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  1. How do I deal with my stress?
  2. Expressing Gratitude to School Counsellor
  3. Is this psychosis or something else?
  4. Persistent Depressive disorder?
  5. I haven't been doing well, any advice?
  6. --
  7. I am too mature for my age.
  8. How do I talk to my Doctor?
  9. Anxious
  10. How do I control extreme anger?
  11. personality disorders are weird
  12. Sleep?
  13. Please help. I'm worried about my brother
  14. Triggering: How to help my mentally ill girlfriend?
  15. Schizophrenia?
  16. EMDR therapy?
  17. Trauma-focused CBT for adults?
  18. Has anyone got any experience of taking Sertaline for anxiety
  19. Thinking about changing therapists
  20. Need an escape
  21. I don't know what to do .
  22. Social anxiety,feel depressed,exhausted
  23. What's going on with my eating patterns..?
  24. Triggering (ED): Dissociation? ED? Nightmares? sleep depervation?
  25. Triggering: I dont know what to do....???
  26. Female Advice Preferred: Too Much Guilt? (I don't know if this belongs in this thread?)
  27. Counselling
  28. Speaking up.
  29. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): It's taking over my life...
  30. Triggering: Terrifying Voices and "Hallucinations"
  31. Triggering: Need some help lifting my head.
  32. Fresh start.
  33. I don't know what to do about therapy
  34. Advice for helping my friend
  35. Triggering: Too ugly
  36. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stress is killing me
  37. Triggering: Mental hospital
  38. Quitting Dance..
  39. Triggering (Abuse): Act to mature? Can't "act my age"
  40. Triggering: Don't know what to title this...
  41. Triggering (Grieving): he is adding to the guilt
  42. ASAP HELP- Birth Control and EXTREME mood swings hi
  43. Triggering (Suicide): Thankful to be here - 6 years later.
  44. Drug Like Behavior When Sick
  45. New therapist
  46. Issues
  47. It's consuming me
  48. An issue thats been affecting me for years
  49. Electro Convulsive Therapy
  50. Restless and not eating
  51. I may have Borderline personality disorder and afraid of going to a therapist or getting treatment...
  52. seeing a psychiatrist Thursday
  53. Triggering: OCD, derma/trichotillomania, serious anxiety issues?
  54. Could I have bi polar
  55. Releasing emotional tension?
  56. I'm really in a bad place at the moment rant
  57. Perfectionism or OCD. . . ?
  58. Triggering: Body Dysphormia
  59. I don't want to be angry...
  60. Triggering: Completely hate myself
  61. Can I get an Emergency Counseling Appointment
  62. Kind of scared to go off my meds.
  63. I hate my adhd
  64. Work Stress
  65. Triggering (Abuse): Suffering mentally after abuse
  66. Triggering (SH): where can i turn?
  67. Triggering: A Broken Person...
  68. Handicap Placard
  69. So nervous
  70. Disability.
  71. Can someone say it's going to be ok please?
  72. Alone at the top
  73. Triggering: With broken wings (Mentions of PTSD, and Cops)
  74. Triggering (Abuse): Haunted...
  75. Triggering (Suicide): I split myself and now it threatens to kill me.
  76. Idk anymore......
  77. Triggering (Abuse): Should I ask for help?
  78. My sister thinks...
  79. I just kinda need some advice.
  80. Triggering: i feel like it is better if i relapse
  81. Just an update.
  82. Dialectical behavior therapy?
  83. Emotionally unintelligent and unstable
  84. Counseling; worse before better?
  85. Triggering (SH): Please help me, my anxiety is ruining my relationship :'(
  86. It's The End
  87. how to ask for a therapist?
  88. Psychiatric service dog
  89. What was that?
  90. Severe Anxiety?
  91. I Have A Therapist!
  92. I'm scared she'll change my meds.
  93. I dont want to tell anyone, but this is choking me...
  94. To keep me accountable...
  95. Questions about Counseling
  96. New therapist is too "professional"
  97. Do I ask for a referral or just drop the idea?
  98. Triggering: Therapy?
  99. Counselor vs. therepist
  100. Service Dog
  101. Triggering: I'm relapsing and I don't know what to do
  102. Does zoloft work for anxiety?
  103. Am I a victim to over thinking and worrying
  104. Pay it forward
  105. Shyness or anxiety?
  106. Can't cope with my job it's to much pressure want to give up and find something else but then I realize I need a source of income
  107. Should I talk to therapist?
  108. I'm unsure if I have a mental disorder.
  109. remembering sessions
  110. Triggering (Suicide): My misophonia is getting out of hand!
  111. Social anxiety
  112. How do you know the age equivalent you function as?
  113. Feeling Inferior
  114. Triggering (SH): Borderline Personality Disorder
  115. possibilities of a drama queen
  116. what is Narccistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?
  117. Keeping positive and happy blacking out the miserable and downing thoughts?
  118. bpd?
  119. They won't believe me
  120. Lack Of Focus
  121. How to explain to family that medication isn't a cure?
  122. Triggering (Suicide): Crazy?
  123. Am I going mentally ill?
  124. Anyone?
  125. Triggering (Suicide): i almost went to the hospital today
  126. Triggering: i'm a mess?
  127. I feel older than I really am
  128. moodswings
  129. Anger Management
  130. Idk whats wrong
  131. Was this some sort of depressive episode?
  132. Derealisation
  133. How to build a self-soothe box!
  134. This anxiety is completely tearing me apart.
  135. No self help things work for me?!
  136. I've hit a really bad spot, and I have a mix of emotions
  137. Diagnosed
  138. Voices in my head
  139. Weighted blankets?
  140. Some questions about my mental health
  141. I have some questions for people
  142. Not sure if hypo-manic or...
  143. To far
  144. Back to the start
  145. Hey.
  146. Took a huge step today...
  147. Triggering: Maybe I'm just stupid
  148. NEW JOB but?
  149. Triggering: Paranoid
  150. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I don't care
  151. Triggering: can anyone relate to this?
  152. Postpartum depression possibility
  153. Pyrophobia
  154. ECT
  155. Update
  156. sadistic tendancies
  157. Not Entirely Sure
  158. Going Crazy
  159. not letting mental health effect daily life?
  160. How to deal with jealousy/anger issues better.
  161. Final session of Therapy
  162. Why am i oddly optimistic?
  163. Having a sense of self with mental illness?
  164. Something positive, finally!
  165. Need someone
  166. Coping with humor
  167. Triggering: Yet here we are again...
  168. Did I experience psychosis or was it my imagination?
  169. My friend might get sectioned, what can I do?
  170. Are These Even Intrusive Thoughts?
  171. I need urgent help
  172. thinking positive
  173. my life
  174. Bullying Driving Me Insane
  175. Triggering: cannot get through the filth
  176. Nearly got sectioned.
  177. Triggering: section 136.
  178. Triggering: i feel real bad
  179. Triggering: Feel like exploding!
  180. I'm not sure what to title this.
  181. Triggering (ED): I may trigger my friend?
  182. Low self esteem
  183. Therapist thinks I'm bipolar but I'm not sure?
  184. Triggering: im an idiot
  185. Triggering: I have so many things I should be grateful for
  186. Is This Dissociation?
  187. Triggering: Falling apart
  188. Struggling
  189. I'm unsure
  190. Downside to Psych Meds?
  191. I don't deserve to have problems?
  192. Memory Problems
  193. therapy was succsesful
  194. Triggering (ED): New therapist ( please reply soon)
  195. Am I a Sadist?
  196. i just want to know whats happening to me
  197. Hurting people.
  198. weirdest and scariest thing..
  199. On the spectrum?
  200. Overcoming fear?
  201. Citalopram making me depressed?
  202. Unsure
  203. In the Daytime, I am Happy; but at Night, I Get Really Sad and Often Feel Like Crying
  204. Alone:(
  205. Negative people hurting my mental health
  206. Help :(
  207. Stress
  208. I thought I was past this
  209. How do I stop being mean to those i love?
  210. Angry Impulses.
  211. Just want to be normal!
  212. Triggering (SH): Breaking Down and overwhelmed
  213. Do I Have These Disorders, Or Am I Just Weird?
  214. Triggering: It all comes back
  215. Insomnia ?
  216. Preparing for counselling appointment
  217. Anger issues
  218. Triggering: I thought I was over it
  219. What s wrong with me?
  220. I dont even know xD
  221. Stopping citalopram for a few days?
  222. Existential crisis?
  223. Triggering: Feeling "present"
  224. What is happening?
  225. Any struggling psychosis/anxiety people
  226. How to get control
  227. Procrastination, Bored of Life, What to Do?
  228. OCD?
  229. Obsessions. (MDD/Aspergers?)
  230. Stress is taking over my life
  231. DID
  232. goals for counseling
  233. I'm 18 and I feel much older than I am.
  234. I honestly don't know..
  235. Recovering?
  236. What is a psychological evaluation like?
  237. Tips on getting more confident?
  238. Why Do i want to fight so bad
  239. Triggering (Suicide): sad
  240. Medicine
  241. Triggering: Is this OCD or something else?
  242. Nothing makes sense
  243. Failure to control emotions in certain situations
  244. ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experience)
  245. I'm tired of having to remember and know what to do everytime.
  246. Broken
  247. ADD?
  248. What is this?
  249. Always About Money
  250. Should I tell?