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  1. Triggering (SH): Me, AGAIN.
  2. Triggering (Bullying): I want to tell,.
  3. URGH!
  4. Something i've always wondered.
  5. Triggering (SH): I can't stop cutting.
  6. Save Me
  7. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): disgusted
  8. Told my girlfriend
  9. Do scars turn to Bumps over time?
  10. I want to stop but...
  11. Triggering (SH): Advice Needed please help
  12. Triggering (SH): Please help. The urges are so strong!
  13. Want to do more
  14. How did you tell your friends or family??
  15. Triggering (SH): I want to cut so bad
  16. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How can i stop self harming?
  17. How to deal??
  18. One time? 2 times? HELP :/
  19. Depresson Leading to Cutting..
  20. urges
  21. I Dont Want To Stop!
  22. Triggering (SH): Just the same as it always ends...
  23. Do burn marks go away??
  24. Does the doctor have to do something?
  25. New to this site and to self harm...
  26. ?
  27. Triggering (SH): Bleeding gums
  28. Relapse
  29. Triggering (SH): how can i tell my parents?
  30. Broken Heart
  31. cut, cut, cut...
  32. Fighting
  33. Triggering (SH): I'm a prep cook;triggered everyday at work.
  34. Triggering (SH): One time wouldn't hurt, right?
  35. Guilt.
  36. Triggering (SH): SH caught me again
  37. This is long but I dont know what to think anymore...please help!
  38. Trust
  39. idk what to do
  40. srsly?!
  41. Triggering: Blood from knuckles
  42. like an addiction?
  43. Triggering (SH): Things are getting worse.
  44. Getting Rid of What I Use to Cut?
  45. Triggering (SH): He Wants Me To Stop...
  46. Healing
  47. .....
  48. Triggering (SH): Why Am I Still Fighting This?
  49. Triggering (SH): Why Am I Smiling?
  50. Smoking and self harm- what do i do? please help me
  51. Confused....
  52. how to stop
  53. Is this serious?
  54. I have one bad problem
  55. Bite to Scratch,.
  56. triggering subjects
  57. Help?
  58. Triggering (SH): I failed...
  59. Please help.
  60. Therapy
  61. selfharm free?
  62. what do you do if your parents walk in on you self harming
  63. Triggering (SH): Oh shit!
  64. Questions on psychiatric wards in hospitals and SH
  65. ....?
  66. What do I do?
  67. Im scared...
  68. Today
  69. Triggering (SH): My GF Self Harms
  70. My friends self-harm
  71. Triggering (SH): Am I Addicted?
  72. Blackouts..
  73. Triggering: On edge...
  74. dont let me do it...
  75. Triggering (SH): Nice job Haylee, nice job. >:(
  76. Why not?
  77. Relapsed Today :(..
  78. Triggering (SH): CUT.
  79. I dont know why to do..
  80. I don't know if this counts as Self-Harm
  81. Is This Still Bad?
  83. Telling
  84. Triggering: Ugh...
  85. Self harm
  86. Triggering (SH): Frustration
  87. For the sake of it
  88. Advice: uni and SH
  89. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): i need to get this out, might be triggering
  90. I've broken, again HELP!
  91. eh.
  92. Trust
  93. Self harm into habit
  94. Specific advice needed
  95. face?
  96. my new harming habbit
  97. Back into the habit :(
  98. Triggering: lost in the hole of self harm
  99. why...
  100. i need help
  101. Biting
  102. Female Advice Preferred: I am not doing okay......
  103. Triggering (SH): Want to start self harming
  104. Reactions
  105. College Triggers
  106. It burns but it's good.
  107. Triggering (SH): Obsessing or having rituals?
  108. Parents found out :/
  109. It was all for nothing.
  110. Triggering (SH): so much effort.
  111. Am I Insane?
  112. Deeper Cut
  113. Triggering (SH): Ugh
  114. Triggering (SH): Ugh
  115. Triggering (SH): How much is a problem?
  116. Do you think she noticed?
  117. Triggering (SH): I can't take it!
  118. Triggering (SH): PLEASE Help, I don't know what to do...
  119. Urge to cut
  120. Covering scars?
  121. Excuse Me?
  122. help
  123. Triggering (SH): :(
  124. Triggering: Scratching vs. Cutting
  125. Triggering (SH): I Have No Coping Skills
  126. My mom found out. Oh boy.
  127. a certain class
  128. hiding the scars
  129. How can I help my friend?
  130. I Feel Great
  131. Triggering (Suicide): my never ending story
  132. How do i Tell someone?
  133. Triggering (SH): I told, I'm already wishing I hadn't
  134. I finally told an adult
  135. Triggering (SH): Should I Even Bother Trying to Quit?
  136. Triggering (SH): how deep is too deep?
  137. Female Advice Preferred: how to control anger
  138. Not sure what I should tell.
  139. I actually want to get help now.
  140. needs help...
  141. Triggering (SH): Help Stop Boyfriend from Biting Himself
  142. I need help, how do i ask for it?
  143. Triggering (SH): You know what...I dont care!!!
  144. :(
  145. Relapsing badly
  146. Le sigh :/
  147. Self-Injury dedicated blogs - What do you think?
  148. Triggering (SH): I miss it so much!
  149. i just cant stop
  150. No longer cutting- scratching instead?
  151. Triggering (SH): Almost passed out.(and done with SH!)
  152. Triggering (SH): IDK
  153. How I wish you could help, or care...
  154. i cut. too much.
  155. got caught and glad
  156. Self-medicating to stop cutting?
  157. Can i tell him without losing him?
  158. Group Therapy
  159. Triggering (SH): got caught
  160. She's such a helpful mother
  161. I've Started Again.
  162. I need help with my parents
  163. Triggering: Cutting.
  164. I've hurt myself for a while now...
  165. To write love on her arms?
  166. Triggering: Questions for FREQUENT self harmers only! have i gone too far?
  167. Self destruction
  168. :P
  169. Back at it.
  170. Triggering (SH): How to hide scars?
  171. the feelings are back
  172. SH, will it forever haunt me??
  173. It's coming closer...
  174. Triggering (SH): Poem
  175. It's coming closer...
  176. Triggering (SH): I need help.
  177. help me! I started again
  178. Telling people, and teachers. =/
  179. Blood tests. Awkward.
  180. Triggering (SH): stitches and a new resolution
  181. Triggering (Suicide): I've never felt so lost...*Triggering SH*
  182. Scars
  183. Triggering (SH): Wantin to Cut a Word...
  184. 7 months might be throwen away......
  185. Triggering: self harm?
  186. Don't know how to confess I cut
  187. Triggering (SH): *sigh*
  188. I don't know if I should tell.
  189. Triggering: How do you feel when you see your scars?
  190. How will you explain?
  191. Tonight's the night I'm gonna break it.
  192. Triggering: 2nd Rehab she has quit in 2 weeks
  193. i still get urges
  194. I have a cutting problem
  195. My friend is going to tell my parents! Help!
  196. dont really know what to do without sh
  197. Does this seem fair?
  198. Alternatives? Riiiight.
  199. Triggering (SH): Should i go and talk to a counselor?
  200. uh oh
  201. Triggering (SH): Not going to last a week
  202. Triggering (SH): Who to tell? Who can I trust??
  203. Triggering (SH): Fading Scars?
  204. cutting was always a plessure .
  205. Venting.
  206. How to get it off your mind?
  207. Advice QUICKLY please?
  208. Triggering: The real reason my nails are so long...
  209. Triggering (SH): Self mutilation
  210. Triggering: Madness
  211. Certain scars remind you of the feelings/moments/reasons why you cut?
  212. self harm for small reasons
  213. Triggering: Please help
  214. Triggering (SH): Help...?
  215. Telling your parents that you self harm?
  216. "What? Do you self harm or something? Hahaha."
  217. close friend needs help?
  218. took a step backwards
  219. Almost Relapsed?
  220. do you need to be scarred?
  221. Perfect opportunity
  222. I did it at college.
  223. Triggering (SH): So disappointed with myself.
  224. Triggering (SH): I love this....:\
  225. Triggering (SH): Help me...
  226. Triggering (SH): Confused =/
  227. Triggering (SH): Stupid...
  228. why did i say that?
  229. how to cope
  230. Don't want to stop.
  231. Triggering: out of control
  232. Triggering (SH): What is so addicting.....
  233. maybe this will help someone?
  234. Triggering (SH): Again.
  235. Triggering: auto-erotic asphyxiation
  236. Triggering (SH): I don't know what to do
  237. Self harm and cutting
  238. start of school
  239. Female Advice Preferred: Really hurting.....
  240. Triggering: cutting...
  241. Triggering (SH): My story..
  242. Triggering (SH): It's become an addiction.
  243. How do i make her realise its serious?
  244. Triggering (Suicide): Enlightenment from a cutter and suicide survivor
  245. How to stop wanting to?
  246. Is self harm normal?
  247. Its been so long.
  248. It feels awekward when it shouldnt...
  249. Relapse right around the corner.
  250. Is it really my fault?