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  1. Triggering (Suicide): My two best friends hate me
  2. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I hate her. But she has a crush on me.
  3. In-Between
  4. How to treat a friend who has hurt you?
  5. My friend..
  6. which small step woud you take?
  7. Roommates
  8. Over-Bearing Mother.
  9. interacting with my grad student
  10. Planning to move out of home and in with my boyfriend.
  11. Im so shy :/
  12. Whens the right time?
  13. roommate trouble?
  14. What to get a girl, friend as a present for xmas
  15. Worst Uncle Ever (help please)
  16. Is there anything I can do about this?
  17. New friends
  18. How do I get my parents to pay more attention to me
  19. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I hate them for who they made me.
  20. i dont feel popular enough
  21. My friend is frustrated with her mom
  22. Need Mother's Approval
  23. how do i ask my mom to get me on meds?
  24. Worth giving up on a friend over?
  25. Triggering (Suicide): I'm sick of having suicidal friends.
  26. lieing parents!
  27. What do I do?
  28. He a Sadist?
  29. Feeling Rejected
  30. some good inspirational text messages?
  31. Concerned about a former teacher
  32. Guy in class said he wants to punch me!?
  33. What Do I do?
  34. Mum and Dad having to declare bankruptcy and my home may have to be sold. Can I move in with my friend?
  35. Horrible girl "friends" to deal with :(
  36. trouble with roommates
  37. still friends? not sure...
  38. My cousin.
  39. Is he just ignoring me? Should I say anything more?
  40. I still can't believe my dad said this...
  41. My dad refuses to understand
  42. And so this is Christmas.
  43. Is this the end of our friendship
  44. I'm The Problem.
  45. Would this bother you?
  46. Parents and Religion
  47. Huge complex situation...please in need for help and advice
  48. Friend topping you?
  49. Apparently my feelings don't matter...
  50. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Dad Facebook Drama
  51. When will my mother get over it?
  52. My friends and me all tell secrets about each other to each other!
  53. Broken promises
  54. Don't know how to help..
  55. Bipolar Mother
  56. Counselor's reporting my dad :(
  57. Thanksgiving help?
  58. Step-dad really frusterates me
  59. Stubborn Father
  60. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): how to make her realize she's looking in the wrong place
  61. My friends don't like the same things that I do
  62. How to help my sister
  63. replacement
  64. Frustration.
  65. My best friend.
  66. Ditch him or help him?
  67. Triggering (Abuse): Violent Stepdad and Mom
  68. Is it just me?
  69. where is the line?
  70. My friends have stopped liking me
  71. Helping a friend...
  72. Drama
  73. Glass Promises.
  74. Help for a friend?
  75. My Uncle...
  76. Does anybody else get mad?
  77. Question for guys/men
  78. How do I tell my mom.. (did something stupid)
  79. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My mom has pushed me to the edge.
  80. Triggering (SH): I don't get it.
  81. Male Advice Preferred: Do you guys mind having that one girl in your guy group?
  82. screwed my life up
  83. Tired of being treated this way.
  84. Do I have a right to be pissed off?
  85. My 2 year old niece going to a foster family!!!
  86. Non-PG13: my friends addicted to bad boy
  87. When friend-teasing goes too far?
  88. Im in need of "best friend" advice ASAP
  89. Intense teenage girl drama... I need help before it gets out of hand
  90. Tired of my friend lying all the time
  91. Friend advice?
  92. My sister...
  93. Family????
  94. dad abuse
  95. Can i have a little advice:)
  96. Call if you need anything...
  97. I can't watch it anymore.
  98. Dad's threatening suicide
  99. Where Can I go?
  100. Will I ever belong?
  101. How can I comfort a friend who just found out his father has cancer?
  102. Adorable?
  103. Miscommunication
  104. Help?
  105. Overprotecting Dad
  106. My mom and her drinking (Long)
  107. Little sister
  108. I'm Losing Them All. :(
  109. 2 dads whos permission does my bf need? +Transferring, Engaged, Moving out?
  110. I suck at friendships
  111. "What do you want to do?"
  112. Lonely
  113. Growing Apart
  114. Triggering (SH): My mother tells everyone everything.
  115. Triggering: just cant take my parents anymore
  116. My alcoholic parents are damaging themselves, each other and me
  117. How do I get rid of this one girl...?
  118. Would your parents care if you dated someone from a different race?
  119. I think I might hate her.
  120. Grade maniac mom
  121. How do i tell my parents?
  122. Posting things on facebook.
  123. my sister is bugging me out...
  124. She's... gone...
  125. My best friend left my birthday party.
  126. Ideas thread! Clever things to say when someone doesn't respond to a text?
  127. my cousin
  128. Im so worried about my friend
  129. my best friend and halloween
  130. Its hard.
  131. Ready to tell my bestfriend to forget I exsist
  132. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): I Hate Him
  133. this girl
  134. have i done the right thing???
  135. What should I do.
  136. Awkward...
  137. Problems.
  138. I don't like people my own age...
  139. I fear my relatives
  140. My long lost uncle?
  141. Just the icons!!!
  142. Suicidal father
  143. Help?
  144. Help please!
  145. What happened?
  146. What happened?
  147. I've Gotta Say Something
  148. I miss her
  149. All I Want Is To Have Had A Father
  150. moms boyfriend.
  151. Advice please?
  152. Why did my mum do this?
  153. unresolved father issues
  154. I keep replaying social situations on my mind
  155. I don't want to be here
  156. Male Advice Preferred: MOST embarrassing thing, guys how to cover this up?!?
  157. How to deal with my sisters boyfriend.
  158. Triggering (Suicide): i want to get away from my dad.
  159. Triggering (Substances): What should I do?
  160. Feeling left out?
  161. Divorce
  162. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Is it normal to love your teacher like your mother?
  163. Should I let this 5 years of friendship go?
  164. I don't get along with my mom
  165. Any Actors/Public speakers/anyone with a clue out there?
  166. may have upset this guy..
  167. I am scared to tell my mom!
  168. Triggering (Abuse): Major Roommate Problem.
  169. Sickeningly alone
  170. I'm bi. How do I deal with my friends?
  171. A friend is back...
  172. Friends not getting along.
  173. My family hates me.
  174. is this okay.....
  175. Misunderstanding.
  176. friends and cancer :(
  177. Triggering (Grieving): I miss my family.
  178. Is having a friend 7 years younger than you weird?
  179. Need Advice for a Friend
  180. Feeling a bit lost =/
  181. Triggering (Suicide): My Mom
  182. My social life
  183. Am I in the right?
  184. Is my best friend right?o
  185. Non-PG13: My mom's husband
  186. Triggering (Abuse): My best friend is in serious dangerf
  187. Being the less attractive sister.
  188. I found out my friends hang out without me
  189. Tearing apart
  190. trouble with parents and anxiety
  191. Fights and getting in trouble
  192. Mom's changed.
  193. What should I do?
  194. living with my sister
  195. My father's impossible. Please help!
  196. How to approach the issue of a clingy friend
  197. I need advice! :(
  198. Can somebody please tell me what to do?
  199. Someone please help out
  200. My mum's gay...
  201. Triggering: Moving out help needed b4 I hurt some1
  202. Scared of my brother?
  203. Question for everyone
  204. Parents Divorce Still Bothers Me?
  205. Issues with my mom.
  206. No one ever told me my friend was suicidal.
  207. bestfriend who is also my brother
  208. Lately my dad's been calling drunk.
  209. Family, Boyfriend, and moving out.
  210. middle child.
  211. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): My sister is driving me INSANE.
  212. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Letter to mom
  213. Finding my siblings
  214. Homesick
  215. Being second best..
  216. Help! im almost an adult...
  217. Talking to people
  218. Im not any speciall
  219. should i keep doing my sorority??
  220. What if they find out?
  221. no one to talk to
  222. He tells me to get a job....
  223. Fight with parents
  224. Triggering (Abuse): Complicated Parent issues I need serious help on.
  225. Skateboarding
  226. Huge fight with parents, advice please
  227. Triggering: My promise they try to ruin
  228. Don't Know What to Do.
  229. Issues with my bestie.
  230. Explaining my actions
  231. Triggering (Abuse): he hit me
  232. Friend issues
  233. My Parents-Emotionally Abusive?
  234. Triggering (Abuse): Is it normal to hit your kids?
  235. I'm 20; how do I stop my parents tidying my room??
  236. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Long story: I don't know what to think anymore.
  237. daad
  238. have you ever had this situation done to you?
  239. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Am I in the right?
  240. My dad's alcoholic influence.
  241. Dont know what to do about my friend
  242. Triggering (Abuse): She's a liar
  243. Being selfish
  244. My worst best friend...
  245. High School Friendships AFTER High School?
  246. feel unwanted and laft out (sorry, its long)
  247. Fake friends and moving
  248. How can I get it through my family's head that my fiance' doesn't influence any of my decisions?
  249. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Woes of a College Pariah
  250. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Stressed, Depressed because of family