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  1. What Evidence Do I Need for Statutory Rape?
  2. I think I was raped and I don't know what to do..?
  3. Triggering (Abuse): The Blame Game
  4. What is this?
  5. RAINN live chat?
  6. Triggering: Assault
  7. Is it ok to act like it never happened?
  8. Triggering (Abuse): Psych knows and i'm panicking
  9. Memories
  10. Triggering (Abuse): Is it my fault?
  11. How do I get over my fear?
  12. I'm always met with silence.
  13. Would this be considered rape?
  14. Would she have to report it?
  15. Almost raped and inappropriately touched by my uncle.
  16. Was I abused this whole time and didn't even know?
  17. Need help for my girlfriend
  18. Triggering (Abuse): Is this my fault?
  19. Triggering (Abuse): my whole world has been turned upside down
  20. Help with nightmares and hallucinations?
  21. Triggering: Memories keeping me awake
  22. How do I cope with nightmares?
  23. Triggering (Abuse): Can They Really Change?
  24. Did people treat you different once they found out?
  25. Triggering: I Can't Do Anything Right......
  26. could she git in trobel for not talking
  27. Triggering: My Unbelievable Story...
  28. When does the constant fear and mistrust finally come to an end...?
  29. Triggering (Abuse): Is it possible for 4-5 yr old to think these thoughts?
  30. Is this a crime?
  31. Question
  32. Triggering (Abuse): Past Rape causing Recent Panic Attacks, Flashbacks, and Nightmares...
  33. Triggering (Abuse): Acquaintance Rape?
  34. Triggering (Abuse): Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse
  35. did i do this to myself?
  36. 2:00AM
  37. What Is This?
  38. past sexual abuse and recent events messing my life up. How did I let this happen
  39. Triggering (Bullying): Shall I take my revenge?
  40. Triggering: Cant stop thinking
  41. Breaking free
  42. April is Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month
  43. Triggering (Abuse): My Story
  44. Do you get mad?
  45. Telling lies
  46. Triggering (Abuse): Mom..
  47. Scared for No Reason
  48. It happened again..
  49. Female Advice Preferred: Emotionally abusive home
  50. taken advantage of
  51. Triggering (Abuse): I want to forget but I can't..
  52. Tight clothing
  53. Triggering: Why can't i move on.
  54. you were trying to kill me the entire time
  55. Triggering: Inability to give consent.
  56. Found out something disturbing about a friend's past and can't look at him the same way.
  57. Triggering (Suicide): Nearly Raped...
  58. Recovery.
  59. He wants to be "friends" after what happened
  60. Triggering (Abuse): i need help
  61. Triggering (Abuse): What Do I Do Now?
  62. Triggering (Abuse): Nightmares
  63. A repressed memory?
  64. Non-PG13: Still a virgin?
  65. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): There Was A Coverup...
  66. PTSD
  67. Need some advise.
  68. Lost and Alone
  69. Rape
  70. Triggering (Abuse): Need some outside opinions
  71. Is this abuse?
  72. Triggering (Abuse): Was this prank call a bit too much?
  73. Triggering (Abuse): How do I tell someone?
  74. Need to Talk
  75. Female Advice Preferred: Very scared
  76. I'm confused on weather I was sexually abused or not
  77. Help me
  78. Triggering (Abuse): Sudden unexpected thoughts about abusive ex
  79. He broke me
  80. Pregnant from Rape
  81. Triggering: Embarassed, confused, what was this?
  82. Smallest Things
  83. Memories of molestation?
  84. Triggering (Abuse): I think my ex tried to kill me....
  85. sometimes i feel like i just imagined it.
  86. The police said it wasnt rape.
  87. Problems
  88. Triggering (Abuse): Should i be worried?
  89. Would you consider this to be rape?
  90. i dont know what to do
  91. My BF hits me
  92. I hate my older brother
  93. My friend suffered as a child and now she's scared of sex.
  94. Flashbacks?
  95. Is this normal?
  96. Is this considered sexual abuse?
  97. abuse
  98. Triggering (Abuse): what can i do...
  99. Random Question
  100. Triggering (Abuse): scared
  101. Reporting Abuse
  102. Triggering (Abuse): why
  103. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): [F] what people say. Tell .
  104. Sexual Abuse On The School Bus
  105. Trauma without Drama
  106. rape?
  107. Was I raped?
  108. They want custody
  109. Needed to tell someone
  110. abuse and what to do?
  111. Flashbacks...
  112. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Raped
  113. Non-PG13: Female Advice Preferred: Sad
  114. Male Advice Preferred: What should I do??
  115. My Friend...
  116. Should I tell my therapist??:unsure:
  117. I am so frustrated...
  118. Triggering (Abuse): Was it abuse?
  119. It was 7 years ago but....
  120. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Did he take advantage of me!?
  121. I'm scared of men and how can I forgive him!?
  122. Sick of it
  123. Triggering (Abuse): Confused about my feelings
  124. So i was raped..
  125. Triggering (Abuse): I never thought i'd have to post here..
  126. Was I molested
  127. Female Advice Preferred: Really scared!!
  128. I don't know
  129. memories
  130. Emotional abuse
  131. She's Going to Rape Him
  132. Ever since...
  133. Female Advice Preferred: Don't know what to do?
  134. so umm what should I do?
  135. Triggering: Spiraling out of control
  136. Sexually assaulted.
  137. My boyfriend was raped?!
  138. do they remember or not?
  139. Trying to help myself get over it...
  140. Would This Be Considered Abuse or Fighting?
  141. Triggering (Abuse): October 12 2012
  142. Nightmares
  143. Female Advice Preferred: Very hurt
  144. Old Abuse affecting me horribly now
  145. What is wrong with me?? Pls help
  146. Triggering: Attempted rape?
  147. I failed her...
  148. horrific
  149. Not sure if it happened.
  150. I'm scared and I don't know what to do.
  151. Scared of the Thought of Intimacy.
  152. Help?
  153. 16... happened when i was 14.
  154. Please help!
  155. 19, was 13 and rape still not over it
  156. child abuse?
  157. So confused
  158. Triggering: ...19 and today, I'm still hurting
  159. i need help! please??
  160. Having sex while blacked out.
  161. How to get past being raped?
  162. Numb.
  163. Triggering (Abuse): I can't keep it to myself anymore
  164. Please help!
  165. Triggering (Abuse): Need your Help!
  166. Triggering (Abuse): Help? I need someone?
  167. Triggering (Abuse): Confused????
  168. Triggering (Abuse): Boyfriend was raped.
  169. Triggering (Abuse): Abused for years...
  170. Rape or not?
  171. Trying to Get Better?
  172. Triggering (Suicide): i need advice
  173. Triggering (Abuse): Last night.
  174. Why wont she tell ?
  175. a little bit confused
  176. What to do? Is he sorry? What about the pregnancy? Raped by ex-boyfriend.? Advice please...
  177. Is this an abusive relationship? Son-Mother
  178. Does this count?
  179. Is this abuse?
  180. Triggering (Suicide): Past abuse, not sure what to do?
  181. Triggering (Abuse): A small victory but a victory none the less.
  182. My friend needs help what should i do
  183. Is this considered a normal thing for an older sibling to do?
  184. Is this child abuse?
  185. Triggering (Abuse): I think my parents abuse me....
  186. Triggering (Abuse): rape:blame myself
  187. what is going on with me?
  188. This happened years ago and I still can't tell anyone.
  189. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Just Need to Get This Out -.-
  190. Is this abusing?
  191. Triggering (Abuse): Is it my fault? ):
  192. I think I was raped?
  193. is all women like this?
  194. How do you not fall back into it?
  195. Quietly Remembering
  196. Still blame myself
  197. does this seem like sexual assault?
  198. Need Advice?
  199. Triggering (Abuse): Someone help me.
  200. Am I Over Reacting..???
  201. I dont know what happened
  202. How to Cope
  203. Triggering: He found my safe place PLEASE HELP
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Crimson draped pillow
  205. Triggering (Abuse): What should i do if shes being abused?
  206. Triggering (Abuse): To the family that blamed me.
  207. Kind of nervous...
  208. Going out.
  209. I Thought I was Past This
  210. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I was raped because I'm in love...
  211. I just sit and breath
  212. rape
  213. Just a question
  214. i have a friend...
  215. Triggering (Abuse): Controlling boyfriends
  216. I can't handle this...
  217. Touched and raped by my cousin, uncle, and dad
  218. What would this be considered as
  219. Does it ever go away
  220. Just want to get it off my chest...
  221. Seeing the person
  222. Triggering (Abuse): Forced oral sex
  223. What I just wrote in my diary
  224. Triggering (Abuse): feel disgusted and can't help crying :(
  225. Triggering (Abuse): He came looking for me
  226. My Ex...
  227. I'm really really confused
  228. My friend told me she's abused.
  229. Female Advice Preferred: Mom keeps telling people!:(
  230. Triggering (Abuse): Since I was 2...
  231. She doesn't understand
  232. Could you forget sexual abuse?
  233. Kinda just a rant
  234. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Very Scared..
  235. Wants me to seriously forgive him?
  236. confused
  237. Remembering
  238. Worried about my friend
  239. I can't sleep at night.
  240. I have to see my abuser every day...
  241. Dilemma Involving Rape
  242. Need Help Right Away
  243. Triggering (Abuse): Been having a lot of flashbacks lately :(
  244. Triggering (Suicide): im giving up
  245. Is sexting rape/abuse?
  246. Triggering (Abuse): The threat still goes on...
  247. Triggering (Abuse): I'll Never Tell..
  248. Triggering (Abuse): My Friend and Her Stepdad
  249. Is this Abuse?
  250. Triggering (Abuse): need advice