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  1. Do you have a psychologist?
  2. Triggering: asking for help
  3. why cant i just move on......
  4. Triggering: am i... insane? or just weird
  5. Square one?? help
  6. Scared of being left on my own
  7. bright flash???
  8. Feel like I'm not fully conscious or aware
  9. Scared
  10. i just cant do it anymore
  11. Is there something wrong with me?
  12. Triggering: I think I have a problem...(Offensive.)
  13. Is it normal to have full on conversations in your head?
  14. Triggering (SH): Anger and Sadness
  15. Fear of people.
  16. Scared of low flying planes
  17. Triggering: I think I have a problem.Anyone can help?
  18. Help
  19. I wonder if anyone can help me?!?
  20. Can't get over someone being nice to me?
  21. Triggering: am i becoming psychotic?
  22. I need to cry..
  23. SM
  24. the future
  25. Panic attack
  26. Do you talk to your friends about your mental health?
  27. ..At Night
  28. Nightmares
  29. This has no meaning.
  30. A 'cure' for depression?
  31. My brother...
  32. edf
  33. Bipolar?
  34. Please help me figure out some things triggering me
  35. what is wrong with me??
  36. Looking for a support group.
  37. me and my mom.
  38. ...idk..but help if u can
  39. OCD Much
  40. i think i need to see a psychologist
  41. pills
  42. not really sure whats wrong with me
  43. I am a compulsive liar.
  44. Am I Overreacting?
  45. Triggering: I am scared of myself.
  46. Huge self-confidence problem
  47. Huh?
  48. The Voice
  49. can I live with these problems?
  50. Losing my mind?
  51. in the middle of everything
  52. never safe
  53. When I hear about her life, why do I react the way I do.
  54. Psychotherapy.
  55. Lack of sleep
  56. I think this may be it
  57. She's afraid of him
  58. are multiple personalities dangerous?
  59. What is safe?
  60. Telephobia
  61. Triggering (SH): Wreck Today
  62. I dont know what's going on.
  63. Triggering: Serious Problems
  64. i think i'm 'crazy'
  65. Is there a difference?
  66. These nightmares make me sick.
  67. me in a nutshell.
  68. Iv lost the plot
  69. My Friend..
  70. I Don't Know what actions I should take...
  71. my life sucks
  72. Recently iv'e become scared of everything.
  73. Medication/Anti-Depressants
  74. They are after me
  75. Sociopath
  76. Been awhile, therapist problems. (Kind of long)
  77. new
  78. I hate everyone (lol whiny emo rant)
  79. Triggering: Future Murderer??
  80. How can i love myself?
  81. bipolar/intermitant explosive/major depressive?
  82. Am I flawwed person??
  83. Questions about Lexapro
  84. i really need some advice. i'm tired of being scared.
  85. bipolar??
  86. I don't get it =(
  87. Triggering (Suicide): Dream interpretation/meaning??
  88. Am I Doing Something Wrong?
  89. Am I insane?
  90. Flustered, opinionated, and intense. Jesus.
  91. Male or Female Therapist?
  92. Male body image
  93. Decided I'm going to therapy
  94. do anti depprisionts work?
  95. Professional's Meeting..
  96. I hate my birthday!
  97. Triggering: It's All Coming Back
  98. Triggering (SH): Anti-depressants?
  99. I know people deal with things there won way, but is mine normal?
  100. Triggering: Father with mental issues (triggering)
  101. I wish someone would fix me.
  102. i dunno where this fits. i need help
  103. this is so stupid!
  104. People think I'm bipolar and they might be right
  105. kinda unimportant...
  106. Too much bullshit...
  107. Really shy??nervous??
  108. Triggering: Omg! Help.
  109. Triggering: Mentally Ill?
  110. post traumatic stress disorder
  111. Am I depressed?
  112. Arachnophobia
  113. Triggering (Substances): Dissociation and the drugs
  114. ???
  115. Triggering: OCD Rant... idk indifferent sadness.
  116. I'm sick of it :(
  117. How I can help MYSELF?
  118. Just plain confused
  119. A little strange...
  120. nightmares/sleeping/panic attacks?
  121. PTSD Survivors
  122. sleep
  123. Intake Appointments?
  124. I want to make friends but seriously can't
  125. Triggering (SH): Im getting ill again....I cut...again
  126. Triggering: Fuck life! Kill me right now! I do not fucking wanna live in a world with fecal germs!
  127. Triggering (SH): I think I had a psychotic episode, Im not sure,
  128. Triggering: Dreams where I die at the end
  129. Triggering: I'm in dire need of relief
  130. Panic attacks or anxiety attacks?
  131. Types of psychologists
  132. There should be a mental disorder about destroying your family
  133. Do I have it?
  134. PTSD... :(
  135. Triggering: panick attacks, anxiety, and other stuff
  136. I think my friend may have PTSD
  137. Help
  138. Terrifying dreams...
  139. Mild Panic Disorder?...Need Help ASAP
  140. My Mum is in Denial of her Personality Disorder
  141. in-patient for three weeks.
  142. Do you think..?
  144. Triggering: Possible panic attack
  145. He needs to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital!
  146. Um... Voices...?
  147. my lifelong disorder finally diagnosed..
  148. attachment disorder HELP
  149. Why can I only talk to guys?
  150. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  151. I had a weird dream...
  152. Scared around Groups of people??
  153. Psychologist Visits and Insurance: Thoughts?
  154. Do teens have a right to confidentiality?
  155. Need Help on how to confront
  156. Split personalities o.O
  157. Childish..... I guess
  158. Triggering (Grieving): Well here goes...
  159. Am i the only one here with Aspergers, have you at least heard about it.
  160. citalopram tablets?
  161. Rocking Back and Forth (Anxiety/ Depression)
  162. Triggering: when i get angry...
  163. OCD?
  164. It seems like i dont feel emotions anymore
  165. tyler
  166. Triggering: I just need to say how i feel
  167. S.A.D
  168. Is there anything I need other than intensive therapy?
  169. I really don't like myself.
  170. Triggering (Suicide): Should I kill myself?
  171. Triggering (SH): This is odd...
  172. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  173. Anthropophobia...
  174. Triggering (Suicide): conifers communtity menat health team
  175. I'm so angry....
  176. school psychologist
  177. Completely cured my anxiety, but now I have another problem!
  178. Triggering (Suicide): they tell me to die. ):
  179. Psychologist?
  180. Triggering: am I crazy?
  181. my doc wants to tak me off my meds....
  182. OK This is going to sound totally insane...
  183. My emotions are going up and down >.<
  184. Im really paranoid.
  185. My Dad is getting worse
  186. People scare me
  187. my boyfriend sitting at the end of my bed
  188. I'm Lost and I Can't Make It On My Own
  189. Very Low Self-Esteem
  190. Triggering: So I'm having this issue...
  191. i hear a voice in my head....?
  192. This doesn't make any sense...
  193. talking to myself
  194. Could this be a sign of manic depression or just "hormones" as my counsellor put it?
  195. OCD
  196. My mental state is always altering and for what reason?
  197. What could I possibly have?
  198. What Do I Do?
  199. Does anyone else have 'quiet days'.
  200. Split personality
  201. On and Off
  202. Something really Weird
  203. Something is wrong with me..[life story included]
  204. schizophrenia and MS
  205. Paranoid
  206. Can't tell what's real
  207. I attacked my dad in my sleep :/
  208. schizophrenia?
  209. Spock and my mental well-being
  210. whats going on? =(
  211. my anger is getting the better of me
  212. Can going to therapy make it worse?
  213. pstd , help???
  214. Citalopram
  215. What the pyschiatrists said to me....
  216. Obsession with the #6
  217. What is my problem?
  218. Disturbing dream
  219. When does a fear become a phobia?
  220. dear 10 year old me: I miss you
  221. How can I stop myself from doing this?
  222. I'm so frustrated! Ugh!
  223. Dealing With My Mental State
  224. Triggering: Insomnia
  225. What is it like having ADD or being in a relationship with someone who has?
  226. Mental Health
  227. OCD Sufferers?
  228. My emotions are ALWAYS see-sawing!
  229. Nervous/Excited Stuttering
  230. What's the use...
  231. Am I A Pedophile?
  232. fear of spiders taking over my life
  233. Triggering: we are all just prisoners here, of our own device.
  234. Sociopathy
  235. What could make me feel like this, am I sick?
  236. Support Group Meetings?
  237. Camhs
  238. apathy and anger
  239. A concerned friend
  240. Oppostitonal Defiance Disorder
  241. Talking to myself?
  242. Schizoaffective
  243. Triggering (Suicide): sadistic thoughts.very triggering!
  244. it pains me to say
  245. Any other non-therapy-goers?
  246. Insanity?
  247. my memory is going going....gone
  248. Can you explain why I'm like this?
  249. My own mind is going to cost me my future.
  250. A Brain Aneurysm?!