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  1. Preparing for counselling appointment
  2. Anger issues
  3. Triggering: I thought I was over it
  4. What s wrong with me?
  5. I dont even know xD
  6. Stopping citalopram for a few days?
  7. Existential crisis?
  8. Triggering: Feeling "present"
  9. What is happening?
  10. Any struggling psychosis/anxiety people
  11. How to get control
  12. Procrastination, Bored of Life, What to Do?
  13. OCD?
  14. Obsessions. (MDD/Aspergers?)
  15. Stress is taking over my life
  16. DID
  17. goals for counseling
  18. I'm 18 and I feel much older than I am.
  19. I honestly don't know..
  20. Recovering?
  21. What is a psychological evaluation like?
  22. Tips on getting more confident?
  23. Why Do i want to fight so bad
  24. Triggering (Suicide): sad
  25. Medicine
  26. Triggering: Is this OCD or something else?
  27. Nothing makes sense
  28. Failure to control emotions in certain situations
  29. ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experience)
  30. I'm tired of having to remember and know what to do everytime.
  31. Broken
  32. ADD?
  33. What is this?
  34. Always About Money
  35. Should I tell?
  36. Hallucinatios?
  37. Triggering: is this part of OCD?
  38. what is this..
  39. How to take life more slowly
  40. Please help me...
  41. Triggering: A friend shows symptoms of psychosis
  42. Triggering: (PTSD) I really need encouragement right now...
  43. Acting Crazy When Sick
  44. Am I faking an illness?
  45. Just when things start to look up.
  46. mania
  47. Everything is falling apart...
  48. I want to sleeeep.
  49. I don't think anything exists
  50. Triggering: Hallucinations,Memories, or something else?
  51. Voices in my head?
  52. Hallucinations
  53. Aspergers
  54. Did my mom have a mental illiness? If so, how many?
  55. I can't stop
  56. diagnoses acceptennse(prefer advice from people who have Bi-polar and BPD)
  57. back on pills again
  58. Over stressing
  59. Triggering: Getting tired of paranoid thoughts
  60. Therapy Homework
  61. My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
  62. Symptoms. No one else notices.
  63. hypomanic?
  64. Insurance + job :(
  65. I think I'm going crazy
  66. I think I may have a mental health problem.
  67. Would this be considered a mental disorder?
  68. Asking my therapist
  69. Am I crazy?
  70. Really need help, don't know what to do anymore
  71. Had enough
  72. Triggering: Extreme violence/anger + self harm
  73. Building self confidence and self esteem?
  74. PTSD
  75. Been told that there's no mental health support for me in my area in England
  76. I have a question
  77. HELP!!! (BPD/ DBT?)
  78. Triggering: Flashbacks + feeling things?
  79. It's like depression, but also different. I eat and sleep like i have ever been. But i feel horrible and can't function or do anything i used to enjoy
  80. Switching to more natural remedies
  81. Is this bad..?
  82. Weird feeling... Can you relate?
  83. A day in the life of...
  84. Is this bipolar?
  85. In need
  86. something bad happened and I can't get over it
  87. I feel insane
  88. People who suffer with ADHD do you take medication how does it work has it helped you?
  89. thoughts about life?
  90. Ask a schizophrenic anything! Or discuss psychosis
  91. Help! I'm scared
  92. Borderline Personality Disorder????
  93. Obsessing
  94. ECT.
  95. Triggering (Suicide): I feel so alone
  96. Triggering: I'm not sure what's wrong with me.
  97. Triggers and strategies
  98. How to find the right doctor?
  99. Functioning WITHOUT the mental illness?
  100. Triggering: not sure about diagnoses
  101. Bad self image
  102. I'm so worried about my mental health
  103. Frustrated and confused.
  104. Guilty until I know
  105. Triggering: I have no reason to complain but I'm still sad
  106. I don't know what to do
  107. Triggering (Abuse): Do I need to be killed?
  108. Can someone educate me? //clueless & desperate
  109. Don't know what to do!
  110. Thinking too much.
  111. Is it just teenage angst?
  112. Why am I suddenly so jumpy?
  113. Am I being a bad sister?
  114. I have mental problems
  115. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What do I do (long, abuse)
  116. Might be (finally) going to see a psychologist!
  117. Unsure of What to Discuss With a Psychiatrist
  118. I Don't Dream.
  119. I'm not sure how to approach this...
  120. Making therapy goals.
  121. Counselling
  122. Scared, TW
  123. controlling anxiety
  124. Bipolar I Need Help
  125. I don't believe people can like me
  126. terrified
  127. Loneliness and how to deal with it
  128. Triggering (Suicide): i get the point can you leave me alone now?
  129. Nightmares have started again
  130. Anxieties
  131. Triggering (Suicide): I need help. Life story- It will be long to read
  132. Being in the hospital.
  133. Hospital
  134. Leaving CAMHS
  135. Anyone tried aromatherapy?
  136. Anger and Trust Problems
  137. Feeling like everything is secret
  138. I don't feel completely alive
  139. Triggering (SH): mental health problems yet "high functioning"
  140. Nervous Tension.
  141. Help Me
  142. i need some mental help
  143. Triggering: My ocd is crushing me.
  144. save me
  145. Triggering (Suicide): Normal mood swings or not?
  146. Big web of problems
  147. The urge to do something stupid/dangerous
  149. Germ phobia or reasonable?
  150. Is this multiple personalities?
  151. bipolar
  152. Doctors referral
  153. I just need somewhere to vent
  154. I Don't Understand Her
  155. Positivity, recovery from mental health
  156. I don't feel safe
  157. Triggering: I don't know how to tell my girlfriend I support her
  158. Triggering: Maybe the hospital is best?
  159. I am very confused about myself.
  160. Therapy for the wrong reasons
  161. Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder
  162. Random, Horrible Thoughts?
  163. autism and manipulation
  164. I'm growing up too fast and I'm scared
  165. Insane
  166. really paranoid
  167. No one understands
  168. Triggering (Suicide): is it Bipolar or boderline
  169. getting super paranoid.
  170. Overwhelmed
  171. Memory Repression
  172. Bipolar 1 Disorder
  173. feeling tired
  174. Hi could I get some advice please
  175. need advice on social anxiety and Borderline personality
  176. Worried about school?
  177. I'm getting scared of myself
  178. Unemployment + depression and anxiety
  179. PTSD
  180. Psych evaluation?
  181. Triggering: Sleeping Trouble
  182. Recovering from depersonalization.
  183. Statuses
  184. making myself ugly on purpose
  185. Triggering: I have no idea what's going on or what to do anymore
  186. voices
  187. Mental Health
  188. Triggering: I'm just done...
  189. questions about borderline personality disorder
  190. Freaked out by a towel?!
  191. asd?
  192. I think I may have a personality disorder of some sort.
  193. Triggering: I need to be admitted badly
  194. Wanting to go to hospital..
  195. I can't be alone in public.
  196. Emotional Numbness...?
  197. Difficulty Knowing What's Real
  198. Listen to me, please
  199. Residential
  200. need help asking for help
  201. I don't know how to not make it happen..
  202. Is it normal to have imaginary friends at 18?
  203. Triggering: Insane
  204. 5pm can I sleep through the night
  205. Triggering: HELP
  206. Super Duper Stressed
  207. Non-PG13: what is wrong with me SOS ASAP
  208. Hospital
  209. Nightmares every night
  210. Emotions and expression
  211. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Maybe I should just give up
  212. petrified to sleep at night.
  213. When people do not believe something is wrong with me
  214. Triggering: I'm Scared and Need Help
  215. Defined by your mental illnesses?
  216. labels
  217. anxiety=no confidence
  218. Triggering: Advice needed
  219. Over The River and Through the Woods...
  220. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Case Manager...
  221. Random breakdowns
  222. Imaginary friends
  223. An Irrational Fear...
  224. Entirely New Environment, Whole New Host of Problems.
  225. one time occurence double personality disorder??
  226. Does confidentiality change when you're 18?
  227. OCD?
  228. What I should tell my psychiatrist/ will I be hospitalized
  229. hospitalisation
  230. It feels like NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!!!!!!!!!!
  231. Triggering (Suicide): I'm so scared but feel so guilty
  232. EMDR
  233. Deep struggles.
  234. My meds.
  235. Always afraid of what I will do
  236. To medicate, or not to medicate?
  237. I don't know if this should go in here but I'll try..
  238. Triggering: trypophobia
  239. Antidepressants?
  240. Triggering: voices and violence
  241. Confidence Shy - Any Advice?
  242. Physical symptoms caused by anxiety?
  243. Is there something wrong with me?
  244. Would it be a good idea?
  245. Telling a boss or teacher about your anxiety or depression
  246. Half emotionless? bipolar depression?
  247. Triggering (SH): what is going on up there?
  249. Diagnosed with BPD today😵
  250. blurred difference