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  1. Disconnected
  2. Is it possible to have 3 disorders?
  3. My brain is not in a happy place atm...:/
  4. New and distressed
  5. is ther somting wrong wit me??
  6. I'm very confused
  7. Triggering (SH): A bunch of stuff.
  8. What colour do you feel....??
  9. Mental illness?
  10. 11 days since I left the house.
  11. Anyone else get this?
  12. I don't know what's wrong with me...
  13. Dreams/Nightmares coming true (literally)
  14. Thoughts of mass killling. No joke.
  15. telling someone
  16. Would a Life Coach help?
  17. Triggering: Should I...
  18. I get really depressed and offended by the littlest things?
  19. fit note >:(
  20. What do my dreams mean?
  21. Anger: I lose control of my own actions
  22. Weird dreams
  23. Is it possible to have two PDs?
  24. Triggering (SH): Something is seriously affecting my life :(
  25. Could I be Passive Aggressive?
  26. Triggering: help me and my girlfriend?
  27. Triggering: Voices.
  28. Triggering (Suicide): This is real now.
  29. Should I tell anyone?
  30. Feeling Wierd....
  31. Triggering (SH): Mum wants to 'talk' ?!!
  32. No One Cares
  33. Triggering: always on my mind
  34. Imaginary pain.
  35. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Hey - Help Fast
  36. What's up with me?
  37. Suffering or just self-centred?
  38. Does anyone else turn into their voices?
  39. Problems at work
  40. Paranoia of Cameras = Mental illness?
  41. occupational health
  42. Triggering (Suicide): Past memories and illness returning!
  43. I'm kind of freaked...?
  44. Bipolar?
  45. Widening my support network.
  46. Counselling?
  47. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Am I crazy? Like am I seriously f***ing insane?
  48. Classes, Stress and ADD
  49. I could swear they were in my room.
  50. Low self-esteem/extremely sensitive?
  51. always putting myself down
  52. Claustrophobia
  53. pregabalin
  54. Triggering (SH): Trichotillomania - hair pulling
  55. violence and abusive language
  56. I Don't Know What To Do
  57. Bad dreams... About teeth.
  58. Am I wrong to be happy?
  59. This is really strange to me I feel no emotion right now what so ever
  60. My moods are so wacky
  61. Extreme anger and sadness for no praticular reason?
  62. I have a few questions about something that has been concerning me.
  63. Coping with Limited/No Professional Resources
  64. My mind is like one big cloud.
  65. New Medication
  66. Frustration.
  67. Something isn't right
  68. Mental health and disability
  69. Am I Schizophrenic or is it just over thinking?
  70. What's wrong with me?
  71. Triggering: What's going on? :(
  72. Suspicion about bipolar in friend
  73. Is this a form of hallucinations?
  74. How to know if we're bipolar ?
  75. I Don't Know Whats Going On
  76. The voices in my head :(
  77. Being Diagnosed.
  78. Avoidance Personality Disorder
  80. How to seek help
  81. life sucks
  82. making people understand
  83. is this related to stress?
  84. Community Mental Health Team
  85. Triggering: Something wrong with my mind?...or something?
  86. What's wrong with me, to be honest.
  87. Insomnia Question
  88. Intrusive Thoughts
  89. I think I have an avoidant personality disorder
  90. Can't be diagnosed under 18
  91. Triggering: Is it bad not worrying about having disturbing thoughts?
  92. im never happy with myself
  93. "Locked Up"
  94. I don't know how to ask for counseling...
  95. Dissociation, Psychosis, or Just Weird?
  96. Lamictal Side Effects?
  97. Gonna be opening up about a sensitive topic in therapy...Tips?
  98. Triggering (SH): Is this a mental disorder?
  99. Could I be schizophrenic?
  100. what should I do
  101. Anger.
  102. Triggering (SH): Self-esteem, shyness, etc.
  103. Rapid Changing Moods
  104. Does anyone else ever get very antisocial periods??
  105. Triggering (Suicide): Stuck in a world that doesn't understand
  106. What to do?
  107. not ready to talk but need too!
  108. Counselling and teaching degree
  109. Social Awkwardness
  110. Losing track of reality- scaring me
  111. Yellow Fever; Help!
  112. Decide; I know what you'll say
  113. Psychiatric Service Dog
  114. how to tell the difference between hullicinations and real life?
  115. Positive thinking?
  116. Thoughts I shouldnt have/can't run from
  117. Triggering: Emotional Self harming?
  118. Hello
  119. Triggering: Would It be better to give up or walk through life with scars?
  120. Feeling Like Killing myself...!!
  121. Nothing makes me happy anymore..
  122. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): am I schizophrenic??
  123. It must have been the pills I took
  124. Disfunctional Emotions/wouldn't care if I died (non-suicidal)
  125. Becoming my alter ego?
  126. Crappy Thoughts..
  127. Getting help
  128. how can this mental illness be fixed?
  129. SEXTING
  130. Emergency Appointments makes my family mad??
  131. Is this possible?
  132. self esteem
  133. Any advice for handling your anger?
  134. Is this normal with bipolar?
  135. Bi-Polar Disorder?? help!
  136. If you have a mental illness, should your school know?
  137. I can't keep my cool.....
  138. Circles
  139. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): is this some kind of mental illness
  140. What Should I Do?
  141. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  142. People tell me i am negative and complain a lot
  143. coping with a relationship where both of us have severe depression...
  144. Antidepressants & headaches
  145. He has Aspergers
  146. Reducing Schizophrenia Related Suicides
  147. Help!
  148. Help....?
  149. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): cleanin' out my head is impossible
  150. silenced
  151. I'm falling apart...
  152. i'm so confused
  153. Anybody ever been on Clonazepam or Geodon?
  154. I'm SO pissed off at my mental health nurse.
  155. Triggering: Pregabalin/Effexor/Zoloft.
  156. I need help...
  157. am I insane???
  158. I don't know what is wrong with me.
  159. Sleeping Problems and nightmares
  160. How to stop taking my stress out on my boyfriend
  161. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I don't know where to begin.. (Stress, Anxiety, School, Habits, Depression)
  162. whats going on?
  163. Alright, I think I may need help here
  164. Synesthesia- Color.
  165. No more. please
  166. zoning out
  167. Looking for advice
  168. Any advice?
  169. Triggering (Abuse): Nightmares....whaaaa?
  170. bad nightmares and scared to sleep
  171. Is something wrong with me?
  172. The only memories I have of my childhood are bad ones
  173. Liar Liar Pants On Fire
  174. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Weird dream, result of coping from loneliness?
  175. What Am I?
  176. Do you outgrow this?
  177. Bipolar disorder x Anxiety
  178. Advice?
  179. Is this worth telling someone about?
  180. Is this normal??
  181. Lost
  182. Anger management problems (cause of studies and broken heart)
  183. Ive told
  184. Online Tests
  185. I think I have a problem
  186. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I would like to punch people
  187. I don't know how to feel about this... SSRI
  188. Triggering: What could it be?
  189. Tips on how to get over a situation that is still bugging you?
  190. looking for opinions and tips
  191. Short Term Memory loss :D
  192. How to deal with the past?
  193. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I've finally broke and lost it
  194. Emotionless.
  195. watcher gone?
  196. I just can't deal with this by myself anymore. I need SOMEONE to help me, please.
  197. Triggering: I really don't know
  198. Triggering: Is this as normal as I think it is?
  199. Triggering (Grieving): Is She Dead??
  200. Has being diagnosed helped you?
  201. Staying in PJ's all day if I'm in the house
  202. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is this possible?
  203. Out of it?
  204. I feel as though theyve abandoned me
  205. Please help, what's wrong with me? :(
  206. He follows me everywhere. His name is M.
  207. Do you think in words?
  208. ligoer...
  209. Triggering (Suicide): Need some advice.(Do i have depresstion?)
  210. Discoveries and Personality
  211. Bipolar and Hallucinations
  212. I think i might have borderline and schizotypal
  213. How much do you know about Schizophrenia?
  214. Self talking
  215. Possible Personality Disorders?
  216. Please Help Me
  217. Dreams
  218. Talking to objects ?
  219. SCHIZOPHRENIA is sickening
  220. Pain
  221. Stuff and stuff and stuff.
  222. Nightmare tips?
  223. Nightmares and dreams?
  224. Triggering (Suicide): How can I cheer up my bipolar friend who recently tried to kill herself?
  225. Triggering (SH): BPD - Between Worlds.
  226. Losing interest?
  227. Quick Question?
  228. Triggering: Wow. :/
  229. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  230. Schizophrenia
  231. Bipolar?&ADHD?
  232. This is bothering me. My mom won't let me talk.
  233. One complicated story.
  234. Am i so bad?
  235. greeaaaaatttt
  236. Triggering (SH): angry.
  237. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  238. Self esteem gone
  239. I have a memory 'locked away'
  240. i dont knowD:
  241. Changing the dose; Quetiapine
  242. World Mental Health Day....
  243. Is something wrong?
  244. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Force me into some optimism, please?
  245. Are the meds supposed to work this way?
  246. Olanzapine
  247. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Elevation, etcetera.
  248. Derealization/Depersonalization?
  249. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): does this sound crazy?
  250. Seeing GP tomorrow - freaking out!