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  1. Triggering (Abuse): was it sexual assault?
  2. should i just get over it?..
  3. Triggering (Abuse): Too Late.
  4. dont know what to think
  5. Triggering: I was raped
  6. Triggering (Abuse): reassurance?
  7. Triggering (Abuse): Are my worries justifiable or am I just being paranoid?
  8. Triggering: Affecting my head - Rape
  9. Triggering (Abuse): I think I was raped
  10. Triggering: Awkward Party Situation
  11. Triggering (Abuse): It's Just Wrong..
  12. EMDR
  13. Arrrh! She jus dnt get it!!!
  14. Need help getting over childhood rape
  15. Triggering (Abuse): can he legally put me in time out ?
  16. Triggering: I dont know what to make of this
  17. is it abuse...
  18. childhood
  19. I have no clue what to do here..
  20. In Pain
  21. Triggering: Is it my fault?
  22. Triggering (Abuse): How do you trust again?
  23. Triggering (Abuse): Sorry but (SH and PG-13 please watch it too)
  24. Nearly a year since....
  25. Triggering (Abuse): plz help me i dont know what to do
  26. Mental abuse.?
  27. Triggering (Abuse): My brother ruins my life.
  28. Meh dad is abusing me... again...
  29. Triggering (Abuse): Harassed.
  30. Triggering: I don't know what to do
  31. Triggering: sexual abuse?
  32. Triggering (Abuse): How do I tell my mom?
  33. Triggering: Creepy guy..
  34. Triggering (Abuse): An Old Nightmare
  35. Triggering (Abuse): I really don't know what to do, it hurts so bad. help?
  36. not sure?
  37. Triggering (Abuse): really hurt and confused
  38. Triggering (Abuse): My Mom Verbally abuses me horribly
  39. Getting taken away?
  40. Triggering (Abuse): Having a hard time coping
  41. Perverts
  42. Self Respect
  43. Triggering (Abuse): I don't Know What To do
  44. Triggering (Abuse): Its tearing me up
  45. Triggering (Abuse): argument with my mum
  46. I feel worthless and unloveable.
  47. Abuse by family friend
  48. so i told my mom . .
  49. My Good Friend
  50. a book im reading
  51. My friends dad
  52. Relapse
  53. Is there anything I can do about it now?
  54. How do i move on?
  55. cant stop thinking
  56. Triggering (Abuse): Going back to how I was
  57. Is this rape?
  58. Triggering (Abuse): Abusive Parents
  59. Is this normal? (includes a small fraction of my story)
  60. Triggering (Abuse): Court
  61. Handling my Sister
  62. what should I tell my friends?
  63. Triggering (Abuse): I'm Lost
  64. help
  65. Triggering (Abuse): I'm Scared
  66. Triggering: I Like It Rough
  67. Stupid Decisions/Choices = Regrets and Pain
  68. Triggering: I'm having flashback
  69. Triggering (Abuse): My good friend,
  70. Triggering: What if..it was merely 'drunk sleepwalking'
  71. rape
  72. Back to ...
  73. Statutory rape
  74. Triggering (Abuse): being pinned
  75. traumatizing dream..
  76. Triggering: Stupid Stupid Girl
  77. Not Sure....
  78. Triggering (SH): Film was so triggering
  79. hanging out with an ex again.
  80. Movies about Sexual Abuse?
  81. school.
  82. Triggering (Abuse): im a horibl persin
  83. So umm... I cant tell if the dream is real or not...
  84. my story : ( (hopefully this will help someone too.)
  85. Mom hits
  86. I am stuck
  87. Triggering: My full story (Major *TW* graphic and wrong)
  88. Scared..
  89. Brother abuse...what should i do?
  90. Triggering (Abuse): It just hurts..
  91. Should I try talking to her?
  92. Triggering: I can't deal with this anymore
  93. Triggering (Abuse): unfair
  94. Triggering (Abuse): How was your night? Mine was just great.
  95. Triggering: ugh, i don't know. [kinda graphic]
  96. Triggering (Abuse): sexually assaulted almost two years ago but dad.
  97. How to react?
  98. Triggering (Abuse): How do you deal with it when you see your abuser?
  99. Triggering: I really have no idea what to do from here...
  100. Triggering: i don't know what to do =/ (i'm not too sure how triggering this may be)
  101. i don't understand..
  102. can childhood abuse lead to problems
  103. This really urgent feeling..?
  104. I hate myself now
  105. Triggering (Abuse): Im not sure,
  106. Awful memory
  107. Triggering (Abuse): So scared!
  108. Triggering (Abuse): My best friend's father is getting out of jail soon, and he's been molesting her since she was ten.
  109. Triggering (Abuse): Ex-boyfriend
  110. Triggering (Abuse): Thinking
  111. Triggering (Abuse): help?
  112. Ex boyfriend
  113. My friend's abusive father
  114. im worried about my friend
  115. a question
  116. Do I Have Grounds to Place Harassment Charges?
  117. I have no idea what to do...
  118. Triggering: put as trigggering because i dont no if it would be but can i ask advice please
  119. Online
  120. Abuse?
  121. Advice?
  122. Help Me, I'm breaking
  123. Triggering (Abuse): No Big Deal.
  124. boyfriend was raped as a child and as a result is racist, violent, and homophobic
  125. Triggering: my dad
  126. Is? PleAse answer).
  127. I hate that word....
  128. update
  129. is there somethign wrong with me?
  130. Triggering (Abuse): so my mum is telling people
  131. What is Wrong with Me?
  132. Triggering (Abuse): Please Help ~triggering SH~
  133. Triggering (Abuse): It was my fault. >.<
  134. Triggering (Abuse): was this rape?
  135. it's happening again
  136. Triggering: Mental Breakdown
  137. Yesterday (may trigger both sh and abuse)
  138. Triggering (Abuse): So confused...
  139. Triggering (Abuse): Like I Didn't Matter.
  140. I don't understand, please help.
  141. Triggering (Abuse): I got my counselling appointments through
  142. Triggering (Abuse): why??
  143. Need Help Dealing
  144. Triggering (Abuse): Attempted Rape/Sexual Harassment? (very detailed)
  145. finally told family
  146. I dont no what to do...
  147. I'm not sure where to put this...
  148. How is This Supposed to Work Out?
  149. nightmares
  150. flashbacks..
  151. Help! My Father Loves Me Too Much!
  152. It's Effecting My Relationship -- Help?
  153. Triggering (Abuse): My bro
  154. Triggering (Abuse): Female teachers and boys
  155. Triggering (Abuse): Has it changed me any???
  156. Triggering (Abuse): The Cage
  157. I think a lot of people don't think about this
  158. help?
  159. HELP!! I have no idea what is going to happen
  160. Somethings been bothering me..
  161. I don't know...
  162. Triggering (Abuse): How can you stay in an abusive relationship?
  163. When I was young...
  164. My case...
  165. hated by the family
  166. ahh, freakin.abuse..my life.. :(
  167. Emotional Abuse? Help!
  168. Help pleasee
  169. 14 years of hitting.
  170. Organizations associated with giving support to and/or preventing rape and abuse?
  171. A little advice?
  172. my geography teacher and sience teacher
  173. Flashbacks of something that happened a long time ago...
  174. am I being abused?
  175. Is this wrong..?
  176. help me... i dont know how to react
  177. Not sure what happened there...
  178. rape...
  179. last week
  180. What do I do now?
  181. Is my friend being sexually abused?
  182. Nightmares
  183. Insane Mother
  184. Was I raped? How do I forgive myself?
  185. Last Night.
  186. RAPE
  187. Could the Gods be smiling upon me?
  188. Years ago
  189. after rape
  190. Okay need opinions
  191. Help me:'(
  192. A friend of a friend
  193. My two best friends are abusing someone..
  194. If you were abused in some way....
  195. Research Survey on Rape and whether we should increase the sentence for rapist
  196. My friend being abused ?
  197. Was I sexually abused by my brother?
  198. I'm a rapist...
  199. I don't like it
  200. don't want it to happen anymore
  201. Okay
  202. relapse?
  203. if i cant tell him how will i tell the police?
  204. abused again..
  205. just deserts
  206. restraining order
  207. I don't know what to put for the title. [Ventt.]
  208. Dealing with Blame
  209. flashbacks
  210. The Cops Didn't Help Me
  211. Scared around my uncle.
  212. My StepDad
  213. Is it rape?
  214. Molestation Memories Bothering Me
  215. My friend is being abused... (May be triggering, I marked it as such to make sure)
  216. He choked me.
  217. My Story
  218. PLEASE help me I feel SO disugsting right now ANYONE?!?!
  219. Devastated
  220. Lately....
  221. not sure if this is where i should put this....
  222. Questions on Child Abuse
  223. Postman
  224. I had this sudden thought ...
  225. This shouldn't bother me, right?
  226. two girls, one dad? real? idk
  227. Eight Days With My Father.
  228. Update: I talked to her!
  229. Hating myself every day.
  230. finally talked to someone
  231. worried about a friend.
  232. So I Guess I want to tell my Story
  233. i cant believe this!!!
  234. some advise, please
  235. no flashbacks
  236. I just wanna help...
  237. dating issues
  238. Rape Victim.
  239. Help with speaking with my friend
  240. Research
  241. Happening again. :(
  242. my story
  243. SCARED
  244. My GF was harrassed/assaulted.
  245. Types of Abuse.
  246. Violent Brother
  247. Don't know what to think.
  248. Just some advice please
  249. someone please help me - i think im losing my mind
  250. my life