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  1. Triggering (Abuse): What should I do?
  2. mental and emotional abuse..
  3. Need closure over something
  4. Closure
  5. Triggering (Abuse): what would you say this would be
  6. I want to love my dad but I'm scared of him
  7. Can't stop thinking
  8. Trauma work :(
  9. Triggering: My fault? Overreacting?
  10. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is this abuse? Or am I just too sensitive...
  11. Triggering: ~My Trials as of Late~
  12. Question(s) about what the rights of children are, or what's consider abuse.
  13. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Need the abuse to stop...
  14. Triggering: What the Hell?
  15. Triggering (Abuse): Feeling so stupid..
  16. How do I get over it?...
  17. Tonight..
  18. Triggering: Oh god
  19. Triggering (Abuse): We Got In Another Fight Today...
  20. Triggering (Abuse): Confused a bit
  21. How can I not hate him?
  22. Triggering: I said no - why didn't he listen
  23. This is abuse, isn't it? Can I help her?
  24. I Need Some Advice... ?
  25. Triggering: Charges?
  26. Triggering: I Feel like it's my fault
  27. Triggering (Abuse): I'm pretty sure I was abused, now how do I move on?
  28. Triggering (Abuse): A friend I care about...
  29. Triggering: tired and in pain
  30. i need some guidance and reassurance.
  31. Triggering (Abuse): My bestfriend abused me...
  32. how could I miss him?
  33. Having My Dad's aby
  34. my ex raped me
  35. Triggering: Feeling Free.
  36. need more support
  37. How to move on from what has happened?
  38. Triggering (Abuse): How should I deal with my mom's anger bursts?
  39. Triggering (Abuse): I have an Abusive Parent and I want to get out.
  40. i didnt want too .
  41. what to do now
  42. ....
  43. There's this guy at college being really pushy.
  44. WHY!?!
  45. Was I raped or just dumb
  46. Triggering: (Future worries) telling children?
  47. my dad is horrible and I am not sure this belongs here
  48. need adivce!!!!
  49. Have you ever gotten back together with an abusive boyfriend/ someone who raped or sexually assaulted you?
  50. Is this rape?
  51. What to make of this?
  52. Triggering: You don't understand just how beautiful you are.
  53. need help before friday about my cousin!
  54. Pregnant by my Father, Should I tell him?
  55. Triggering (Abuse): is this emotional abuse
  56. Can't deal with friend who has major problems in her life anymore... frustrating!
  57. I want to make a difference.
  58. Just another dirty slut..
  59. confusion
  60. Nightmares.
  61. Female Advice Preferred: Freaked.
  62. Triggering: question
  63. How did you get enough courage to tell someone you were raped?
  64. Triggering (Abuse): why
  65. she lies.
  66. Another was it rape thread =3
  67. Feelings for my rapist- is this normal?
  68. Non-PG13: Was it rape?
  69. I don't know..
  70. Swimming lessons: is this how they usually go, or was I abused?
  71. Would this be sexual abuse?
  72. was i abused? suspicions...
  73. I feel raped..
  74. to those who have been raped
  75. Triggering (Abuse): abuse
  76. Advice please ...
  77. Triggering (Abuse): I need someone to talk to
  78. Triggering (Abuse): Help?
  79. What do I call this-still confused and freaked about it
  80. Why I'm new here.
  81. rape or just sex?
  82. i told the psychiatrist at the hospital..
  83. Triggering (Abuse): My Secret
  84. i finally told someone
  85. Is she being honest???
  86. im so confusedd!!!!!!!
  87. I was raped and and am pregnant should I forgive?
  88. Is it right that I'm nervous?
  89. "Just Go Die"
  90. Is it Emotional Abuse?
  91. I cant sleep, i cant eat, i cant function
  92. Triggering (Abuse): I'm Daddy's dirty little slut!!!
  93. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Nightmares
  94. Triggering: I just don't know why
  95. I hate what he is doing
  96. Abusive Ex
  97. talk?
  98. I'm starting to doubt it ever happened.
  99. My brother just hurt me
  100. Question...
  101. 21 and attracted to much younger girls, help!
  102. Family</3
  103. I told someone.
  104. Dad,
  105. Triggering: Was it rape?
  106. Triggering (Abuse): I can't forget...
  107. I miss my molester?
  108. how to overcome?
  109. Opinion please: dream or reality? extremely long but please bear with me
  110. Female Advice Preferred: urgent: feeling like cutting
  111. How do you deal with it?
  112. i left feeling terrible...
  113. Triggering: I dont know anymore....:( help?~?
  114. Non-PG13: Raped and dying was it my fault?!
  115. I am so horribull...
  116. suicide I can't deal with another week of having sex with them?
  117. Triggering: Over 8 years ago...
  118. "stepdad" rapes me
  119. Female Advice Preferred: supposed help, making things worse
  120. I don't know what happened
  121. Triggering: I Was Molested...
  122. Blacked Out?
  123. What do I do?
  124. Boundaries and Control
  125. Female Advice Preferred: Assaulted
  126. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just kinda need help...
  128. Is she being sexually abused?
  129. CPS came and didn't do anything.
  130. Previous abuse affecting my present
  131. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): incrediblyyyy LONG, but PLEASEEE help me... was a sexually abused as a child???
  132. I don't know if I should call 999?
  133. How to help him?
  134. Non-PG13: I still like him a lot?
  135. Triggering: I really don't know anymore.
  136. Non-PG13: What does this dream/memory mean? (REALLY LONG but please help)
  137. Triggering: Umm rape
  138. Female Advice Preferred: Sexually assaulted
  139. Is this raped or not??
  140. Is this sexual abuse?
  141. Is it weird to not remember?
  142. Triggering: Nightares :(
  143. My Father Molested Me
  144. Is going to the police really always the best thing to do after rape?
  145. I reported them !!!!
  146. Is this abuse?
  147. How do I help my friend.
  148. tell my mom how??
  149. Raped.. I think.
  150. Female Advice Preferred: HELP-I'm scared and don't know what to do
  151. My little sister came home from school with bruises and her trousers were covered in blood?
  152. My mum abuses me
  153. Triggering: Andrea Gibson's Blue Blanket
  154. I need some help
  155. Filed a Police Report...
  156. Triggering: Feels like it is happening all over again
  157. Triggering: Memories
  158. Triggering: More abuse memories surfaced
  159. Is this child abuse?
  160. Was I raped?
  161. What do you think?
  162. Emotionally abused? (again)
  163. Using my addictions to sexually get what he wants...what do I do?
  164. My little sisters nightmares?
  165. Non-PG13: Does this count?
  166. Triggering: What do I do as a friend!
  167. I don't know how to help her.
  168. im scared.
  169. i finally did it
  170. I dont know what to do!! :(
  171. Sex Abuse - The Male Victim
  172. How do I stop my mother and her boyfriend from emotionally abusing me?
  173. Triggering: Dad...
  174. Triggering: question
  175. I think I was raped :'(
  176. Confusion...
  177. Is it possible i'm infected?
  178. Abused in past and everyone is acting like it never happened.
  179. He did it again
  180. How To Overcome?
  181. Are you still a virgin after sexual abuse?
  182. Triggering: STDs from abuser
  183. Help me please
  184. Does this count?
  185. Triggering: is it rape if I don't fight back?
  186. Triggering: Best friend possibly trying to kill me in my sleep...
  187. Triggering: He's threatening us...
  188. My bf feels that he raped me!!!
  189. scared of sex
  190. Triggering: I'm scared...
  191. Non-PG13: still bound
  192. Will he ever stop haunting me??
  193. Triggering: I thought I was over it...
  194. Triggering: Who do I turn to, what do I do?
  195. hes out of jail and she is letting him come back :( help?
  196. I'm still scared...
  197. Triggering: please help me
  198. How do you know if your being abused?
  199. Triggering: He Knew
  200. Triggering: Help! My dad is crazy and I don't know what to do
  201. Update
  202. abuse hasn't effected me ??
  203. Abused by my mum
  204. Question...
  205. friend abused
  206. I want
  207. Triggering: don't know what to think about what happened
  208. Post Tramatic Stress... :'(
  209. difficult too do
  210. Non-PG13: What should I do? What is this?
  211. Emotional Abuse
  212. Support Group: Should I try it?
  213. flashback
  214. Aftereffects of Sexual Trauma
  215. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): history; hurtful words and lustful eyes :/
  216. Triggering: I Need Some Advice Please..
  217. Triggering: New Kind of Nightmare
  218. Freaking Out
  219. Could He Get Worse?
  220. Do you know what you want?
  221. Non-PG13: I lost my virginity to rape now scared
  222. He won't go away
  223. I Know I was Victimized
  224. am i bad?
  225. Lost my virginity to rape
  226. Triggering: I think my friend is being abused!
  227. Was this a type of molestation...?
  228. can't explain
  229. dad and babysitter
  230. did it happen
  231. Triggering: the dreams are back
  232. Female Advice Preferred: It won't go away
  233. I feel so lost
  234. I can't remember...
  235. Triggering: Update.
  236. How do i get over it?
  237. Confrontation
  238. Triggering: Flashbacks of Rape (help)
  239. Triggering: possible sexual assault by pediatrician
  240. Triggering: Flashbacks?
  241. Triggering: PTSD?
  242. Triggering: I don't know now...
  243. I don't know what to do.
  244. Triggering: I'm sooo sick of this!
  245. Abuse of Neglect
  246. Soo
  247. Triggering: I'm so scared...
  248. Reportt?
  249. Advice. I need help. I'm scared
  250. What to say?