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  1. blurred difference
  2. Blurred lines between anxiety and depression
  3. Thinking about going to therapy again
  4. threatened and attacked in the same day I NOW THINK I AM SUFFERING FROM PTSD NEED TIPS
  5. I don't know what's wrong with me
  6. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Need some Advice
  7. Terrified and having panic attacks because I have to have wisdom teeth removed
  8. Overthinking?! Help!
  9. Emotionally numb
  10. How to recover from OCD?
  11. YIKES! (Invega)
  12. Triggering (SH): Harm encouraging nightmares
  13. OCD is taking over my life
  14. Misophonia?
  15. Mental health
  16. WHAT DO I DO?
  17. Can anyone help?
  18. Triggering: Schizophrenia, Suicide, Anxiety, And Abuse
  19. Medicine Troubles
  20. Triggering: Mental Assessment this week, Nervous
  21. Introverts and being away from people (article)
  22. Extreme phobia?
  23. What's the line between "normal" and "problematic?"
  24. love-hate at the same time
  25. Clozapine
  26. *possibly triggering* Nightmares, only not asleep
  27. Triggering: can't get over it...tortured for 3 years.
  28. Hallucinations and Paranoia
  29. i don't see me?
  30. Triggering: Should I go to a psychiatrist or not???
  31. Mood and personality changes
  32. Triggering (SH): how did you get help?
  33. working for happiness
  34. Terrible memory
  35. The BPD Diagnosis
  36. Quiet BPD
  37. mind caving in
  38. Psychological or Physical?
  39. Non-PG13: murderous dream
  40. What's helped you recover/manage?
  41. feeling bad about feelin good
  42. I just want someone to get it
  43. going crazy, want to replace myself with metal
  44. Unreasonably attached to inanimate objects?
  45. Triggering: Am I okay? Is this normal?
  46. Anger Issues
  47. first CBT session today
  48. Triggering: Schizophrenia
  49. Lost in life
  50. Mental health and life changes
  51. Triggering: help? *I need advice*
  52. OCD and Stress
  53. Triggering (Suicide): I hate what I have become.! ��
  54. Withdrawal from Adderall
  55. A Bit Messed Up
  56. Triggering: TW: SL,ED, SI Anxiety, Depression, Nightmares?, light therapy, ED
  57. I need to be told what to do, literally
  58. Postnatal Depression
  59. Monophobia? Bipolar Depression? Anxiety?
  60. Coping with my other entity
  61. 17 and put into the Adult Mental Health Service?
  62. Triggering (SH): prozac and other meds..?
  63. Triggering (Abuse): Is this PTSD?
  64. How/why do you go about being diagnosed?
  65. Triggering (Suicide): Should my meds be adjusted?
  66. Is this normal?
  67. Spiritual fucking bullshit
  68. I don't know What to do to help myself
  69. Please help me escape this misery
  70. Triggering (SH): Intense Mood Swings?
  71. Terrible memory
  72. Mixing fantasy with reality
  73. A case of perfectionism.
  74. I can't make decisions
  75. I do not know what happened
  76. Something Wrong With Me?
  77. the NHS and therapy
  78. Triggering (Abuse): implusions with murder
  79. Deleting triggering pictures
  80. Anti-depression medicine
  81. Iím on my last nerve
  82. Getting the most out of therapy
  83. Should I even tell him this?
  84. Is this normal??
  85. Triggering: Withdrawal symptoms from psych meds?
  86. Triggering: Fears
  87. Things off my chest?
  88. Am I completely hopeless?
  89. 5 Minutes a Day to Connect With Your Teenager
  90. Social Life of Teenagers
  91. Struggling? Need Help?
  92. Anxiety(?), Depression(?), Stress(?)?
  93. Medication
  94. school counselor?
  95. Help figuring the real me out?
  96. PMS Symptoms!
  97. Letting go...
  98. Bored and apathetic about everything in my life
  99. See someone about my problems
  100. No one wants my case
  101. No One Seems To Understand
  102. Can't voice my oppinion
  103. Mania?
  104. Worried about a friends safety
  105. Triggering: Best I have been in awhile
  106. Stress due to school
  107. Major Communication Problems.
  108. I don't know.
  109. Developing anger issues of some sort?
  110. My dreams
  111. Getting assessed
  112. boyfriend
  113. Trust Issues
  114. Visiting a Former Therapist.
  115. Triggering: I like seeing people in pain
  116. No focus
  117. Am I normal? I think I need help.
  118. Triggering (SH): One OD ruined my life.
  119. group therapy...
  120. Medications.
  121. Triggering: This Dream Is Traumatizing!! Help
  122. there must be something wrong
  123. Anxiety and Psychosis
  124. Anger management advice needed!
  125. Help please
  126. hearing voices
  127. My case manager...
  128. So Much Guilt: How to deal with it?
  130. I don't think that's supposed to be..
  131. What's wrong with me?
  132. Major Depressive Disorder?
  133. So confused
  134. I am kinda worried..
  135. How to calm yourself during an anxiety attack.
  136. Triggering (Suicide): Bipolar II Disorder?
  137. Anxiety - Seeing Him Again!
  138. Dealing with paranoia :(
  139. Amazing date = anxious wreck
  140. Creating false realities?
  142. Is it weird to talk to your friends about your mental health issues?
  143. Bipolar Depression
  144. Confused With My Mind
  145. Going backwards
  146. Perfectionism (Not sure if this is the correct area to place this)
  147. OCD
  148. Bipolar disorder
  149. Med Withdrawal
  150. Too Many Symptoms (BPD)
  151. Simply hard. I want to speak out.
  152. Blank Periods
  153. BPD (Please help?)
  154. NEED HELP: My best friend attempted suicide now I think I might have pstd??????
  155. Hospitalization
  156. Need to chill out :(
  157. Social Anxiety?
  158. Worrying a lot
  159. Triggering: Mental Illness Stigma Assigment
  160. Seeking counselling references in New Westminster, BC
  161. Non-PG13: I DON'T WANNA HURT THEM!!!
  162. Please help me
  163. Vulnerability
  164. Is this real life or just fantasy?
  165. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I think i'm going insane
  166. Normal or crazy? Advice?
  167. DBT experiences?
  168. ptsd help!
  169. I'm confused....
  170. Triggering: Confused and conflicted and need suggestions
  171. Why?!?
  172. Whatís your experience with CBT?
  173. Sometimes I worry I'm insane...
  174. Triggering: PLZ ANSWER ASAP!!! I THINK I LOST IT!!!
  175. Triggering: PTSD like initial shock
  176. Emotional Instability
  177. Going to the GP.
  178. I'm scared.
  179. Triggering: Could odd fetishes be related to mental health issues?
  180. Triggering: Phrases that bother you.
  181. Hallucinations?
  182. Psychologist - how to tell my parents I am going (financial issues!)
  183. My empty story
  184. Just a little lost
  185. First time going to therapy.
  186. Bipolar but...not?
  187. Are the voices in my head normal?
  188. EXTREME PHOBIA of anesthesia?
  189. gee thanks
  190. Dissociative Identity Disorder
  191. Critical Moment in Life
  192. is this normal.??
  193. Mixed Feelings
  194. What are some good mental hospitals in new york??
  195. I don't know what this is..
  196. Good Multiply personality?
  197. Annoyed
  198. SAD but maybe not?
  199. Meditation?
  200. I am so lonely
  201. I don't know what this is.
  202. Over-dependent on counsellor?
  203. Is this normal?
  204. Am I over thinking things?
  205. Psychiatric Evaluation?
  206. High Expectations
  207. Depression: on and off
  208. Any suggestions??
  209. Met with my Therapist
  210. I'm confused help !
  211. Triggering (SH): Nightmares about...
  212. Aspergers
  213. A case manager?
  214. I Wanna Stay
  215. I'm Lost
  216. Borderline Personality Disorder
  217. Triggering: "Councelling Has Become a Way of Life."
  218. Triggering (Suicide): has anyone been to a mental facility? My story
  219. Getting Secretly Diagnosed?
  220. Triggering (SH): i can't do this anymore
  221. I just don't know.
  222. Not Good at Anything
  223. Why so extreme?
  224. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Anger Issues & Suicidal Tendencies
  225. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Bipolar: Thinking 'bout Peter
  226. future career
  227. i dont know what to do..
  228. Can't handle all these emotions anymore.
  229. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Just Feel So Confused And Angry
  230. Help, please?
  231. so confused
  232. Characters
  233. Is it better to get tested (Aspergers)
  234. I have no idea what to do.
  235. Triggering: Dear..
  236. My boyfriend thinks im bipolar... am i?
  237. Why do I seem to attract creepers? Am I just self centered and paranoid?
  238. Devastated feelings that even I don't understand.
  239. What is wrong with me, too sympathetic?
  240. Triggering (Suicide): My life at this point
  241. SAD, ADHD, Depression, and German Accent?
  242. To be hospitalized or not.
  243. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Feel Worthless
  244. Parent with bipolar
  245. Can't cope anymore...
  246. New Meds and my mind Before
  247. life works in strange ways
  248. Suicide
  249. Hypochondria
  250. Mirtazapine for insomnia