsed...
  126. Triggering (SH): I don't know what to do?
  127. Hiding in plain sight?
  128. I did it again
  129. My mum's birthday present
  130. Covering them up.... again
  131. self harm on vacation?
  132. Triggering (SH): I'm sorry
  133. How to cover up scars?
  134. I sort of Self Harm?
  135. I'm scared this is going too far...
  136. Triggering (SH): Telling a teacher about your scars?
  137. Sleepover!
  138. Relaps battle
  139. Um... Oops?
  140. Triggering (SH): Progressing worse
  141. I just need to get this out
  142. Triggering (SH): First time...
  143. Triggering (SH): I'm going to do it again.
  144. Wither
  145. The rubber band one
  146. Self harm free
  147. Help...
  148. Get rid of the scratch marks
  149. Is hurting yourself without harm bad?
  150. Triggering (SH): My friend found out (unintentionally)
  151. Triggering (SH): Things are progressing badly.
  152. doing it for the "wrong" reasons?
  153. Triggering (SH): The worst.
  154. Is it self harm?
  155. Don't know what to do
  156. Snapping a Rubber Band or Hair Tye
  157. Triggering: I tried .....
  158. not sure
  159. Triggering: I'm cutting. It's getting addictive. Help?
  160. Triggering (SH): Cut my wrist
  161. Triggering: Scared of myself
  162. I started cutting myself...
  163. Triggering: i told my parents.
  164. sister self-harming
  165. So desperate to do it
  166. My boyfriend is cutting, what do I do?
  167. is this self harm?
  168. Triggering (SH): First Time Self Harming Yesterday
  169. Triggering (SH): Help?
  170. Methods to hide scars?
  171. Triggering (SH): thought i could but i cant
  172. Triggering (SH): I can't take it anymore.
  173. Triggering (SH): How to hide scars on thighs?
  174. Triggering (SH): Anyone feel like talking me out of...
  175. Triggering: I can't stop and I'm scared...
  176. Triggering (SH): I'm not sure what to tittle this but...
  177. Triggering (SH): Prom and Scars...
  178. I need to cut
  179. so depressed wanting to sh
  180. Triggering: too much and i need help asap
  181. Triggering (SH): Not again :(
  182. Recovery Stories! ^_^
  183. How to tell parents I've been self-injuring?
  184. Cuts Scarring?
  185. Triggering (SH): Cut down to Fat
  186. Going insane
  187. Hopeless
  188. Triggering (SH): the first cut (strong language)
  189. so basically
  190. Slowly getting there...
  191. Triggering (SH): Sometimes, enough isn't enough.
  192. Not sure where this belongs?
  193. Triggering (Suicide): Hello friend c: let's talk ��
  194. Triggering: Trying
  195. Triggering (SH): Best ways to get scratches to heal faster..?
  196. Question!
  197. Triggering: Failure
  198. Need to feel the blade or break a bone
  199. Triggering (SH): Covering up scars/old cuts
  200. Triggering (SH): Relapsed
  201. Triggering (SH): Slipped
  202. Triggering (SH): I could use some help...
  203. Dealing with triggers
  204. Don't know what to do
  205. I don't want to stop...
  206. Self-harm Starting Up Again
  207. Triggering (SH): Triggered... Often.
  208. Triggering: i cant get these things out of my mind.
  209. Triggering (SH): Wondering if recovery is worth it
  210. Relapse
  211. Triggered by the dentist!
  212. Triggering (SH): i dont know what to do or how to react iv just self harmed and I'm feeling depressed and scared
  213. not sure how to cover it.
  214. Triggering (SH): thinking about cutting again
  215. stopping meds unaliterally
  216. Scratching?
  217. School saw my cuts
  218. I need help with self harm
  219. Triggering (Abuse): failed
  220. Triggering (SH): Started cutting again :(
  221. My teacher saw cuts, told my school counsler??
  222. Triggering: Don't know what to do.
  223. Triggering (SH): Friends self-harming is triggering me
  224. Triggering: please help
  225. Doctors
  226. So I went to the hospital...
  227. How to cover up scars/cuts???
  228. Triggering (Suicide): I really want to bleed.
  229. Triggering (SH): I think I'm losing it
  230. Almost got admitted
  231. Female Advice Preferred: Very hard life
  232. When you're feeling like you aren't strong enough
  233. How do I tell my mum about my self harming?
  234. Relapse is a strange beast.
  235. Triggering (SH): My Closest Friend
  236. Relapse
  237. Am i doing serious damage?
  238. Triggering (SH): Desparately Need Accountability
  239. Staying free.
  240. advice asap please:(
  241. I've done it :)
  242. cutting
  243. Friend Takes Blame For Me
  244. Triggering (SH): Getting bad again
  245. Why you should tell someone
  246. Self Harm
  247. Triggering (SH): How Can I help?
  248. Do teachers have to report self harm to parents if you're over 18?
  249. the jinxes are getting to me
  250. Self harm scars