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  1. Female Advice Preferred: I TOLD HIM!!!!!!!! (and then he told me something)
  2. Triggering: Did it Get Broken?
  3. Triggering (Abuse): Night Terrors from Parental Abuse
  4. My Confession. I'm so confused.
  5. Dunno!
  6. Triggering (Abuse): Having issues with past abuse...Please reply...
  7. Last night- scared and confused
  8. rape?
  9. old memories coming back
  10. She thought daddy's hands were supposed to be kind.
  11. will this lead to being abused?
  12. Female Advice Preferred: I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!
  13. Child Abuse; My story
  14. does this count?
  15. Triggering (Abuse): Confused about an old memory
  16. Triggering (Abuse): the past never really goes away..
  17. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): did the right thing but still scarred.
  18. What can I even do?
  19. trapped
  20. is this rape?????
  21. Triggering (Abuse): my mom beat me real bad because i wouldnt go to the store, and wouldnt stop until i said i would go.
  22. nightmares?
  23. Should I confront him?
  24. Confused...
  25. Does it ever stop?
  26. Triggering (Abuse): Dirty
  27. Triggering: What even is this? Can someone help?
  28. Haunted
  29. Non-PG13: is there something wrong with me?
  30. Non-PG13: is there something wrong with me?
  31. A long time ago.
  32. cant forget
  33. How to love yourself after the fact
  34. Law says he didn't do anything wrong
  35. how to not let it affect my future
  36. my sis is friends with my rapist!!!
  37. abuse that hurts the soul...
  38. Abusive mother, i want to run away
  39. new boyfriend (a little graphic)
  40. Is it even worth talking about?
  41. Dont know what to do about my friend...
  42. was I abused sexually or am I just simply a freak?
  43. How to tell parents about sexual assault?
  44. what do I do about this harassment?
  45. Triggering: It was a long time ago but it still bothers me :(
  46. Triggering (Abuse): Was this sexual abuse?
  47. Such a Long Process
  48. I don't know...
  49. poem...thoughts
  50. How To Tell?
  51. Triggering: Help Me
  52. Can anyone help??
  53. How do I move on?
  54. Considered Abuse?
  55. i don't understand
  56. Is this considered date rape, or any type of rape?
  57. Hey everyone
  58. Abused. What now?
  59. I was raped by my uncle and my "father" is no better
  60. confused and afraid of being touched...
  61. Triggering: Song I really like
  62. I saw him again today...
  63. Triggering (Abuse): I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
  64. Triggering (Abuse): We're not victims. We're survivors.
  65. Compassion and empathy
  66. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Why is he lying...
  67. Escape the Abuse
  68. help please....
  69. Is it Sexual Abuse?
  70. Not raped but still traumatized
  71. I feel so stupid
  72. Triggering (Abuse): Bad memories just wont go away..
  73. Triggering (Abuse): Can't figure this out..
  74. Scared
  75. How to stop being afraid?
  76. Triggering (Abuse): Anniversary
  77. What is this??
  78. Few questions- about a rape kit..
  79. Triggering (Abuse): HELP ME triggered memories are breaking me apart
  80. I hurt my brother
  81. There's nothing I want more than him dead.
  82. Triggering: He's Back..
  83. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Scared, not sure I can wait 2 months to leave
  84. Sexualabuse nonjava chat?
  85. Coming back.
  86. Rape is Rape - Don Lemon
  87. how do i get over this
  88. (GBLT) Backsliding and possibly ruining my relationship
  89. Recovery
  90. I was raped.
  91. Non-PG13: true story cont.
  92. Non-PG13: true story
  93. Triggering: I had his baby
  94. Is this considered rape? (potentially triggering)
  95. How can I protect my baby brothers?
  96. im not alowed to eat
  98. He denies it ALL-
  99. Why Me?
  100. oral rape?
  101. Told my mom, scared of what'll happen now
  102. Triggering (Abuse): How Would you say that child abuse has affected you
  103. Is it my fault?
  104. Triggering (Abuse): What should I do?
  105. mental and emotional abuse..
  106. Need closure over something
  107. Closure
  108. Triggering (Abuse): what would you say this would be
  109. I want to love my dad but I'm scared of him
  110. Can't stop thinking
  111. Trauma work :(
  112. Triggering: My fault? Overreacting?
  113. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is this abuse? Or am I just too sensitive...
  114. Triggering: ~My Trials as of Late~
  115. Question(s) about what the rights of children are, or what's consider abuse.
  116. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Need the abuse to stop...
  117. Triggering: What the Hell?
  118. Triggering (Abuse): Feeling so stupid..
  119. How do I get over it?...
  120. Tonight..
  121. Triggering: Oh god
  122. Triggering (Abuse): We Got In Another Fight Today...
  123. Triggering (Abuse): Confused a bit
  124. How can I not hate him?
  125. Triggering: I said no - why didn't he listen
  126. This is abuse, isn't it? Can I help her?
  127. I Need Some Advice... ?
  128. Triggering: Charges?
  129. Triggering: I Feel like it's my fault
  130. Triggering (Abuse): I'm pretty sure I was abused, now how do I move on?
  131. Triggering (Abuse): A friend I care about...
  132. Triggering: tired and in pain
  133. i need some guidance and reassurance.
  134. Triggering (Abuse): My bestfriend abused me...
  135. how could I miss him?
  136. Having My Dad's aby
  137. my ex raped me
  138. Triggering: Feeling Free.
  139. need more support
  140. How to move on from what has happened?
  141. Triggering (Abuse): How should I deal with my mom's anger bursts?
  142. Triggering (Abuse): I have an Abusive Parent and I want to get out.
  143. i didnt want too .
  144. what to do now
  145. ....
  146. There's this guy at college being really pushy.
  147. WHY!?!
  148. Was I raped or just dumb
  149. Triggering: (Future worries) telling children?
  150. my dad is horrible and I am not sure this belongs here
  151. need adivce!!!!
  152. Have you ever gotten back together with an abusive boyfriend/ someone who raped or sexually assaulted you?
  153. Is this rape?
  154. What to make of this?
  155. Triggering: You don't understand just how beautiful you are.
  156. need help before friday about my cousin!
  157. Pregnant by my Father, Should I tell him?
  158. Triggering (Abuse): is this emotional abuse
  159. Can't deal with friend who has major problems in her life anymore... frustrating!
  160. I want to make a difference.
  161. Just another dirty slut..
  162. confusion
  163. Nightmares.
  164. Female Advice Preferred: Freaked.
  165. Triggering: question
  166. How did you get enough courage to tell someone you were raped?
  167. Triggering (Abuse): why
  168. she lies.
  169. Another was it rape thread =3
  170. Feelings for my rapist- is this normal?
  171. Non-PG13: Was it rape?
  172. I don't know..
  173. Swimming lessons: is this how they usually go, or was I abused?
  174. Would this be sexual abuse?
  175. was i abused? suspicions...
  176. I feel raped..
  177. to those who have been raped
  178. Triggering (Abuse): abuse
  179. Advice please ...
  180. Triggering (Abuse): I need someone to talk to
  181. Triggering (Abuse): Help?
  182. What do I call this-still confused and freaked about it
  183. Why I'm new here.
  184. rape or just sex?
  185. i told the psychiatrist at the hospital..
  186. Triggering (Abuse): My Secret
  187. i finally told someone
  188. Is she being honest???
  189. im so confusedd!!!!!!!
  190. I was raped and and am pregnant should I forgive?
  191. Is it right that I'm nervous?
  192. "Just Go Die"
  193. Is it Emotional Abuse?
  194. I cant sleep, i cant eat, i cant function
  195. Triggering (Abuse): I'm Daddy's dirty little slut!!!
  196. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Nightmares
  197. Triggering: I just don't know why
  198. I hate what he is doing
  199. Abusive Ex
  200. talk?
  201. I'm starting to doubt it ever happened.
  202. My brother just hurt me
  203. Question...
  204. 21 and attracted to much younger girls, help!
  205. Family</3
  206. I told someone.
  207. Dad,
  208. Triggering: Was it rape?
  209. Triggering (Abuse): I can't forget...
  210. I miss my molester?
  211. how to overcome?
  212. Opinion please: dream or reality? extremely long but please bear with me
  213. Female Advice Preferred: urgent: feeling like cutting
  214. How do you deal with it?
  215. i left feeling terrible...
  216. Triggering: I dont know anymore....:( help?~?
  217. Non-PG13: Raped and dying was it my fault?!
  218. I am so horribull...
  219. suicide I can't deal with another week of having sex with them?
  220. Triggering: Over 8 years ago...
  221. "stepdad" rapes me
  222. Female Advice Preferred: supposed help, making things worse
  223. I don't know what happened
  224. Triggering: I Was Molested...
  225. Blacked Out?
  226. What do I do?
  227. Boundaries and Control
  228. Female Advice Preferred: Assaulted
  229. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I just kinda need help...
  231. Is she being sexually abused?
  232. CPS came and didn't do anything.
  233. Previous abuse affecting my present
  234. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): incrediblyyyy LONG, but PLEASEEE help me... was a sexually abused as a child???
  235. I don't know if I should call 999?
  236. How to help him?
  237. Non-PG13: I still like him a lot?
  238. Triggering: I really don't know anymore.
  239. Non-PG13: What does this dream/memory mean? (REALLY LONG but please help)
  240. Triggering: Umm rape
  241. Female Advice Preferred: Sexually assaulted
  242. Is this raped or not??
  243. Is this sexual abuse?
  244. Is it weird to not remember?
  245. Triggering: Nightares :(
  246. My Father Molested Me
  247. Is going to the police really always the best thing to do after rape?
  248. I reported them !!!!
  249. Is this abuse?
  250. How do I help my friend.