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  1. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Bipolar?&ADHD?
  4. This is bothering me. My mom won't let me talk.
  5. One complicated story.
  6. Am i so bad?
  7. greeaaaaatttt
  8. Triggering (SH): angry.
  9. Seasonal Affective Disorder
  10. Self esteem gone
  11. I have a memory 'locked away'
  12. i dont knowD:
  13. Changing the dose; Quetiapine
  14. World Mental Health Day....
  15. Is something wrong?
  16. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Force me into some optimism, please?
  17. Are the meds supposed to work this way?
  18. Olanzapine
  19. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Elevation, etcetera.
  20. Derealization/Depersonalization?
  21. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): does this sound crazy?
  22. Seeing GP tomorrow - freaking out!
  23. Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder
  24. whats wrong with me??
  25. Hallucinating?
  26. Hearing Things?
  27. Having conversations in your head?
  28. Am I a narcissist? If so, what does it mean?
  29. No direction in life
  30. I can't face going back into my own caravan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. im scared and i dont know anymore
  32. Weirdness Happens
  33. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): my mom laughed when my doctor said I may suffer from anxiety
  34. Just thinking.
  35. Depressed for no reason??
  36. update on my MH
  37. Recurring dreams.
  38. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I want to be happy without having it chemically induced.
  39. Is this schizoprehnia? Or am I just weird?
  40. Self Esteem and Other Problems - Please Help
  41. Please help?
  42. Avoidant Personality Disorder - don`t know what to do
  43. Triggering (SH): She made me cry
  44. Psychiatric Service Dog
  45. Think I'm bipolar
  46. I want to stop seeing my mental health nurse(s)
  47. what is wrong with me?
  48. Leaving hospital...
  49. Schizoaffective disorder?
  50. Have you ever felt like you had a mental block toward something?
  51. Counseling?
  52. Risperidal/Risperidone????
  53. Confused
  54. Can anyone help?
  55. Recommended to enter "Hospital"
  56. Can't let myself feel emotions
  57. Now I'm a Narcissist
  58. What's the difference?
  59. Triggering: Psychotic Depression?
  60. help?
  61. Triggering (SH): Pain doesn't "hurt"?
  62. Could use idea
  63. am i going crazy?
  64. Why Do I Always Feel Like Nothing?
  65. Angry/frustrated/upset = cry.
  66. IOP (Intensive Out-Patient)?
  67. Thoughts!
  68. Has Anyone Else Felt Like This?
  69. It feels like I'm crazy..
  70. Triggering: I can't take it anymore.
  71. Questions a web search couldn't answer :)
  72. bring things up
  73. Triggering (Suicide): Someone help me..
  74. First Session with the new counselor
  75. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): ..Is there something wrong with me..?
  76. DBT advice or experiences?!
  77. APS Side effects
  78. Not Happy With Myself, Any Advice?
  79. Overall state of my mind
  80. Why am I stuck feeling nothing?
  81. Adjustment disorder?
  82. Triggering: I genuinely need some help.
  83. Teen Counselling.
  84. Seeking Advice.
  85. Sometimes i really hate myself
  86. What am I afraid of??
  87. Trichotillomania or just me being a hypochondriac?
  88. Memorys
  89. Learned Helplessness Disorder
  90. Zoloft.
  91. how many mental illnesses do i need?
  92. Triggering: Fallin
  93. Is this Social Anxiety Disorder? Please help?
  94. Why Does She Think I Need Therapy???
  95. More Wrath & Aggression
  96. (Not sure where this thread belongs) I really don't care about getting better anymore.
  97. General venting/asking for advice.
  98. Up all night.
  99. Tiny bit fake.
  100. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I hate everything
  101. One small question
  102. Good news! But I have some questions.
  103. Lamictal (Lamotrigine) ?
  104. What to Expect ...
  105. Triggering: It's all too much/rant
  106. hope this helps
  107. Please help
  108. Triggering (Suicide): WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS?
  109. Seeing a psychiatrsit
  110. Fear of catching a disease
  111. Fear of sharks!!
  112. I don't know what to do...
  113. Imaginary Friends.....?!?!?
  114. aggressive, and is that all?
  115. Early intervention for psychosis
  116. Any ideas about what may happen?
  117. Another Arugement...Because I don't see it
  118. Triggering (Substances): Weird Dreams
  119. Is my mind 'normal'?
  120. Triggering (SH): These things just Started. I need help before it sets in too deep. SH, ED, Anxiety, Depression.
  121. Medications for physical problems stemming from a mental illness?
  122. Medication help
  123. What's a psychiatrist??
  124. Trouble trusting people.
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Screw this .
  126. Triggering: Screaming to get out.
  127. What do I do?
  128. Compulsive Liar
  129. Crippling Self-Esteem Issues
  130. Infidelity and descend to madness
  131. Can't focus for... ooh shiny!
  132. Losing Myself
  133. Depressive moods?
  134. Letting her know.
  135. self esteem contradiction
  136. Lithium
  137. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Language & Triggering. As usual.
  138. Triggering: Therapy Questions?
  139. do I have pyromaniac?
  140. Triggering: Do I have DID?!
  141. whats wrong with me am i a pedophile
  142. What can talking about it really do?
  143. uhh why am I like this?
  144. Everyone will leave me..
  145. so that's what's been up with me
  146. Is my therapist working?
  147. Mental Health Group
  148. Help for Niece
  149. I feel very little emotion
  150. Feel nothing about my life
  151. Triggering: Thinking of going to treatment center
  152. Help For Borderlines! Started DBT...
  153. Freaked out
  154. "Personal skills counselling"
  155. What's happening?
  156. DBT
  157. Female Advice Preferred: Am I mentally ill?
  158. Age Dissociation
  159. Withdrawn and Experiencing Derealization/Trippy Feeling?
  160. not going
  161. difference between a psychologist and a counselor?
  162. Psychologist appointment.
  163. Multiple Personality taken to the extreme
  164. I feel depressed and I'm not sure why?
  165. I feel terrible about what I said to my counselor.
  166. Scared of dying.
  167. I think I need professional help- but I don't know how to tell my mom.
  168. Triggering: Me, a vicitim as a criminal, without help.
  169. Triggering: Want to talk to my parents about therapy, but don't know how. Help please?
  170. Prozac tolerance?
  171. Changing meds need adivce!!
  172. Moving out?
  173. I feel strange.
  174. Triggering (Bullying): Anger issues (not sure if this is the right catagory)
  175. Did I make a horrible mistake?
  176. Talking about it...
  177. What should I do?
  178. What's wrong with me :S (sorry its long)
  179. The holy grail of chance
  180. trying out new people
  182. Anxiety?? Or something else??
  183. Stuff, like.
  184. I live in my head
  185. OCD + Aspergers
  186. Anger issues
  187. Triggering: Help me please..? I dont know what to do...
  188. I don't feel right
  189. Difficulty comprehending fiction literature
  190. Anti-depressant advice?
  191. Triggering: I'm a horrible person for feeling this way, aren't I?
  192. It's coming back
  193. Bipolar? Anxiety disorder?....I'm worthless
  194. Paranoid and sleeping problems?
  195. DLA form has me sooo panicky....
  196. Can't concentrate, no motivation, and always want to be alone
  197. Is this hallucination a problem?
  198. ...
  199. Dissociating and Letting Go
  200. counsellors?
  201. I feel so alone and that nobody understands me.
  202. Does anyone else experience this?
  203. I Just dont get it...
  204. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): WTF Diagnosis!
  205. Am I Crazy? Creative? or maybe Paranormal..
  206. Opinions on OCD please
  207. Mental Illness and Creativity
  208. Struggling with my counsellor leavin
  209. my therapist is doing dirty buisness
  210. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Everyone I know is f***ed up and so am I.
  211. Lip and Nail Biting Linked to OCD?
  212. What is wrong with me (long read, don't have to read all)
  213. Umm.. idk.
  214. Problem with a task my therapist assigned?
  215. Whats going on here?
  216. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): cant stand being alone
  217. Amitriptyline
  218. Memory problem worrying me
  219. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Burnt out
  220. lost from the get go
  221. ashburges
  222. Who do I talk to? (UKers?)
  223. BBC4 - The Trouble with Moody Teens
  224. What's the difference??
  225. Changing diagnosis.
  226. Feeling really guilty.
  227. Somethings fucking wrong with me
  228. DBT-Help?
  229. got a diagnosis
  230. is this normal
  231. So, I have problems with memory...
  232. Jimmy - Era II.
  233. Triggering: It goes along with depression
  234. Update :)
  235. Any Advice...
  236. Upswings - BPD
  237. Throwing my Stoma Bag at Harry.
  239. Med Changes...
  240. Reverse Seasonal Affective disorder
  241. Mood Swings
  242. A Poem On Dissociation
  243. Pregabalin?
  244. Medications - Are you on any?
  245. I have testophobia
  246. can't handle life
  247. Diagnostic confusion.
  248. At therapy when..
  249. Personality Disorders - Which One?
  250. Symptons, what do you think I have? Possible Abuse