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  1. I deserve it?
  2. My emotional abuser says I abused them
  3. Triggering: Picture exposed... is it worth reporting?
  4. my fried was raped by her brother
  5. what should he do
  6. Triggering (Abuse): Scared to be in my home
  7. Triggering (Abuse): Tired of Being Looked At Different
  8. Triggering (Abuse): My friend needs help.
  9. My friend's dad is/was abusive?
  10. Parents
  11. Sleeping on a school trip
  12. Triggering: Been in this situation?
  13. Triggering (Abuse): Hard to heal
  14. Non-PG13: Trying to make sense of what happened
  15. Creepy teacher
  16. Help me!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Triggering: My friend needs my help
  18. Triggering (Abuse): I'm not sure anymore..
  19. Triggering (Abuse): I really hurt someone
  20. Pissed off
  21. Setback
  22. Depressed mother abuse
  23. Still afraid?
  24. Think my teacher is being abused
  25. Is This Abuse?
  26. Triggering: I Feel Like I'm Fighting for Everything
  27. Triggering (Abuse): I just really... just... wow.
  28. Triggering (Abuse): I hate my father.
  29. Rape or overreacting?
  30. Was This Sexual Harassment
  31. Was my friend sexually assaulted?
  32. potential rapist?
  33. I think my friend is being sexually assaulted please help
  34. Am I being groomed?
  35. I feel like shit now...
  36. prostitution, rape, and money
  37. Past abuse catching up with me?
  38. Triggering (Abuse): Please... What was this?
  39. Triggering (Abuse): At least it's all over now.
  40. Problems after Telling a Friend
  41. Not sure
  42. whats wrong with me?
  43. How do you get the most out of therapy?
  44. Cycles of Belief (maybe triggering?)
  45. Triggering: advice?
  46. Drugged?
  47. After all these years!
  48. Help
  49. Scared
  50. Triggering (Abuse): my step dad keeps touching me
  51. Is This Sexual Abuse?
  52. Triggering (Suicide): Kind when not yelling?
  53. Where do i turn
  54. Triggering (Abuse): I'm being abused... I'm scared...
  55. Triggering (Abuse): help?
  56. abused by my father...
  57. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is this abuse...
  58. Wish me luck
  59. Help after harassment
  60. Triggering (Abuse): Abusive relationship still haunting me.
  61. Is this normal?
  62. Non-PG13: I don't know if this is the right place for this.
  63. Help please..
  64. consent question
  65. Does relationship = consent?
  66. Triggering (Abuse): Does it ever stop?
  67. guy at bar (triggers)
  68. Why can't I forget?
  69. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Friend in need
  70. Triggering (Abuse): No Idea what to do..
  71. How to cope?
  72. Triggering (Abuse): I have an very abusive brother what should I do?
  73. help needed please
  74. Triggering (Abuse): Fleeing an emotionally destructive environment
  75. Was this sexual assault?
  76. i dont know what to think
  77. help
  78. am scared of him idk how to leave him
  79. How do I know if it's still bothering me?
  80. Triggering (Abuse): Blocking It Out.
  81. I don't know..
  82. Questions
  83. Triggering (Abuse): Screw you, thanks.
  84. Triggering (Abuse): Rant/help/idontknow
  85. scared and don't trust people after dark
  86. Attracted to triggers? SVU
  87. Triggering: I don't know if this was rape but there's something wrong with me
  88. Abuse troubles..
  89. Is it abuse?
  90. Was I abused because I am intersex?
  91. What to say to a friend who has been raped?
  92. Raped by my uncle?
  93. Triggering (Abuse): when does rape become rape ?
  94. Nightmares
  95. Triggering (Abuse): Did it happen?
  96. I don't know what to think
  97. my childhood
  98. Does it count?
  99. Triggering (Abuse): I think I might have been raped as a child?
  100. Parent attacked me, don't know what to do
  101. verbal abuse?
  102. Triggering (Abuse): How to help my fiancee
  103. Sexual Abuse
  104. Sexual Abuse?
  105. I have to talk to someone
  106. was i raped?
  107. Triggering (Abuse): Death
  108. Worried about a friend
  109. Triggering (Abuse): October
  110. Triggering (Abuse): mulested by my grandpa when i was 8
  111. struggling
  112. Triggering (Abuse): Rapeed or molested?
  113. sexual abuse
  114. Worried
  115. Triggering: friend and the creepy guy
  116. flashbacks
  117. Am I Overreacting?
  118. Innocence
  119. Nightmares
  120. It's Been 8 Years
  121. Invisible
  122. Silence
  123. Hate
  124. Poison
  125. Creepy guys
  126. Did I get raped?
  127. Discussion: Rape and Abuse
  128. Is Blackout Drunk Sex Rape?
  129. What IS emotional abuse?
  130. Was it sex or was I raped?
  131. I'm worried and a little scared
  132. Triggering (Abuse): Did my ex abuse me?
  133. Triggering (Abuse): Flashbacks of particular moments
  134. Its complicated
  135. Triggering (Grieving): guilty
  136. #dearsurvivor
  137. "Baggage
  138. No clue...?
  139. Triggering: I need some advice
  140. Boyfriend.
  141. whos fault is it
  142. And it starts again
  143. Anyone else have this problem?
  144. I need to get this off of my chest.
  145. I Need Some Honest and Blunt Opinions
  146. Triggering: Dreams?
  147. decision to make
  148. Finally Told
  149. Confused
  150. No idea what's going on...
  151. Female Advice Preferred: CSA: fantasizing about being raped
  152. attempted rape cover-up
  153. Triggering (Abuse): Same nurse
  154. Again..
  155. Non-PG13: i am so confused...
  156. Triggering (Abuse): Another flashback
  157. Triggering (Abuse): I can't talk to anyone..
  158. Triggering: Maybe - a boy at school
  159. Triggering (Abuse): Some questions about sex.
  160. I do not know what to do...
  161. I just have a question...
  162. How can I stop these flashbacks!
  163. Triggering (Abuse): Just had a flashback
  164. My mum hit me please help
  165. Is This Abuse And How Can I Stop It?
  166. Triggering: It wasn't real, It doesn't count
  167. Working with the person who sexually assaulted me
  168. Triggering: First time I've ever spoken about it...
  169. how to talk about it?
  170. Message
  171. i think this is blackmail.!
  172. Female Advice Preferred: Not Sure
  173. How can I support my friend
  174. Triggering (Abuse): Raped and feeling like giving up :(
  175. My girlfriend was raped.
  176. I'm a bad person and I'm scared
  177. Finally after twelve years.
  178. Is this normal?
  179. Triggering: Apparently this rubbish needs a title.
  180. Help..?
  181. Stuck in a non-relationship
  182. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Physically/emotionally abused by father entire life...dealing with effects
  183. Triggering: Not sure what to think
  184. Worried she wants me to report it
  185. Triggering (Abuse): sexually assaulted
  186. Triggering (Abuse): Oral sex while blacked out...
  187. Anniversaries of abuse?
  188. How do I ask him about it?
  189. Moving on?
  190. Non-PG13: Who do I believe?
  191. Triggering: Sexual Assault charges..?
  192. Beauty of Innocence
  193. Is this considered sexual harassment?
  194. Not really sure what to do.
  195. Triggering (Abuse): Is this considered rape or...
  196. Non-PG13: What happened to me?
  197. Triggering (Abuse): Very scary
  198. Triggering (Abuse): He touched me..
  199. Triggering: I'm disgusted with myself
  200. Triggering (Abuse): Rant
  201. Lesbian friend got molested by cousin
  202. Is it sexual assault?
  203. My Mom
  204. Triggering (Abuse): Old wounds resurface, past abuse scarring
  205. Triggering (Abuse): Emotional Abuse?
  206. What do the police do in cases of sibling abuse?
  207. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Creepy guy
  208. Triggering (Abuse): HELP
  209. Female Advice Preferred: Very overwhelmed and scared
  210. Female Advice Preferred: i was raped
  211. Feel like I can't trust anyone anymore
  212. Help, need answers, and encouragement (May Trigger)
  213. Triggering (Abuse): Anxious
  214. Husband
  215. Triggering (Abuse): Is it my fault for being too passive and not telling my family for a few weeks?
  216. Past events that I've decided I'd like to report, wondering if I can.
  217. Triggering (Abuse): My uncle did some things...
  218. Triggering (Abuse): I just want to forget.
  219. Charges
  220. An endless hell
  221. Triggering (Abuse): Anyone else?
  222. Triggering (Abuse): Experiencing flashbacks of the abuse...
  223. How do you possibly tell someone that you were abused?
  224. Was I Technically Raped?
  225. Are my younger sisters abusing me?
  226. he is coming back!!
  227. My fault.
  228. Just wondering...
  229. Triggering: is it true that rape is part fault of how we dress?
  230. advice about something that happened when I was a kid..
  231. Sacred and abused...
  232. I am a SLUT, I can't take it anymore
  233. Afraid to go to sleep
  234. sexually abused and raped
  235. my step dad is molesting me
  236. i am afraid
  237. Triggering: does this count
  238. Triggering: I think something's wrong...
  239. younger brother beats me
  240. Party..
  241. What Is Emotional Abuse
  242. Ruined everything
  243. boyfriend needs help
  244. Triggering (Abuse): Supressed Memories.
  245. Triggering (Abuse): Scared and confused! What's wrong with me?
  246. Had a hard day at therapy
  247. im scared
  248. Triggering: No one would believe me
  249. worse night of my life
  250. Triggering: my bad experiences