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  1. My psychiatrist is a MORON
  2. Claustrophobia?
  3. Triggering (SH): I'm psychotic... [Also Non-PG13 (Strong Language)]
  4. Forced Treatment - is it wrong?
  5. I'm a bit mental
  6. Living for family
  7. I've lost myself..
  8. Triggering (SH): I'm scared...
  9. Triggering: OCD.
  10. When does residential/inpatient treatment become necessary?
  11. depression?
  12. Social Skills Training or CBT?
  13. Reoccurring Dream?
  14. How can I calm my anxiety problems at night time?
  15. Triggering: Focus and obsessing issues.
  16. Triggering: (suicide and self-harm) Pictures in my head
  17. I think I know why I have such low confidence :/
  18. Is this something to be worried about?
  19. Can't sleep...?
  20. Dissociative Identity Disorder
  21. I think I may be bipolar...
  22. Why am I so sad?
  23. Repression
  24. Hallucinations? I'm really scared.
  25. Female Advice Preferred: Washing my skin away
  26. Boyfriend with OCD. Help!
  27. I Can't Stop Hating On Myself?
  28. Sociopath
  29. i just need help
  30. I don't know if this is normal...
  31. What's wrong with me?!??!?!
  32. Therapy?
  33. I didn't know where else to go.
  34. possible schizophrenia? oncoming?
  35. simple questiong with weird long story
  36. S.A.D
  37. my story & a few questions
  38. Triggering: My Full Life Story
  39. Going Insane~
  40. Don't know what to do...
  41. intermittent explosive disorder
  42. Am I insane?
  43. Hallucinations?
  44. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I have had the shittiest week.
  45. Crying when receiving compliments
  46. I don't know what to do...
  47. Changing therapists.
  48. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): FREAKED OUT
  49. My past is driving me crazy
  50. grow up?
  51. imaginary friends?
  52. Triggering (SH): Reality...
  53. What's wrong with me...Feeling out of control.
  54. I always think they are laughing at me
  55. I want to sleep like a normal person >.>
  56. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Anger.
  57. Confused about a mental disorder
  58. Triggering (ED): Shes driving me crazy
  59. bipolar disorder
  60. Mental State Help
  61. Non-PG13: Im Loosing it
  62. Appointment
  63. Therapy.
  64. I hate my body.
  65. My lying is affecting my life
  66. Non-PG13: Am I going mad?
  67. I want maybe call a hotline, but don't know how to go about it
  68. Triggering (Suicide): Reoccurring dreams
  69. High-functioning?
  70. Bi-polar- more information
  71. Schizophrenia????!
  72. i have no idea what is wrong with me? (very long, sorry)
  73. Triggering: Dreams (Sorry not sure where else to put this)
  74. biopolar:/ abandment issues
  75. Triggering: A look inside my head...
  76. Triggering: Gettin help!!!!
  77. i am obsessed with being perfect in all that i do
  78. Need help please
  79. Mind reading?
  80. Therapy
  81. Chemical Imbalance?
  82. I am worried. What should I do?
  83. Should I see a psychologist?
  84. Avoidant personality disorder?
  85. Is this a Mental Issue or...
  86. My Dad is Schizophrenic
  87. Female Advice Preferred: don't have self body love
  88. zone out and black out
  89. The noise inside my head is too much sometimes
  90. Zoloft?
  91. Triggering (Abuse): Homicidal actions towards other
  92. Triggering: I Lost Control Entirely
  93. i need help but what kind etc???
  94. obsesive compulsive disorder?
  95. Trichotillomania
  96. Paranoia.
  97. Therapists
  98. I'm afraid my problems will ruin more things in my life (long story)
  99. Need some advice
  100. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): am i sick
  101. Triggering: sick Mind...
  102. severe emotion probems
  103. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): moodswings
  104. Female Advice Preferred: So confused...
  105. Need Advice
  106. just looking for some answers
  107. Psychiatric Hospital
  108. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
  109. Am I going down?..
  110. So Angry
  111. Concerned About Mood Swings
  112. Triggering (Suicide): I dont even know
  113. I don't know if this is good..
  114. Fixing a Short Temper ?
  115. i dont know why i feel this way
  116. Teen convinced she is bipolar - need help!
  117. I'm so confused.
  118. nightmares
  119. i think i may have ocd?
  120. My dad might be bipolar
  121. mood swings
  122. what happens?
  123. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Her...
  124. How can I ask my mom to get me a therapist?
  125. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Sick mind
  126. fantasy taking over.
  127. What's Wrong With Me?
  128. Triggering: Am I crazy?
  129. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
  130. What's going on?
  131. Triggering: Self Hatred
  132. Feeling Very Numb?
  133. Ambien, is it bad?
  134. O.M.G. Can i really be BI-Polar
  135. I have terrible anxiety!
  136. Could I be...bipolar?
  137. Always Crying
  138. Coming off Sertraline/Zoloft.
  139. I think my mum has borderline personality disorder.
  140. sleep issues( My embarassing secret)
  141. Triggering: Rage, Suicidal Thoughts, and Euphoria ?
  142. Female Advice Preferred: Just upset
  143. Antidepressent?
  144. Borderline Perosonality Disorder, how to tell if you have it?
  145. Is this going to be a good idea?
  146. Never Alone
  147. I'm S.A.D.
  148. Does anyone else have hallucinations?
  149. Depression? Stress? Not sure what to put this as
  150. checking...
  151. Attachment issues.
  152. Who's side to go on?
  153. Voices/multiple personalities
  154. I DONT KNOW
  155. Finally diagnosed!!
  156. Telling a friend..
  157. Is my terrible anger normal? Is it just being a teen?
  158. Don't deserve to feel "bad"?
  159. Scared to use the phone?
  160. What's the worst advice you've ever been given about your mental illness?
  161. I can't connect to people..?
  162. Ink blots
  163. Bipolar/ Self Harm
  164. Letter
  165. Triggering (Suicide): confused about my friend?
  166. Wrote a Letter
  167. Anti-depressant worrying
  168. HeLp!!! Schizophrenia...
  169. Borderline Personality Disorder.
  170. Nightmares
  171. Speak UP, Reach Out Facebook Page
  172. What's exactly wrong with me?
  173. Do you think I could have PDD-NOS?
  174. Triggering: I want to kill people.
  175. Triggering: sceptical.
  176. Insomnia.
  177. Dealing With Mums Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  178. Cry whenever I'm Frustrated, Angry or Confronted...And I hate it!
  179. Paranoid...Psychotic?
  180. Triggering: Am I crazy?
  181. Pyschologists/therapy??
  182. Is it only me?
  183. Not quite understanding Psychosis
  184. The One Thing On My Mind
  185. Speak Up, Reach Out video
  186. is it wrong of me??
  187. Residential treatment
  188. will going back to the mental health unit help!?
  189. Have you ever had a nervous/mental breakdown?
  190. Do I have multiple personality disorder?
  191. I'm still sad?
  192. anyone know whats wrong with me?
  193. I need advice on how to stand on my own after a long relationship.
  194. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stupid war on drugs makes medication hard to get for me
  195. Is this just normal teenage behavior? Or is it something more?
  196. ADD
  197. Life sucks
  198. Anger
  199. Triggering (SH): I don't consider myself sane. by any means.
  200. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Nothings wrong... Of course.
  201. Seeking Help
  202. am i going CRAZY?!
  203. Residential Facility?
  204. There's gotta be something wrong. =/
  205. worth getting therapy?
  206. Anybody had CBT?
  207. Triggering (SH): Out of control?
  208. Feeling Crazy
  209. I don't know what to do anymore
  210. Down about not being down?
  211. Self Harm and a whole other whack of stuff
  212. I don't know what to do anymore...
  213. Triggering (SH): i wish i couldn't speak.
  214. psych evaluation?
  215. Do I Have a Serious Problem?
  216. Triggering: Psychiatric Assessment...over the phone?
  217. Scared about psychiatrist appointment
  218. I'm afraid there's something wrong with me
  219. Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms?
  220. I suspect that my dad might have split personality disorder.
  221. Triggering: killer mind
  222. EBD pathway
  223. Non-PG13: Seriously messed up...
  224. ...I'm in love with my sorrow...
  225. Triggering: so here goes..
  226. Mental Health Video Participants?
  227. Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  228. TOO happy?
  229. Cyclothymia vs. Rapid Cycling Bipolar
  230. this is embarassing.
  231. Am I Bipolar?
  232. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Desensitization/Meet Legion - Welcome to My Mind
  233. Am I selfish? wrongly self richeous?
  234. I feel like I'm going insane!
  235. Low Self Confidence?
  236. Panic Attacks or Dramatic Response to Pain?
  237. counseling ahhh!!!
  238. what problem do I have mentally?
  239. Scared.. but not sure what to think..
  240. Oh dear.
  241. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): .
  242. Unstoppable?
  243. Halp?
  244. Affective dependency?
  245. Multiple Personalities.
  246. Triggering: Stealing?
  247. How to act around someone with PTSD?
  248. Therapists in Therapy?
  249. Should I be worried?
  250. Lost in the future. Advice?