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  1. Triggering: Feeling Lonely
  2. I feel worthless..
  3. Triggering: No one cares
  4. Triggering: confused
  5. how do you let it out?
  6. Non-PG13: what ..
  7. counselling
  8. Triggering: Can I cope...
  9. Triggering: What is the gyno going to do?
  10. Scared... How do you cope?
  11. a bit scared
  12. Past abuse
  13. Sins Of Mine
  14. Triggering: how to deal with this...
  15. Triggering: fear of postmen
  16. this is really painful for me but, i guess i need to tell someone..
  17. I'm so confused. And scared.
  18. Triggering: what do i do?
  19. first time admitting this...
  20. ....Is this rape....?
  21. Could I talk to someone?
  22. Triggering (Suicide): Saying Goodbye after abuse
  23. Triggering: Nightmare
  24. Triggering: Friend bring abused
  25. Triggering: Urgent help needed please
  26. update I suppose /=
  27. Triggering: My Step Father
  28. Triggering: i have suffered alot
  29. Please Read!!! (sorry its so long)
  30. What my mom does
  31. Triggering: seriously think i've been raped.
  32. She abused me and now I'm still suffering.
  33. Non-PG13: i need advice on something thats been bugging me
  34. Blast From The Past
  35. Triggering: Mental abuse?
  36. Filed A Police Report
  37. Lost & Confused and Everything In Between
  38. Flash backs/nightmares and depression
  39. Coping?
  40. How to love myself again?
  41. Flashback Spaz
  42. Triggering: is this rape??
  43. Does it ever get better????
  44. Triggering (SH): Flashbacks...
  45. Triggering: I thought I was over it- how do I re-get over it
  46. counselling and emdr therapy
  47. Guy abuse
  48. Rape, pregnancy, misscarrage and STD
  49. Triggering: my 20 year old sister abuses me!
  50. Happy or Mad
  51. What do I say to her?
  52. What do you think about this?
  53. Painful Memories
  54. Triggering: my home and grandmas home
  55. Broken
  56. I don't know what to do anymore.
  57. I can't call it what it is
  58. Dreams/ Flashbacks
  59. Triggering: Trigger... Trigger... Trigger
  60. Should I Tell?
  61. I'm so scared!!!
  62. My friend's father is abusive, phsyically, mentally, and now sexually. What should I do???
  63. Triggering: I feel so shattered…
  64. first post, and scared
  65. need advise.
  66. Please read and give me feedback!
  67. Triggering: how do i stop flashbacks?
  68. Reporting it...
  69. Guys
  70. trust
  71. Not to sure...
  72. I don't want to do this to my GF but i dont..o damn please take a look!!
  73. is it ok to be trated like shit?
  74. Triggering: fighting back..?
  75. Do you have support?
  76. Is it just me?
  77. Triggering: forget what his done and stay or forget and move on?
  78. Triggering: i told my friend!!!!
  79. abuse and flashbacks
  80. My dance teacher
  81. Triggering: Songs of Abuse
  82. Can i have some advice for the following please
  83. please help! i dont know how to feel..
  84. I'm not sure what this is...
  85. Never clean.
  86. Reoccurring
  87. Hurt
  88. Is there something wrong with me?
  89. Triggering: Moving Forward?
  90. I was raped on saturday
  91. Female Advice Preferred: First Exam After the Abuse
  92. Its all my fault...
  93. Memory..
  95. what should i do
  96. Is it rape if...?
  97. Triggering: Fear
  98. Triggering: My friend just told me he was abused..
  99. Female Advice Preferred: Um not really sure if this goes here or not...
  100. no more abuse :)
  101. abuse?
  102. Triggering: My bro sexually abused me as a kid :(
  103. why am i always on my own?
  104. i am sorry i need help
  105. I'm the only one who knows. Am I responsible for anything?
  106. How to make it stop?
  107. OMG!! A Guy Tried To Pick ME Up Today!!
  108. Friend A Victim Of Domestic Abuse
  109. Question 4 anyone, how'd you learn to trust again?
  110. Possible abuse?
  111. Triggering: Scary night!
  112. First Consentual Time?
  113. She is staying with her abusive ex boyfriend...
  114. Triggering: HELP ME...?
  115. How to deal?
  116. when does drunken sex become rape?
  117. why cant i just say no or stop?
  118. Random guy attacks me?
  119. I can't get over it
  120. Reality or Nightmare?
  121. Girlfriend Abused by Cops
  122. nobody knows
  123. Triggering: Feel like killing myself sometimes.
  124. need some advice
  125. CPS Help?
  126. Nothing Really Happened?
  127. Triggering: PTSD is kicking my ass
  128. Triggering: Am I horrible?
  129. Triggering: Rape dreams
  130. poems
  131. Father+drunk=animal
  132. Boyfriend can't know
  133. Triggering: Help please!!
  134. Triggering: Teacher Texting
  135. Triggering: Help
  136. CPS
  137. only 24hours left
  138. So uncomfortable with strangers showing sexual interest in me
  139. Just to share
  140. Leave me alone!!!
  141. Just wanting to share...
  142. Triggering: abused by my boyfriend for 6 years
  143. My dad hurts me and my brother...Help?
  144. Triggering: need advise
  145. Triggering: Is this abuse?
  146. How to get rid of the pain
  147. I don't understand why I still cling to him.
  148. Was I Molested?
  149. Need some advice/help?
  150. Triggering: my father abuses me :"(
  151. :/
  152. Male Advice Preferred: brother
  153. Triggering: Me
  154. I Saw Him
  155. i hate him so much. is it ok the feel like this?
  156. Triggering: what do you do when your victimized by someone close to you
  157. Triggering: lost for words...
  158. Triggering: I need to forgive them
  159. boyfriend..
  160. Relaps?
  161. Abusive Parents And No Escape- FOR LIFE
  162. dont know if this fits in this section
  163. Triggering: My friend...
  164. My mom deserves better...
  165. Triggering (Suicide): he won
  166. boyfriend.. help me
  167. Useless
  168. my friend is beein sexually abused, help
  169. Nightmares
  170. Triggering: help here please :(
  171. counselling & antidepressants
  172. Female Advice Preferred: How do I stop dissociating?
  173. Female Advice Preferred: 8 Years
  174. should i trust them?
  175. Triggering: Step-dad
  176. Keeping a child from a rape?
  177. sexual harassment, depression
  178. help please
  179. Triggering: sexually assaulted 5 times, am I over thinking this?
  180. Triggering: How do you come to terms with sexual abuse?
  181. i need adivce
  182. Triggering: calling up crimestoppers
  183. My "best friend".
  184. Layers
  185. Triggering: Rape and Realtionships.
  186. What kind of abuse?
  187. help me
  188. Friend's hellish situation
  189. Am I that transparent?
  190. Female Advice Preferred: Honestly... I can't take it anymore.
  191. They don't believe me.
  192. cosin
  193. Friend Raped by her Cousins
  194. Triggering: Will it ever stop?
  195. Really need help... Just not sure...
  196. Think i might be emotional abused
  197. Should I forgive him?
  198. Justice Must Be Served!
  199. Triggering: Is this considered rape?
  200. Triggering (Substances): write it down and read it, so i know its real
  201. Triggering (Grieving): Things where going so well...
  202. i had my abusive ex boyfriend arrested today
  203. Does anyone else feel like this?
  204. Found Him...
  205. Triggering: He is still doing it!
  206. Like Caged Birds
  207. Triggering: Is it really all my fault?
  208. Rant?
  209. confused...
  210. I don't quite understand...
  211. Court Case
  212. Getting over it
  213. What should I tell my mom?
  214. How do I deal with it?
  215. Facing abuser, I guess?
  216. Facing Your Abuser
  217. I was drunk...
  218. im depressed!!!!!
  219. How?
  220. abused :'(
  221. Flashbacks?
  222. Triggering: What is this?
  223. Missing My Abuser
  224. Flashbacks...How do i stop them???
  225. Triggering (Bullying): I'm getting abused by my brother
  226. Triggering: Does this count?
  227. Triggering: Abuse - People and Dogs
  228. Rape education?
  229. Abuse leading to more?
  230. Talking
  231. I'm so afraid.
  232. Triggering: Raped 11 times (female advice preferred)
  233. advice please?
  234. Triggering: I miss him so much.
  235. Triggering: Do I Have ANYTHING to be upset about?
  236. I said no...
  237. Song Brought It Back
  238. Feeling lost
  239. Triggering: I don't know what to think anymore...
  240. still can't handle it
  241. abused
  242. Dont Know What To Do?!
  243. Triggering (SH): The past few days...
  244. what do i do?
  245. Is this emotional abuse
  246. still partly a child
  247. I'm confused
  248. How do i help him?
  249. blaming my sluttiness on abuse?
  250. My dad (abuser) contacted me.