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  1. Feeling Guilty for Looking Good
  2. I really need someone to talk to :(
  3. Therapy... Not Sure Of What To Do.
  4. i cant figure out just what to do
  5. I hate my therapist
  6. Consultant Psychiatrist Referal?
  7. Blackouts..?
  8. Borderline Personality Disorder?
  9. What makes a good therapist/doc/psychologist?
  10. The Doc has a question...
  11. meds
  12. Is there something wrong with me?
  13. Sleeping disorder?
  14. Sertraline
  15. I'm So Confused !!
  16. ADHD
  17. I don't miss people
  18. Do you feel/view therapy as a punishment?
  19. Can they force me to go to therapy?
  20. Could I choose to have a male therapist/counsellor?
  21. Possibly getting a new therapist?
  22. Teens who see counselors
  23. I can only sleep for around 4 hours a night?
  24. What is wrong with me...?
  25. Anyone who's bipolar?
  26. having difficulty talking to my councellor..
  27. it stresses me the f out
  28. Triggering: read but DONT judge DONT say anything bad and its triggering about death and suicide
  29. sorrry
  32. ??????
  33. }:
  34. i need to talk to someone
  35. Anxiety & OCPD
  36. Derealization, Possibly a Panic Attack? Help!
  37. What is BPD?
  38. Sometimes nothing seems real
  39. Triggering: (triggering many things) Fugue?
  40. I'm being hospitalized?
  41. something wrong with me?
  42. Why did this happen?
  43. Confused with a choice of medication
  44. whats wrong with me?
  45. Triggering: Why? am i normal or just completely messed up ?
  46. is it normal for teens around 13
  47. Nervous for my track meet tomorrow. (Sorry if this is the wrong forum I didn't know where else to put this)
  48. Lack Emotions
  49. Do you think 'recovery' exists?
  50. Female Advice Preferred: Body issues.........Am I normal?.....and do I have a big butt xD!?
  51. Keep thinking of heroin...
  52. low self estem issues
  53. Counselling?? :/
  54. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): WTF i wrong with me ?
  55. Triggering: Kicked out
  56. Questions?
  57. New medication help
  58. CAMHS? How long is this going to take?!
  59. Triggering (Abuse): Need help understanding sibling overattachment from shared abusive home environment
  60. Narcissistic personality disorder & my mother.
  61. Struggling
  62. I Don't Know What To Think About This
  63. Dreams I've been having
  64. Residential treatment? What to expect?
  65. Developments on mental illness?
  66. ME= Depression and Anxiety
  67. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Assess my social ineptitude
  68. Triggering: Homicidal and canniblistic thoughts...
  69. Feeling Disconnected
  70. disgusted with myself
  71. Female Advice Preferred: My new bipolar gf
  72. Triggering: Is it worth making an appointment?
  73. Triggering (Suicide): Is this bad?
  74. Triggering: Please Help Me, Anyone?
  75. Triggering (Substances): Can weed really trigger mental health problems?
  76. Is it normal?
  77. Triggering: Therapy
  78. I constantly think i am ugly
  79. Looking for a Solution...
  80. can stress cause twitching??
  81. Triggering (Suicide): So I had an appintment today.
  82. Help, Please
  83. Demi Lovato-Stay Strong
  84. Social Services told me-
  85. Freedom
  86. mental health system
  87. Mental illness or not?
  88. I cant concentrate on homework no matter how hard i try.
  89. Weird dreams
  90. Non-PG13: I can't stand being touched and I don't like... People.
  92. nightmares
  93. So...
  94. This is me }:
  95. How I feel the truth Im not home yet
  96. Triggering (SH): Obsessive thoughts about hurting myself
  97. Moms birthday
  98. I feel as if im going to war with myself, against myself..
  99. Dissociation?
  100. Triggering (Abuse): Why..?
  101. Triggering (SH): Is there some kind of disorder to describe a person that... cares to much?
  102. Getting help
  103. therapy
  104. Residential Treatment
  105. Angry?!
  106. Arrgg
  107. Is This Normal?
  108. Triggering: I hate every aspect of my life.
  109. Wondering
  110. Triggering: HowI feel
  111. attachment problem?
  112. Medication inquiry
  113. Going to sleep at four am
  114. i get so angry then sad
  115. Triggering (SH): therapy
  116. free
  117. Something is wrong with me..
  118. Self-Help books.
  119. Histrionic Personality Disorder?!?! D:
  120. Exactly one year ago today, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder
  121. How Do You Know If You're Bipolar?
  122. life not fair
  123. Hi there, I'm Bipolar.
  124. Bipolar?
  125. Why don't I feel motivated?
  126. Medication question
  127. hearing voices- telling doctor HELP
  129. How to get over being WAY to scared/paranoid about death?
  130. This is scary
  131. Prozac dose
  132. Confused with whats wrong with me
  133. I can't trust men.
  134. goes in mental health forum
  135. Online cognitive behaviour therapy.
  136. My counselor
  137. Counselling sessions
  138. Munchausen/Factitious Disorder?
  139. Therapist and a psychiatrist?
  140. Triggering: Feeling better at night time?
  141. Impulse Control
  142. Anyone?
  143. Something weird and scary is happening to me
  144. Is it possible?
  145. Sometimes I feel like I'm mad.
  146. I get extremely jealous/angry sometimes
  147. Bipolar Issues..?
  148. Calling/Texting my counselor
  149. Why Can't I Be Pretty?
  150. Having a diagnosis
  151. Trapped
  152. Embarrassed
  153. Therapy
  154. Calling therapist?
  155. Question on counseling
  156. Nightmares and Depression?
  157. Triggering: Hospitalization?
  158. Just wanting to NOT.
  159. Friend's Medication concerns
  160. Is it my pills or what?
  161. Seriously, what's wrong with me?
  162. Will i be like this forever?
  163. Organizing EVERYTHING
  164. What should I do?
  165. Started dating a guy with Aspergers?
  166. Psychotherapy
  167. will i feel better?
  168. Empty and No One Understands
  169. hearing voices..
  170. Never satisfied with how things are?
  171. I'm going crazy
  172. Are these mood swings normal?
  173. Sick and Tired; Help!
  174. Pills
  175. Celexa
  176. People Think I'm Quite Odd.
  177. Triggering (ED): Fear of choking
  178. Female Advice Preferred: i am extremely shy around any guys
  179. Obsession with a word
  180. Triggering: Is there something wrong with me?
  181. Fighting compulsive behaviors caused by OCD?
  182. Triggering: Schizophrenic???
  183. Triggering: Close my eyes..
  184. slight neglect
  185. Feeling like nobody else is real?
  186. Yaz 28
  187. My health
  188. Triggering: Diagnose me?
  189. new meds again.
  190. Schizophrenia?
  191. On paper my life is perfect, why am I not happy
  192. People always tell me I'm mature. I don't know WHAT I am. I just hate it. What is wrong with me??
  193. England mental health services?...
  194. Something is wrong with me.
  195. Your Not Alone...
  196. Breaking Point.
  197. I'm Scared.
  198. Possible cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  199. Sometimes I just don't know why I do these things
  200. Doubling Zoloft/Sertraline dose?
  201. Forgetting to take my Citalopram
  202. so is there something wrong with me?
  203. Triggering: Anti depressents
  204. Visions.
  205. Triggering: Long term therapy ?
  206. i'm goin nuts
  207. why, i don't understand?
  208. I want to see a therapist?
  209. How to ask for help..
  210. Triggering (Suicide): Why?
  211. Going back into therapy?
  212. Female Advice Preferred: Help?
  213. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Life, What Is It?
  214. My parents won't let me go see a therapist or a counselor...
  215. No idea what is going off inside my head right now
  216. Don't know what to do anymore
  217. need advice, socially troubled
  218. Split Personalitites?
  219. i see more than i should
  220. Lost just being complicated me
  221. i think i am schizophrenic but i don't know how to tell a doctor
  222. worried about my mental health
  223. Triggering (SH): 72 Hour Psych Admittance?
  224. Deprression
  225. Triggering: Need Some Help
  226. schizophrenia
  227. Schizophrenia and medications not being taken
  228. Triggering (Suicide): Psych Unit?
  229. Pretty Messed up dreams..
  230. Concentrating
  231. what is the chance our daughter will have a mental illness?
  232. Can't stop being reclusive..
  233. im struggling with my self :(
  234. Making up memories? (abuse related)
  235. Mirtazapine and side affect of gaining weight
  236. Just a quirk or something more?
  237. Question About Manipulation
  238. Triggering (Suicide): Overwhelmed by it all.
  239. Strange anxiety
  240. Citalopram & alcohol
  241. Can't Open Up.
  242. Cutting Off.
  243. Advice with living with OCD?
  244. Meds. To take or not.
  245. Class
  246. How to be more happy...
  247. Addiction?!?
  248. Triggering: Unhelpful things to say to someone in your position.
  249. Communication issues and confusion over my sexuality
  250. Scared to talk to my counselor