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  1. I really don't know what to try now.
  2. Triggering (SH): Cant hold the pain inside :'(
  3. Why do other people care?
  4. Just Curious......
  5. Dn't KNow What To Do ;(
  6. Not sure if this will help anyone but.....
  7. Triggering: Scars
  8. Triggering: I need to quit
  9. Major Relapse, and I Liked It?
  10. SI Awareness day
  11. i think i need help
  12. can someone explain this to me???
  13. Female Advice Preferred: Triggering (SH) when?
  14. The butterfly project isn't working?
  15. Butterfly Project
  16. Lost, confused, hurting, scared to death!
  17. Triggering: when angry i cant help but self harm
  18. ugh, i totally lied...
  19. Scars?
  20. want to stop,need help
  21. Triggering: If you are thinking about cutting read.
  22. Triggering (SH): Razor my new bestfriend
  23. Considering Telling About It....
  24. How should I hide it?
  25. No one cares but I post this anyways...
  26. Thinking of doing it again..
  27. Help me:(
  28. Advice for cutting addiction
  29. Triggering (SH): Deep enough?
  30. I tend to SH in a bit of an odd way...
  31. Recovery.
  32. help me got called not pretty
  33. not addicted ? so confusing
  34. Triggering (SH): is this a form of self-harm?
  35. just wondering
  36. Triggering (SH): Cutting
  37. Covering Up
  38. My messed up thoughts.....
  39. Triggering (SH): Hi. I'm Alex. And I really wanna quit...
  40. Triggering (SH): Constant thoughts...
  41. Triggering: tired of fighting this alone.
  42. urges
  43. do the deed but want to stop
  44. ...
  45. Shouldn't be doing this...
  46. Dani's temptations
  47. I just want to stop
  48. covering up things
  49. Help
  50. Triggering (SH): Sex and Cutting...
  51. Triggering: 2 Months, Ruined
  52. I had stopped...
  53. Give me one good reason?
  54. help. <:l
  55. Why should I stop?
  56. I don't know what to do..
  58. Triggering (SH): i dont even know what i feel anymore
  59. Three years today since I stopped cutting. :O
  60. Triggering (Suicide): i cutt becuase of being abused and becuase ive lost so many
  61. I just cut myself for the first time.
  62. Triggering (SH): I need some help.
  63. Alternatives.
  64. I'm fine
  65. Hate
  66. Self harming.
  67. I've stopped for so long, but feeling tempted to start again?
  68. Female Advice Preferred: Feeling really emotional.
  69. Triggering (SH): Wanting to cut
  70. Female Advice Preferred: how can i bring it up????
  71. Excuses for scars?
  72. Female Advice Preferred: im afraid...
  73. Triggering (SH): 1 week
  74. self harming again...
  75. Triggering (SH): My friend needs help and I'm trying to heal
  76. Struggling.
  77. Need to get this off my chest
  78. Triggering (SH): Scars
  79. Female Advice Preferred: WHEN SHOULD I TELL HIM?!?!?!
  80. Female Advice Preferred: Help Me!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Whats Happening To Me :'(
  82. Scars go = cut
  83. Triggering (SH): I don't know whats going on
  84. I dont know
  85. seriously need help!
  86. Triggering (SH): Best friend cuts.
  87. wanting to cut.
  88. Triggering (SH): I want to stop...
  89. You all are the same
  90. Female Advice Preferred: I like the pain but I hate the process
  91. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Church >:-(
  92. Triggering (SH): Relapsed after 4 months...
  93. Triggering (ED): triggering SH too i think.... but yeah.
  94. Triggering (SH): Guys make me wanna cut (please help)
  95. its all over
  96. Triggering (SH): Help Me? I've hit rock bottom :/
  97. Triggering: i self harm.... but do many of my own forms of it... i want to stop... but i cant. help me please?
  98. Need Someone to talk to
  99. I really want to cut...
  100. Need help
  101. New here...and scared..
  102. Assembly
  103. to those who have been clean several months or longer
  104. I want to tell them.
  105. Please read. If I can do it so can you
  106. stuck
  107. Triggering: L O V E
  108. I dig my nails into my skin until I bleed... help..?
  110. Triggering (SH): I want/need to stop. PLEASE HELP
  111. This is what I feel.
  112. I self harm and i can't stop!
  113. Just had my first relapse
  114. Triggering (SH): I want to cut. Help!
  115. Triggering (SH): HELP ASAP
  116. It's getting worse
  117. This Song Gives me hope.
  118. my 10 yr old sister cut herself
  119. Triggering (SH): butterfly project causing old problem to come back.
  120. need help please
  121. Refusing to cut then scratching
  122. how do you get rid of scars?
  123. is this normal??
  124. Triggering (SH): I'm an idiot-please reply asap
  125. Is that normal?
  126. ProjectToe?
  127. Helping others (hopefullly)
  128. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I soooo regret telling my family..
  129. Triggering (SH): how to tell my family i still SH?
  130. Screwing up is annoying.
  131. Triggering (SH): How to know when too deep?
  132. Promised
  133. Triggering: Butterfly project, turned owl project?
  134. Why Don't They Understand??
  135. Triggering (SH): The Pain
  136. Feel Like a Failure
  137. what to say
  138. Triggering (SH): what happened to my scars?
  139. Help please?
  140. Slowly Getting there.
  141. Do I need help? I think I do
  142. Triggering (SH): Falling back into the same routine
  143. Triggering (SH): My little bit of progress is gone
  144. My brothers friend
  145. Wanting to Cut
  146. Randomly triggered? Huh?
  147. Need help asap
  148. Triggering (SH): meh:/
  149. Triggering (SH): I'm cutting again...
  150. Your relationship with your scars?
  151. Triggering (SH): cut after 73 days
  152. I Screwed Up . . Again.
  153. Some poems that I wrote
  154. Triggering (SH): How to do with the triggers...
  155. Triggering (SH): Proffesional Advice Preferred: What are the statistics for teenage SH?
  156. Triggering (SH): Unstopable
  157. Help!
  158. Triggering (SH): I SH for the first time in almost 2 years :(
  159. I scratch myself
  160. cutting.
  161. I love my scars
  162. Is fainting on purpose SH?
  163. Got my Self harm awareness tattoo...
  164. I cut too deep is there another besides stitches?
  165. help?
  167. lost with a razor
  168. Please read and respond. I want to stop :(
  169. Triggering (SH): HELP!!
  170. Cutting
  171. I need some help…
  172. Triggering (SH): 4 Months Clean Then....
  173. I Just Dont Know...
  174. Razor in hand
  175. 4 years went bye bye
  176. Triggering (SH): URGENT! I need to hide the scars
  177. Um.. Well.
  178. Triggering (SH): i slipped up....
  179. My friend is in trouble.
  180. Triggering (SH): What can I do when it's summer?
  181. Triggering: Sh and Sui :Help
  182. I need to help my friend
  183. Triggering (SH): Killmenow*trig*
  184. Triggering: About Time(:
  185. I Just Can't Quit
  186. Gonna Break
  187. Stopping?!?!
  188. Scars.
  189. Triggering (SH): Friend help
  190. Butterfly project helping and making things worse?
  191. Triggering: I wanna start it again...
  192. I Cannot Stop.
  193. Triggering: I really want to do it
  194. Triggering (SH): Skin grafts.
  195. Triggering: So Screwed Up My life
  196. Friends self harming.
  197. gah..confusion
  198. little black book of secrets
  199. i dont know why anymore (help A.S.A.P)
  200. want to cut.
  201. Urges
  202. Triggering (SH): please help me.
  203. Triggering: Will the butterfly project work??
  204. Triggering (SH): I cant do this anymore...
  205. Triggering (SH): First Aid Advice - Cutting
  206. Why is it so wrong?
  207. I don't know when its too deep
  208. Dad confronted me
  209. I dont want my parents to know
  210. Why stop SHing now?
  211. How do u know if the scars will last?
  212. Triggering (Abuse): Cutting
  213. Confused
  214. Addicted?
  215. How about you?
  216. Triggering (SH): I hate that i do this
  217. ...
  218. Is it alright now?
  219. Butterfly Project
  220. Triggering: To anyone thinking of self harming
  221. Triggering (SH): Confused
  222. HELP!
  223. Triggering: I NEED HELP, But I don't WANT HELP!
  224. sometimes doing always thinking
  225. I can't stop.
  226. Scarrs :/
  227. Female Advice Preferred: help?
  228. Why does pain make me feel better?
  229. Dont know :/
  230. Triggering (SH): I don't know what to do anymore :(
  231. God Help Me.
  232. urges.....
  233. Well I quit
  234. everything is triggering! :(
  235. I tried.
  236. I don't want to stop
  237. I Need Help!
  238. What else can I do?
  239. Not The Ouch! Kind
  240. Miss cutting so much right now...
  241. struggling with urges....
  242. Cutting on and off but always thinking about it.
  243. Getting Rid Of Scars.
  244. GAHHH! Bra shopping!!
  245. Is there something wrong with me?
  246. Someone please help!!!
  247. Hiding Bruises?
  248. Told my friend...
  249. self harm scars at work
  250. It was painful, but I managed..