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  1. telling one of my tutors
  2. Stupid?
  3. flashbacks
  4. Triggering: Unsure of my past
  5. I need help with parents.
  6. abuse
  7. Female Advice Preferred: Here's my story..
  8. Does this count as sexual harassment/abuse?
  9. still trying to cope....
  10. I was almost raped
  11. What's Happening?
  12. Help, my world is spinning.
  13. Questions?
  14. How long after can...
  15. Scared
  16. grrr
  17. I'm scared,of my brother, what should I do?
  18. Triggering: Is this why?
  19. Female Advice Preferred: Help I was abused
  20. Omg..Disappointment to the FULLEST!
  21. Female Advice Preferred: I was assaulted
  22. 4 years
  23. are you still considered a virgin if your raped?
  24. 4 more days
  25. Female Advice Preferred: Embarrasing!, incest, rape?, emotional abuse, panic attacks, do i need help?
  26. Triggering: Is this rape?
  27. has anyone?
  28. do i really look that easy?
  29. Male Advice Preferred: Male Survivors?
  30. My stepmom hit me.
  31. HELP
  32. .
  33. EMBARASSING-Wanting to be a baby?
  34. My gf is being emotionally abused by her mother- and has been for years
  35. Hard Situation
  36. Triggering: Just about my experiences with abuse...
  37. Is this our fault?
  38. What To Do? Because I have no clue what to do for her
  39. PLEASE Help My Friend
  40. What is rape and abuse?
  41. How do I stop blaming myself?
  42. Was this abuse?
  43. Triggering: Rape and abuse: what do I do
  44. Was this abuse or just an extreme case of sibling rivalry?
  45. anything to help
  46. Therapy
  47. Is it my fault?
  48. My friend was sexually abused
  49. Abuse?
  50. How do I deal with it and move on?
  51. Living in Silence
  52. Female Advice Preferred: Raped!!
  53. hit again
  54. Triggering (Abuse): I need to tell SOMEONE.
  55. hard to relate
  56. Blackmailed
  57. Triggering: Stalked?
  58. Triggering (Abuse): What would you change?
  59. My friend's being abused
  60. Triggering: Was this rape?
  61. My friend is being abused...
  62. How do I get over it?
  63. Frustrated
  64. Triggering (Abuse): dad hit my sister ?
  65. Am i being abused?
  66. Triggering: Help please
  67. Living HELL!!!
  68. He Was Arrested Today
  69. Triggering (Abuse): Finnaly coming out of the closet about what happened 2 months ago
  70. why now?
  71. Boy I knew from school got sent to jail today...
  72. College ignoring sexual harassment
  73. Triggering: Need advice for getting help for the first time...
  74. Bad Day.
  75. hmm i guess its a good thing
  76. i just need advice...please...
  77. Female Advice Preferred: Sexually Assaulted
  78. Rape caused break up
  79. Triggering (Abuse): please dont read
  80. Containing the hurt and the shame.
  81. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Dreams about a rape that may or may not have occured.
  82. she is hurting him..
  83. Please?
  84. How I Deal With Flashbacks
  85. Triggering (Abuse): plea bargin and it begins again
  86. I'm going to have to face him again
  87. how can i help my girlfriend?
  88. Abused at from 4-6
  89. Triggering (Abuse): stuff that i cant talk about ?
  90. Emotional Abuse
  91. Triggering (Abuse): images
  92. How did i get here again?
  93. Triggering (Abuse): I just want it to stop...
  94. Hello, I'm new. Help, please.
  95. How am i suppose to know that its true?
  96. Triggering (Abuse): hes at it agian
  97. Triggering (Abuse): abuse
  98. Triggering (Abuse): (Really long) Abuse from Boyfriend AGAIN
  99. visions gone blury
  100. How Did It Affect My Family?
  101. My mom hits me but says it is to disipline
  102. overreacting
  103. Triggering (Abuse): Recurring
  104. Triggering: Advice?
  105. Triggering (Abuse): Verbal Abuse. How do I handle it?
  106. Triggering (Abuse): My story.
  107. Triggering (Abuse): Moving on? (verbal abuse)
  108. Triggering: two years later, i've finally accepted it, how do i move on?
  109. Dreams and Images
  110. Triggering (Abuse): Abuse and Rape
  111. Emotional abuse
  112. Triggering (Abuse): I feel disgusting
  113. Too scared.
  114. Triggering (Abuse): hating
  115. I have scars and I don't know how I got them...
  116. My friend
  117. Triggering (Abuse): My mom beats me.
  118. Restraining Order
  119. my best friend
  120. Triggering (Abuse): He will hurt me worst if I tell..
  121. Triggering (Abuse): Do you know?
  122. Triggering (Abuse): it's finally over.
  123. How "It" Changed Me
  124. PTSD?
  125. Just upset... reliving memories and emotions..
  126. Triggering: I'm a Horrible Person
  127. can someone talk to me?
  128. round and round they go...
  129. I feel like I'm letting it happen again.
  130. Triggering (Abuse): abuse
  131. sympathy seeker?
  132. Not sure help please
  133. I need help.
  134. Triggering (Abuse): rough fingering well kind of
  135. Help?
  136. Triggering (Abuse): poems about abuse
  137. Triggering (Abuse): Don't You Dare
  138. Triggering (Abuse): I'm not good with emotions but I need to get some stuff off my chest
  139. What Happened?
  140. Why didn't I see it before?
  141. What do I do?
  142. Triggering (Abuse): Past
  143. Triggering (Abuse): My story. :(
  144. My long distance girlfriend....
  145. emotianal abuse or not?
  146. Triggering: It keeps reminding me of what happened
  147. So here is the deal
  148. Triggering (Abuse): my dad agian..
  149. Triggering (Abuse): flashbacks
  150. Haunts my love life.
  151. the memories wont go away
  153. Triggering: I can't get my head round whether this is rape or not..
  154. How can I trust again?
  155. Why would she just lie like that?
  156. Nightmares returned
  157. Triggering: HEEELP!!!!!!!
  158. Triggering: I never said no.
  159. Triggering (Abuse): Triggered....
  160. Fear
  161. I feel guilty and vile.
  162. Triggering (Abuse): social worker
  163. Triggering: i was raped....
  164. Im scared!!
  165. Court lets rappist get away
  166. Triggering (Abuse): I just told someone for the first time
  167. WTF
  168. flash backs
  169. Triggering (Abuse): last night
  170. Need to talk to her.
  171. ryan...again..
  172. Raped and pregnant
  173. Triggering (Abuse): what do i say
  174. Parents are Emotionally Abusive
  175. Triggering (Abuse): not sure.
  176. Success!
  177. nobody knows or cares...
  178. Triggering (Suicide): Please help anybody
  179. Ruined
  180. stories of abuse
  181. ryan.
  182. She freaked out.
  183. my mom is being abusive towards me, yet I know she cant help it
  184. Triggering (Abuse): Memories
  185. A 31 yr old man
  186. Triggering (Abuse): Where to go from here?
  187. Triggering (Abuse): Raped by clown
  188. Triggering (Abuse): Abuse - really bad - very long
  189. Told
  190. Triggering (Abuse): Im not sure..
  191. My New Girlfriends Ex Boyfriend! Help!
  192. Triggering (Abuse): So many things.
  193. I don't know what to do
  194. Triggering (Abuse): It just hurts too bad...
  195. Should Be Over This.
  196. Triggering (Abuse): Who's to blame?
  197. Female Advice Preferred: would this be rape?
  198. Triggering (Abuse): Scared about meeting with a social worker for the first time...
  199. My girl
  201. what should i do
  202. Boyfriend
  203. Boyfriend
  204. Is it possible they didn't realise that what they did was abuse?
  205. Flashbacks
  206. Triggering (Abuse): any support
  207. Triggering (Abuse): Was I raped?
  208. Triggering (Abuse): Talking about past abuse
  209. Triggering (Abuse): telling my tutor
  210. What to say?
  211. Please help me.
  212. advice
  213. Why wasn't it wrong?
  214. bleh.
  215. Really don't know what to do...
  216. Police Interview..I am so scared!
  217. molested???
  218. Should Be Happy
  219. Triggering (Abuse): Sexual assault?
  220. Triggering (Abuse): help i dunno what i should do
  221. Triggering (Abuse): Men are predators.
  222. Triggering: what can i do? need help
  223. The Positivity Thread
  224. My boyfriemd and my babies.
  225. Dreams of rape.
  226. Triggering (Abuse): Songs about Abuse/Rape?
  227. Support...?
  228. my friend lied about being raped.
  229. my abuse.
  230. Triggering (Abuse): was it sexual assault?
  231. should i just get over it?..
  232. Triggering (Abuse): Too Late.
  233. dont know what to think
  234. Triggering: I was raped
  235. Triggering (Abuse): reassurance?
  236. Triggering (Abuse): Are my worries justifiable or am I just being paranoid?
  237. Triggering: Affecting my head - Rape
  238. Triggering (Abuse): I think I was raped
  239. Triggering: Awkward Party Situation
  240. Triggering (Abuse): It's Just Wrong..
  241. EMDR
  242. Arrrh! She jus dnt get it!!!
  243. Need help getting over childhood rape
  244. Triggering (Abuse): can he legally put me in time out ?
  245. Triggering: I dont know what to make of this
  246. is it abuse...
  247. childhood
  248. I have no clue what to do here..
  249. In Pain
  250. Triggering: Is it my fault?